Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Binabagyo buhay ko. Literally. Aside from the fact that life has been pretty stressful, busy, toxic... (insert negative adjective here), it took a turn for the worse when just yesterday, the little boy was admitted to the hospital. 

UPDATE: Latest test result confirms dengue. Sigh.

I am not one to complain about trials and every bad lemon life throws at me, but yesterday, I found myself asking the Lord why? This, after finishing the Book of Job, and learning that God allows storms in our lives for us to realize that they are not really to punish us, but to see how strong we stand during the storm.

But yes, Lord, why? I say this exactly one week before tuition payments are due at A's school - right when I had come up with a plan to get enough funds to meet the deadline, this happens. Plus, Lord, diba I have that bento catering order on Friday (thank goodness it got moved from today)? How will I get that done when my son's in the hospital, and I have no choice but to make all those boxes on my own with no help? 


Life and lemons.

How hard is it exactly to find joy in suffering? Today, as dozens of people posted about the storm and how they don't have power in their areas, my little boy and I lie comfortably in an airconditioned room, complete with free wifi and hot food. When my daughter A texted from my mom's house about how the tree from across the street fell on my brother's SUV, I realized God kept my vehicle safe. I park out in the open (a perfect target for flying and falling debris), but last night, my car was kept safe inside the parking tower across the main hospital. 

A week ago, while driving home, I realized how important it is to build one's life on solid rock. When I was a kid, I learned a Kids Praise! Song from Psalty that had this phrase...

" have to build your house upon The Rock,
Make a good foundation on a solid spot.
And the storms may come and go...
But the peace of God you will know."

So yeah, I am in the middle of this storm right now, but I sure am glad my life is standing on solid ground.

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