Monday, February 9, 2015

#Promo | Adventure Time at McDonald's!

Oh my Glob! Look at what made it to this month's Happy Meal! Woohoo, happiness in a box indeed!

The kids were all too excited to find these bendable Adventure Time figures at McDonald's! We were only planning on getting sundaes for dessert Saturday night when we saw this on the Drive-Thru menu board. Oh joy!

We also have Beemo from this morning's 4-piece Mini Hotcake Happy Meal, but Momma forgot to take a photo. Three more and we would have a complete set!

Love Adventure Time? Head on to a McDonald's near you, and buy all 6!

The only ones missing in this set are the girls. Now if they only had Princess Bubblegum and Marceline...

Now that's gunna be so flippin' awesome!


Friday, February 6, 2015


Photo from
Change is good. Or so they say. But as mentioned in my previous post, I am set to overhaul my life and this blog.

The other night, while discussing possibilities with my friend M, an idea popped into my head. You know how you can't really write much if you aren't into something? Well, my blogger friends would agree that you would have to be passionate about something in particular for the words to just flow. The same goes for products that get sent our way. If the product isn't good, how do you find the words to write about it? Anyway, I digress.

My point is, I am no longer passionate about the underlying theme of this blog. I am throwing "First Wives Club" out the window. Not to divulge any details for the reasons behind this, because right now, I do not wish to disclose anything just yet.

So yes, please expect changes. Still on this site, so I do not confuse my readers. Just changing the header and the byline. Will start working on it over the weekend.

Can anyone guess the theme of the new blog?  

Thursday, February 5, 2015



Tickets for any Hillsong event in the Philippines (or anywhere else in the world, in fact) tend to sell out within a matter of days from the time they put them on sale. If I were you, I would call and purchase right now. NOW. N-O-W.

Live in Manila 

April 10, 2015; 8PM
Mall of Asia Arena 

About Hillsong Worship:
Hillsong Worship is the congregational expression of worship from Hillsong Church - a local Australian church with global influence. This local church worship team has a commitment to continually resource the Body of Christ with fresh songs of worship and a deep passion to see people connect with the Living God in a real and personal way.Their music captures the heart and sound of Hillsong Church globally and represents the coming together of the Hillsong worship team from around the world; including Reuben Morgan, Joel Houston, Ben Fielding, Hillsong UNITED, and international teams from London, Stockholm and Cape Town.Looking to the future, Hillsong Worship remains committed to inspiring and empowering the authentic worship of Jesus and resourcing the Body of Christ, everywhere.

Tickets are now available!
VIP (reserved seating) - P 2500 
Patron (reserved seating) - P 2000 
Lowerbox A (reserved seating) - P 1500 
Lowerbox B (reserved seating) - P 1200 
Upperbox (free seating) - P 600 
Gen Ad (free seating) - P 300 

For tickets and reservations, call SM Tickets, 470-2222 or Becca Music Tickets 910-5524/ 910-5352.

For more details, visit!

Don’t wait until the last minute! Get your tickets now!

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