Thursday, August 18, 2016

#HoarderDiaries | TOY KINGDOM TOY EXPO 2016!

Guess what's happening this weekend? It is the most awaited gathering of toys in the Philippines, and it is happening at the 2nd Level of the SMX Convention Center from August 19 through 21, 2016 - The (Amazing!!!) 2016 Toy Expo!

Get first dibs on the newest toys at special prices and deals! Lotsa fun activities for the whole family! Also get a sneak peek on upcoming Holiday toys, PLUS! Meet and greet your favorite characters!

My kids and I are looking forward to this event, but this weekend is busy, so everything is on a "we-shall-see" basis. My kids are hopeful though. Haha!

Check out the list of participating brands, as well as the schedule of activities for the weekend! And yes, if ever the stars align, we see you there!

19 - 21 AUGUST | SMX MOA 
10AM TO 10PM

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Sharing with you snippets from my Notes app on the phone. I tend to type down my thoughts when I don't have enough time to blog. RL had exams the past week, and this Momma's hands have been tied with a ton of things to do. And there are tough days, as most of you would know. But then, there are also good ones. This was from one of those bad turned good days. Yesterday, I was once again reminded that God is in charge regardless of our circumstances. Whenever there are days He seems absent and quiet, I have learned that trying times exist because He wants to show you He is God. So be thankful for the bumps, He's got you covered.

So this morning, yaya told me A had lost her wallet. The wallet had P3,000+ as she was supposed to pay her club fees last week (but couldn't because of time constraints and the long queue).

My initial reaction was true to yaya's threat to A right before she left for school: "Nako, hanapin mo yan, magagalit mommy mo!"

I was angry, and frustrated. I actually typed angry words as I started composing a message to A on Messenger. Then I stopped. Caught myself and prayed. I have been praying for a change in my relationship with A (we've hit snags through the years, and aren't exactly friendliest of friends - teenagers!). This morning, God reminded me of His unconditional love and never-ending grace. So I took back my words, and instead typed "...I pray God helps you find your wallet intact. I love you."

That was at 11 AM, and A replied to let me know she has searched everywhere to no avail.

Money can be replaced, but a child lost to anger is a child lost forever. I struggled to hold my tongue, as I prayed for God to lead me so my words come out right.

This evening, as I walked in the house, A tells me she found her wallet at the Lost and Found over lunch (even though she had gone to check all Lost and Found nooks earlier this morning). "But when I messaged you, you said you already checked!", I quipped.

She did. But after lunch, for some reason, she decided to check again. And there it was.

So yes, I know this was a Mommy lesson, in as much as it was a responsibility reminder for A. I know that the Lord is fixing my heart, and I am thankful He isn't done with me. Because, man, I know I have so much more to learn.

Makes you realize that we also have to be thankful when problems come our way. Our initial reactions are human reactions. I pray I learn to turn to God first when trials come. I pray I will always react with grace at first instance.

PS. Dear cheekeegirl, sorry! Had to redo this post as something wasn't right. Didn't realize your comment didn't go through as it was on the previous one. So, publishing it here nalang. ;)

"OMG! I am touched with this experience you had. It's like me. That I need to watch my words and actions on certain situations. Thank you for sharing." - cheekeegirl

Friday, August 12, 2016


The kids and I have been pretty busy - what with RL's exam week and all the activities we've had to do with BentoMommas. So glad we got to spend some time together as a family right before it got all busy - THANKS TO BIOGENIC ALCOHOL!

RL is about to launch his very own YouTube Channel, so I thought it was apt that we did a mini-vlog for this event. Excuse the newbie, I need a lot of practice!

So basically, Biogenic put up a mini-theme park of sorts for the kids, and provided their cleaning, disinfecting, bacteria-killing and moisturizing alcohol all throughout the event to ensure parents that it is okay for kids to get a bit dirty because Biogenic is there to help!

RL features this in his video below. Please make sure you give him a thumbs up on YouTube!

And yes, as RL pointed out, he wasn't the only one who enjoyed the event. Momma got to catch appropriate talks by Biogenic Brand Ambassadors, Jackie and Nikki.

Jackie talked about how moms can and must get some ME-TIME in their lives - something I have recently learned to actually make time for. And yes, because SHOPPING (!!!) is on the list (the hoarder in me rejoices, LOL).

Yes, Mommas, give yourselves a break. YOU.NEED.IT.

Make time for ME-TIME.

Train your mind that you need this to balance your life. No need to feel guilty, Mommas!

Look! ME-TIME includes Shopping! Woohoo!

Nikki gave us tips on how to bond with the kids, in spite of our busy schedules.

The struggle is real. I struggle with all three points. Ouch.

Well, there's a major idea for bonding time - clean the house. Hehe... Yoohoo, kids!

Nikki stresses the importance of spending time with the kids as they are only young for a short time.

Overall, the kids and I had fun. Plus I got to see my girl friends, Cai and Didi, too! Thank you, Biogenic, for a Sunday well-spent!

We love Biogenic!!!

It's a germ-free world with Biogenic Alcohol! It kills bacteria, disinfects, cleans and moisturizes. Comes in different sizes to suit your needs.



BIOGENIC IS HAVING A GIVEAWAY! Here's your chance to win Biogenic Gift Packs for your family! Here's how to join:

1 | Like and follow the Biogenic Alcohol social media accounts. See links above.

2 | On Biogenic's Facebook Account, upload a photo of when you usually use Biogenic Alcohol.

3 | Caption your photo by completing the statement: "I ALWAYS USE BIOGENIC ALCOHOL WHEN I ______________. ANYTIME IS BIOGENIC TIME!"

4 | Tag Biogenic's Official Facebook Account and include the following hashtags:

5 | 10 weekly winners of Biogenic Gift Packs will be chosen!
WEEK 1: August 8 - 14
WEEK 2: August 15 - 21
WEEK 3: August 22 - 28
WEEK 4: August 29 - September 4

Promo period starts August 8, 2016 to September 4, 2016. Winners will be determined via  e-raffle.


Thursday, August 4, 2016

#HoarderDiaries | HI-TOP SALE BIN!

Short post, but figured, I might as well share. I know a lot of my friends love Hi-Top. So here is what's on sale at Hi-Top today.

All I really needed was some good ol' Sea Coconut to help me nurse this nagging cough. Yes, four weeks after that bad flu, I am still sick. Well, coughing with a pesteng ehem. Although it seems like a dry cough, it is persistent, and I no longer wanted to riddle my body and my liver with antibiotics.

So I went next door to get me a bottle of Sea Coconut - a concoction I used to take when I was younger since my liver didn't really like antibiotics.

Traditional Cough Potion er... medicine.

And yes, that was all I planned to get, but you know me, I got sidetracked.

I only took photos of those that caught my fancy - mostly sweets and snacks. This is what's on sale at Hi-Top today. I actually took the photos yesterday, but a quick check earlier, and these were still in stock.

Hills Bros. French Vanilla Cappuccino Decaf | P141.75

Cadbury Wispa Hot Chocolate | P168.00

Chips Ahoy! Chunky | P148.50

TimTam Chewy Caramel | P119.25

Peanut Butter Oreo | P124.50Golden DoubleStuf Oreo | P135.50

Dora and Friends Fruit Snacks | P94.50

KitKat Chunky Peanut Butter | P31.50

Happy Hoarding!


Hi-Top Supermarket is located at 1650-52 Quezon Ave, cor. Sgt. Esguerra St., Quezon City.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016


People, I haven't been blogging. I took a break from everything. As in everything. Even BentoMommas took a back seat, and I closed my kitchen for three whole months. Imagine that! I needed a breather. And yet, a breather I did not get.

Took two wrong turns in life, and found myself drowning in self-pity and what-not. But you know, God is good. His grace is forever sufficient, and today, I know exactly why those events had to happen.

So anyway, I am was AWOL. But you are hearing from me today, because I miss writing. I took an almost two-week trip to Sydney last month. Attended the Hillsong Conference and nursed a bad back. Came home with a cold, and a very bad case of acid reflux and IBS. Ouch.

Hillsong Church!

Day 2 of Conference!

Baking at home with my honorary godson, Marcus. Thanks, Maris, for this photo.

Obviously unwell, but loved bonding with KY.

But all is well and yes, I am eating well again. Oops. Today, I got back to BentoMomma duties, and I must say I am a tad rustyyyyy.

Back to bento-making. This one is a Pinkie Pie party for Katniss!

It's been pretty busy at work, and I need to prioritize. Unfortunately, the blog has been on the receiving end of time deprivation. :(

I hope you check back from time to time. And while you're at it, I hope you take time to follow my page on Facebook (and stay updated!).

See you around, Mate!
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