Thursday, September 29, 2016

#HoarderDiaries | S&R EARLY BIRD SHOPPING!

They say the early bird catches the worm, and so it must be true. Went to S&R today to catch the sale before it starts tomorrow. 70% of all items going on sale have already been marked down! If you're near a store, I suggest you leave and go right now. LOL.

Guys, let me be honest with you. I went to today's Early Bird sale because... well, for the first time in history, I shall be missing tomorrow's first day! Waaaah! True, I have been sick lately, and I cannot afford to stay up and miss sleep. But I really have to be in Makati for work tomorrow, so I have to sit the first day out.

But anyway, it is all good because I got what I wanted, and knowing me, I will be checking out the stores over the weekend anyway. Besides, I've already overspent. Hahaha, who am I kidding? LOL!

Anyway, let's cut the small talk, and post the photos, shall we? I must apologize though because these are the only photos I got to take today. I went to the Congressional Store this afternoon, and it was crazy. Stocks were all over the selling floor, and in fact, it was such a mess that my friend Didi (syempre, special mention kita) left me. To think I went only because she wanted to go na, as in "now na" levels, then she disappears and leaves me to shop on my own. LOL! Her mom was getting claustrophobic with all the stocks and carts weaving in and out of already-full aisles. I totally understand though, because somewhere in the middle of it all, I was getting dizzy. Must be the meds.

Anyway... I overheard one of the S&R guys talking to some serious shoppers, and he confirms what head office told me about 70% of the stocks being marked down. They mark down the rest tomorrow morning. Makes me wonder what I'll be missing. Hmmm...

The photos are not in order ha? Will post as I took them. Will not add captions anymore so I can get this out asap. Prices will be on the photos. Click nalang. They are self-explanatory. Hehe.

Twin packs. At P999.95 B1T1. That comes out to P250 a pillow. Cheap!!!

I wanted to get this, but didn't know what to use it for. Hehe.

Wanted this too, until I saw the P200 discount. P200 lang?!

Shoppers were going crazy over these shirts. They were soft, but sizes are for ladies. Maybe they'll bring out more tomorrow.

I actually regret not getting this. Hmmm... If it's still there on Saturday, I shall!

I actually went to S&R for this! Yay, it's on sale!

These are beautiful sets. I've been eyeing them since I first saw them at S&R Nuvali. Induction-ready too!

The whole line is on sale. Fast-moving, too.

Buy 1 Take 1 at P799.95!

Another thing I regret not buying.

I really want these. But have no use for them.

It was after this part where I started feeling dizzy. So I stopped taking photos, and managed my way around the narrow aisles. The usual detergents were on sale. I was making my way to the end of the store to get dishwashing liquid when this sight greeted me.

Alas, a store personnel assured shoppers there were more. I stood next to the receiving area as more stocks arrived, and got myself a case.

Here's a tip: Go straight to the SPAM aisle and hoard. All Spam variants are on sale at P99.95 a can. That's the cheapest you'll ever find it in the market! Yay, Spam!

Because I was still dizzy, I managed one photo. But they have all sorts - Spam Lite, Spam Less Sodium, Spam Turkey, Spam Bacon, etc.

Look, Monet, your cheese crisps are on sale. Hehe.

There is a limit of one bag of fries per cardholder.

Meanwhile, here are some photos of the Christmas Gift Packs they have on sale.

Then some of the bath products...

The wash is on sale too, I think.

Yep, those are the only photos I took. Sorry, mahina ang kalaban. Will take more photos when I go back. Promise.

My loot for today. 

Some things in my cart were really good deals. The Keter shelves were on sale at Buy 1, Take 1. The Epicurious 5oz Chili Pot, too. In that box on top of the drink dispensers are Kotex Unscented Extra Long Liners, 22ct. that were on sale at P99.95, Buy 1 Take 1. Beneath the heap are beach towels that were on sale at P599.95, Buy 1 Take 1.

Happy hoarding, friends!

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