Friday, May 23, 2014

Electrolux Has A New Home!

A few weeks ago, I received an invitation to a housewarming party. Electrolux has finally moved to their new office at Bonifacio Global City! I didn't quite know what to expect, but I was excited to see what they had in store for everyone.

I took RL with me, since I couldn't leave him at home with the temp and her two sick kids. Good thing I did, because he had a great time (the folks over at Electrolux are so nice and good with kids). We were treated to a great spread of food, and were later ushered into another room for the main event.

Yay, welcome!

Thank you, this was sooo good!

Electrolux literally transformed a part of their new office to resemble a brand new, beautifully decorated house. The place was so beautiful, you wouldn't think it was all made up for that day's event.

RL loving Electrolux's new 'home'!

Can I take home your fully-equipped kitchen, pretty please?
I currently own an Electrolux Refrigerator, but I want that one!!!

Now, the little boy wanted to take this cool, front-loading washing machine home.

Enjoying the comfy seat in front of the big telly...

He quickly settled in on the couch.

We were welcomed to Electrolux's new home by their Marketing Manager, Andrea Pionilla, who introduced us to their newest campaign - Delightful-E Yummy. "Electrolux believes that the kitchen is the heart of the home. Delightful-E Yummy capitalizes on the simple yet most treasured family moments spent inside the kitchen, as well as the stories that come with it," she shared.

Andrea Pionilla, Marketing Manager of Electrolux Philippines, Inc.

I love this new campaign! The idea to create family moments in the kitchen has been the driving force behind my bento hobby, plus all those cooking, baking, and DIY activities with the kids. I have very fond memories of both my grandmothers in the kitchen, and how they each shared stories of their childhood and family history, while cooking up something special on the stove.

We were then introduced to their newest brand endorsers. Present during the bloggers launch were Janice Crisostomo-Villanueva, Mommy Mundo founder and mompreneur extraordinaire,  and Chef Bruce Lim.

I've always admired Janice and how she always seems to be on top of everything - I mean, she's a wife, a mom, a businesswoman, a boss, a blogger, a writer, an events person, an endorser... you name it, she probably has it up her sleeve. And yet, she manages to spend quality time with her kids. 

Janice sharing a bit of how she juggles life as a working mom.
And yep, Cai, your favorite DJ, Delamar, hosted the event.

Janice prepared an easy cook-in-your-oven-toaster dish she calls "Quick Bangus Belly". She aptly renamed it the "Open-faced Rellenong Bangus" as she was explaining how to cook it. I love Rellenong Bangus, but I don't appreciate the prep that goes into making it. So this recipe looked promising. Plus, I love the fact that I have the right appliance for the job - an Electrolux oven toaster!

See, pretty easy to prep!

Yes, free taste! This was Janice's "Open-faced Rellenong Bangus" Nom!

Now Chef Bruce is synonymous to kitchen god. He's been endorsing one of the food brands at work, so he has become somewhat of an icon to me. I am not surprised that Electrolux has continuously tapped into Chef Bruce's endorsing power. When he says it's top-notch, then it must be true. Seriously, he knows his kitchen. "I am proud to be working with Electrolux, a brand that puts importance to the value of family. Families need not to go out of the house to bond; even doing simple chores at home can be enjoyable when done together," he shares.

He cooked his "Creamy Adobo Penne Pasta" dish for us, sharing that he learned how to cook for himself when he was younger, and how he and his brother put together this adobo dish after school one day.

Chef Bruce recommends cooking this the easy way, using Electrolux's Induction Range.  

Let me just say, as soon as he started cooking, the room smelled like heaven! He is truly a master in the kitchen.

This was really, really, REALLY good! Mmmm...more, please!

The brand ambassadors were later asked which Electrolux appliance was their favorite. Janice chose the Electrolux Silent Blender - a gem, I tell you! Imagine, blending without all that noise! It also comes with a grinder for dry food. This is a must-buy! I am saving up for one!

Chef Bruce highly recommends the Electrolux Refrigerator. He pointed out to the one on display, and says he has the exact same one at home. And he loves it because it comes with the patented NutriLight feature that "fools" veggies and fruits into thinking they are still getting sunlight - thus, improving food preservation. I also love how he demonstrates that the door on that particular refrigerator doubles as a dry-erase panel - for notes, lists, and what-nots. This refrigerator is to-die for! I want one!

We also heard from Cheska Garcia-Kramer (and Kendra-Superstar!!!), who had to come on via video, as Kendra needed to go home and nap that afternoon.

RL was actually sad he didn't get to meet Kendra that day. Oh well, next time!

Overall, RL and I had a great time at Electrolux's new, Delightful-E Yummy home! It was a day of surprises and delightful announcements as Electrolux also kicked off their latest digital campaign with this DELIGHTFUL-E YUMMY ONLINE PHOTO CONTEST!

So easy to join and win Electrolux appliances weekly! Simply (1) capture photos of delicious dishes that remind you of home; (2) follow @ElectroluxPH on Instagram and Twitter; (3) upload your photos on these two social platforms; (4) add a catchy caption that explains why the dish reminds you of a hearty home; and finally, (5) use the hashtag #DelightfulE and tag @ElectroluxPH.

The featured weekly Electrolux appliance will be given to one lucky winner weekly.


For more details and other news, visit Electrolux's Little White Book.


Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Congratulations to the following winners who shared their most memorable childhood summer experiences! You each won a McDonald's Kiddie Crew Kit!


Winners have been verified and notified by EON. However, I am sending another batch of emails to all winners. Kindly check your email accounts (the one you used for Facebook), as I need your contact details so EON can let you know how to go about claiming your Kiddie Crew kit. Would appreciate if you can reply as soon as you can.

Again, congratulations!!! Thank you, McDonald's, for sponsoring this giveaway!

...meanwhile, I have a ticket (!!! Guess what!!!) giveaway coming up soon! I hope to get it running by the weekend, so stay tuned!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My Little Pony at McDonald's!

Look, kids! My Little Pony is back at McDonald's! I... er... my daughter A is soooo excited (in case I haven't told you yet, she collects Littlest Pet Shop toys and includes My Little Pony to the bunch, hehe). Yesterday, the little boy went to McDonald's to take home dinner. When he got home, he proudly announced that he got himself a Happy Meal (because there's a new set available). He mentioned My Little Pony, so I expected My Little Pony, only to find out that he chose a 2-in-1 Bandai vehicle (of course!).

Bandai School Bus/Fire Engine!
Excuse the sticker placements, RL couldn't wait for me to stick them on, so he did it himself.

So yes, folks! My Little Pony is back! And for boys, there's this new set of Bandai 2-in-1 vehicles with keys that make them go.

Collect all 8! Get a toy with every Happy Meal you buy! Truly #Happinessinabox! 


Monday, May 12, 2014

Beware of Scammers!

I've been receiving a lot of text messages from spammers lately. I don't know how they got my number, but I am assuming that credit companies have been selling their database to all these people. And really, do we know who these folks are? When I used to work in Makati, we would receive a ton of cold calls in the office - people offering their services, selling this and that. You must admit though that the weekly call from your phone or credit card company, offering you their new promo, does get irritating. I don't even appreciate that they "thought of me" or considered me their "preferred customer." Especially since they call all the time!

So anyway, aside from spammers, I've been getting quite a few text messages and emails from scammers as well. Yes, the ones who claim you actually won something, complete with a DTI permit to boost credibility. But hey, I'm no fool.

I don't understand how some people can fall for these ploys. Here are some tips on dealing with text scams:

  • Don't reply if you don't recognize the number.
  • Official text messages will not come from an 11-digit private number. If you won something from a particular company, the phone network will assign a special number or alpha code to identify that company. 
  • When in doubt, ask someone else! Or better yet, call the publicly-listed number of the company they're supposed to be representing.
  • If the text supposedly came from a relative in another country (and you happen to have a relative working overseas), call your relative to check! Chances are, he or she didn't change his or her number. A trick would be to agree on a password. If they need to contact you via text using another number (say, in emergencies), they must provide the password.
  • Report scams (and spams) to the NTC.
~~~ * ~~~

The husband of a friend once received a text scam on his phone. He had a little time on his hands and decided to take the scammer for a ride. Here's a screen cap of his conversation with said scammer. I know this has gone viral on Facebook, but I might as well share here for those who aren't on his friend list. Hehe, enjoy.

Posted with permission. Thank you, AG! Click on photo to enlarge.

Beware of scammers! Don't be fooled!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Oh, Mother's Day.

It is now 2am, and I can't sleep. I've been blogging this post in my head all night. So I thought I might as well type away while I'm at it. A and I had an ugly argument in the car earlier. I was so frustrated, I ended up sending her home with my mom and KY. 

A has been spending most of the summer at my mom's place. She has Trumpets in the afternoons, so we all thought it would be best for her to stay over my folks' so their driver can take her to class. It's not that it's a bad idea. I actually welcome the opportunity, for her. But maybe it makes her see the contrast of lifestyles, and she has noted the differences out loud, more than once or twice. Not that it matters, but this evening, she once again expressed disgust over how full the car was (she has complained more than once about how it irritates her to have a lot of things in the car and house - I sell toys, etc to make extra money). I came from a meeting with the BentoMommas, and had to lug stock back to our warehouse as i handle dispatching of orders for the group. So the back seat was brimming with this and that, and she didn't have space for her overnighter. 

I don't know. Maybe it's just me, or maybe it's because I was tired (drove through a total of four hours of traffic today), but I took offense right away. I don't know if she thinks I chose my circumstances, but it hurts me to think that she, of all people, do not understand. I know I am not a perfect mom, nor am I the perfect parent. But I try my best, given the circumstances. And it pains me that she overlooks all my hard work. 

Okay, so maybe I am having entitlement issues. I know I am wrong to think this way. I just wish that sometimes, the kids don't take my efforts forgranted. I wish they'd think through our circumstances and know I am trying my darn best to make life easier for them - to make things work.

There is nothing I would like more in this world than to give my kids the life I know they deserve. And I've given up so much just so they can have some semblance of what my life was like before I got married. It does not matter to me that I cannot have the things I used to have. It doesn't matter if i don't get to buy that nice, expensive bag; or that I've had to forego buying myself jewelry or taking a vacation just because I have to make tuition payments, or if I have to save up for something for them. I know of mothers who give up so much more, just for their kids. And it's not like I am forced to choose. I willingly choose to put them first, without much thought. It is automatic - and it is the same for most mothers. So yes, woe is me for getting on the pity party bus. (Must be hormones. Bah!)

Why does one have to give up something just so another can have it better anyway? Sacrifice must be inherent in mothers. It must have been programmed in their hearts from the very beginning. They give up space in their bodies (and eventually that sexy figure) to house a child for 9 whole months. They give up many a good night's (or day's) sleep. They give up work and their time just to make sure their kids have it better. Sometimes, they even give up their own happiness. Ah yes, sacrifice. I know it all too well. 

I have a good friend who, after an ugly divorce, gave up being with her kids just so they can continue living the good life with their dad. An ex-officemate sacrifices her time, money - up to the very last cent, just so her only daughter isn't ridiculed in school for being poor. I know of moms who don't even get to eat a decent meal, just so their kids get their day's fill of food. Or the moms who choose to work away from her kids in order for her to earn enough to send them to good schools, and give them a bright future. Or the young mom who gives up her child to her parents or to another couple knowing they can provide better for her little one. Hard choices. And yet the bottomline remains the same - we do it for our children, the very ones that define us as moms.

And yet, here I am, sitting on my bed, hours before dawn on Mother's Day, thinking through these thoughts. I grumble and think I deserve at least an ounce of appreciation for all these sacrifices. And yet, I know, I don't quite deserve it because it was my choice to sacrifice for my kids' benefit anyway. I did so without expecting anything in return, and yet, why does it hurt me when they don't recognize it, or when they do not seem to appreciate all that I've done? 

Mothers only have good dreams for their children. When A was a baby, I'd sit by her bedside and dream of how she'd turn out to be. I think about how my own mom probably imagined the same when I was a baby. The thought that I gave her much disappointment just wrings my heart dry. There is a particular photo in one of those albums at home that is etched on my mind. On it, my mom cuddles me to her face. At that particular moment, she is probably dreaming up the world for me - her firstborn. It tears me up every time I think about it. I have similar photos of my kids in my head, and it just scares me that one day, I'll be heaving heavy sighs every time those photos come to mind. I now know how hard it is to parent a child! 

I am grateful that my mom loves me in spite of the many heartaches I gave her. It can be difficult to choose empathy over anger, especially when we've been wronged by people we care the most about. And I've failed this many, many times. Case in point: last night's episode in the car. I know I was wrong. If I feel unappreciated, then maybe I failed somewhere. Maybe A doesn't really know, maybe she doesn't quite understand our situation. It was all me and my self-pity. Bah! Can't I just protect my kids from all this?!

I get it now. Motherhood is not meant for wimps. It is one of the hardest, if not the toughest, jobs in the world. I'll say it again, I am not the perfect mother - I am far from perfect. But God must have thought me worthy to be one. I can only pray I do this job well. Regardless if I feel unappreciated sometimes. 

Thursday, May 8, 2014

McDonald's Kiddie Crew Giveaway!

When my siblings and I were kids, our mom made it a point to fill up our summer vacations. I'm telling you, our days were packed! We went from music lessons (piano, guitar, voice, drums, etc) to art classes, swimming lessons, basketball clinic and yes, even Reading Dynamics! I remember just being dragged out of the house everyday to reading comprehension classes in Greenhills. Yes, those were the days.

There was a time, however, when we'd spend the early part of summer in Baguio for youth camp. I always dreaded the bus ride up the mountain - I always got sick. But everything would be okay once we reached the summer capital! Summers in Baguio were always fun! We'd pick seeds from wilting flowers (to plant back home) and gather pine needles, pretend it was hay, and make a bed just like the one Heide's grandpapa did in the cartoon. We'd ask for food from the commissary, even when rules were no snacks in between. We'd sneak out of camp to go to Maharlika to shop. Yes, those were indeed memorable summers.

One of those trips to Baguio. With my brother KM and cousin A.

When I finally had kids of my own, I found myself wanting to do the same! LOL! There must be better things to do than slothing off the summer.

Last month, RL had the chance to join McDonald's Kiddie Crew! We were among the first ones to register at the new franchised McDonald's Don Antonio store. While at first, RL needed a bit of prodding and convincing, he actually loved the experience, especially since he got to try everything first-hand at his favorite fast food joint!

When the five-day program was over, he actually asked me if he could join again. Our nanny is currently on vacation, and I am actually considering another stint at McDonald's before the month ends. McDonald's Kiddie Crew, now on it's 22nd year, runs until the last week of May. Last day of registration has been extended until May 25, so you actually still have time to get your kids to try out being part of McDonald's.

Are you looking for activities for your kid? Here's good news for you! 

McDonald's is giving out a Kiddie Crew Kit to four (4) blessed readers of The First Wives Club blog. It's so easy to join, but you must make sure that your child (son/ daughter/ nephew/ niece/ sibling) qualifies first.

Your child must be:

  • ... between the ages of 6 - 12 years old.
  • ... from NCR.
  • ... be available to join the workshop on May 19 to 23 in their preferred store.


  1. Follow the steps on Rafflecopter below.
  2. Leave a blog post comment. This is the most important entry you shouldn't miss. You have to share your favorite childhood summer experience in order to join this giveaway. The other entry options are optional. But doing them will gain you additional entries (yay!). 
  3. You may only join this giveaway (on this blog) once. No multiple entries using your different accounts please.
  4. If your whole family is joining the promo, please make sure that your shared posts are made separately on all accounts. You may not post the link to one sole shared post and expect them to qualify. 
  5. The giveaway will run until 11:59PM of Saturday, May 10.
  6. Winners will be picked via Rafflecopter, and will be announced on May 14. Winners will also be notified via the email address they provided when logging on to Rafflecopter.
  7. Again, winners' kids must be available to join their respective workshops on May 19 to 23. Dates will not be adjusted so make sure your kids are available that week

Don't forget! Your child must qualify first, so do read 'Qualifications' first before joining this promo! Good luck!

PS. I know I've been behind on my weekly giveaways, so I'm making it up to you with this 4-winner giveaway! Hehe. Sorry, been really busy at work!


I took RL with me to do the groceries last night. On our way to check out, we passed by the mass display of Johnson's Baby. He pointed out the new Johnson's Baby Active Fresh baby powder and this conversation ensued:

RL: "Mommy, we should buy the new powder, because it's so hot in the house."
K: "But you still have powder at home."
RL: "But this new one is nice. I always get pawis kasi."
K: "What's so special with this powder?"
RL: "You put it on my neck, so that when my pawis touches the powder, sasabog ang bango!"

LOL! Isa lang masasabi ko: effective ang commercial! May retention sa bata. Hahaha! Sasabog ang bango sa bagong Johnson's Baby Active Fresh baby powder.

PS. This isn't a paid ad, and yes, it really happened. 

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