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LITTLE MISS QC GOES SOUTH | Mexican Dinner at Cafe Eight, Crimson Hotel

Almost two months ago, right before RL caught that Dengue bug, I met Jane. I have been a reader of her blog, and early this year, I was surprised when she actually followed my bento account on IG. I was even more surprised to learn that she has been reading my blog! Top blogger Jane? Reading my blog?! What an honor! Turns out she has been stalking my blog for the longest time, since she stumbled upon a comment on my friend C's blog.

Seeing Jane in person was like meeting an old friend for the first time. She literally knew every nook and cranny. And me, vice versa.

Over a week ago, Jane sent me a text, inviting me over for a staycation in Alabang - perfect timing as it happened just this past weekend - right when I had to go South for a bento workshop! She also invited me to dinner at Cafe Eight - Crimson Hotel's main restaurant.

Turns out, dinner was Mexican, as Cafe Eight was celebrating Mexican cuisine with Sabores de Mexico.

Cafe Eight was decked with Mexican decor. It looked like they were having a fiesta!

Cafe Eight is Crimson Hotel's main restaurant, and is located at the eighth-floor lobby.

That sombrero makes you wanna shout ole!

This whole section was ALL Mexican! 

But they also served International cuisine for those who prefer some other fare.

Make-your-own Nachos!

Roasted Beef!

Sashimi station!

Pasta station!

Gelato and crepe!

Jane invited her ABC girls as well - Michelle from mommanmanila.com, Patty of Mrs C's Sugarcoated Life and Joei of Joei & Me (except that Joei didn't make it to dinner because she had to attend a birthday party).

Group photo before grub and Patty
(from L: me, Karina of Crimson Hotel, Michelle and her crew - Gia, Gelli, Miguel, Diego, Nino - and the lovely Jane.)

Jane has always been particular with my food intake - ever since that first meeting back in July, when all I had was a single food plate (and some dessert!). I was worried about RL who was burning up with fever (both he and A were actually with us).  And it has been a joke ever since that I eat like a mouse (errr... hindi halata no?). So I made sure I had more than one plate. LOL! In fact, I had 6, except they weren't full plates. Hahaha! Seriously, I don't fare well with buffets. I get so overwhelmed!

Tortilla Soup! I love all that cilantro! This was so good!

Starters! I love that their nacho station had guacamole! So good!

My Mexican platter. Haha, I eat like a mouse!
I had more of the beans, but didn't take photos. I love beans and chili.

After having my fill of beans and guac, I checked out the international spread.

Hot and Sour soup! It had so many things in it - I love it when I get to chew my Hot and Sour!

Obligatory sashimi platter. So colorful! Look, KM, mackerel!

By the time I got to dessert, they no longer had churros. :(
Oh well, I was stuffed! I couldn't even make room for gelato! 

Okay, 6 official plates, with this and that in between. I keep forgetting to take photos. I did take videos of the spread (I dream of putting up a vlog. I can always dream, 'ayt?) but couldn't get it to upload on youtube using my phone. And that is also why I have no photos of the starter/ appetizer station. Hehe.

Good thing Jane has photos! Trust her to always, always have a ton of photos on her blog!

Photo credit: www.sugargospice.com

Photo credit: www.sugargospice.com

So, for a better peek at what Sabores de Mexico has to offer, may I invite you to check out Jane's blog on their wonderful Mexican spread here?

According to Karina Leal, PR Officer of Crimson Hotel, they actually brought in Daniela Romero, a Mexican chef, for this. No wonder everything tasted authentic!

Overall, it was great to catch up with good friends over good food. I'd fly to Alabang in a snap just to take another bite.

Discover the flavors of Mexico with Cafe Eight's Sabores de Mexico!
Arriba! Catch it at Crimson Hotel until Friday, the 26th of September! 

A Celebration of Mexican Cuisine
Cafe Eight, Crimson Hotel
Now 'til the 26th of September 2014

P1,000++/ person

P1,250++/ person

For reservations, call Cafe Eight at (02) 863.2222 loc 1612.

| facebook.com/CrimsonFilinvestCity


  1. Awwwwww thank you so much my dearest Kaye for such beautiful, kind words. I super love you to the moon & back, not only because we are sisters in Christ, but because I admire your bravery & zest for life in spite of everything that has come your way.

    You are such a great person, a wonderful mom, an artistic bento maker, a fun friend. please move to Alabang na so we can chika more hahaha!

    See you next weekend & please take some time off from your busy schedule to take care of your personal needs. You remind me so much of my mom. I guess it's why I feel such a close affinity to you.

    Aaaaaand I'm micro-blogging na so I'l just tell you the rest when we see each other again haha. Love you always! :-*

    1. You don't know how honored I am to be your friend and sister. :) So glad I found you!

      See you next week! Mwah!


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