Thursday, February 28, 2013

Breathe In, Breathe Out... (aka S&R Members' Treat Naaaa!)

Ok, I didn't realize this was happening this early. Then I remembered that they moved last year's first semester sale to end of March, but only because of shipment issues.

So yes, this is happening soon - NEXT, NEXT WEEK!

Members' Treat is happening on March 13-17, 2013! Are your wallets ready???!

March 13-17, 2013
8am to 9pm

I hope to give you more details on this soon! Meanwhile, do enjoy their early bird discounts, happening now at all S&R stores!


For previous posts on our Members' Treat experience, click on the links below:

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September 2012 Sale Reminders: (Disclaimer: Store Managers may bend the rules during Members' Treat, these are only guidelines sent to me by S&R Marketing)
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Excited ka na ba?

Friday, February 22, 2013

Rainy Days.

Woke up to rain. Woke up late, actually. I love bed weather days. But ever since Typhoon Ondoy, I've been careful about my tweets and stats about appreciating rainy mornings. But really, I prefer the rain to the heat.

If there is one thing I hate about the rain, it is driving through it.

If there is one thing I hate more than driving in the rain,
it is driving at night on roads without streetlamps.

RL is in the office with me. Yes, rainy Friday with the little boy. We have to run errands this afternoon, and he's the perfect buddy to take along. I am working on improving his patience. He actually needs to work on it. He takes after R in that category - so impatient lah!. Yesterday, his Gymboree teacher took notice and said he needed to learn to wait for his turn.

He was supposed to do crafts today. So we brought his Toy Story Construct and Play fold-a-toy book. I was supposed to guide him through it, but he, being the most impatient little boy, had me fold the whole thing on my own. Bah!

Excited to start on his activity for the day.
RL and his Alien. Actually, my Alien. LOL!

Classes are suspended for the afternoon. I am thankful that A rides the school bus to and from school. I don't have to worry about her getting home alright.

It's been a crazy week! But it's not over. A has to be in school tomorrow for an outreach activity. After that, we need to be in Church for a core group meeting. I must be crazy to think I can do full-time office work, full-time mommy duties, part-time entrepreneur and extra volunteer work! Sometimes, I can't help but wish I could just sleep these rainy days away.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

#ThrowbackThursday: FBorFW!

I'm not sure if I posted this here before. Maybe on Multiply or the old Xanga one. But anyway, I was cleaning out my computer when I found this.

Can you find A on the Patterson's fridge? This was posted on The Fridge on the For Better or For Worse site. I know I always post about Baby Blues, but before that, this was my ultimate fave comic. Still a fave actually. I grew up with Lizard-breath, er.. Elizabeth and Michael and the rest of the Pattersons. So to have A on The Fridge was a biggie to me. Yay! She also got featured twice (or maybe more) on April's blog. I have yet to find the screen caps for those. Anyway...

My little lady is no longer a baby!

Can you find A?
Yes, for better or for worse - that's the name of the strip. Can you guess why it's a fave? Haha!

Check out the strip here:

Extreme Level 20 on Carrot Fantasy!

Yes, folks, it's another Carrot Fantasy post. My friends need help so here's my attempt at making another walkthrough - this time for Extreme Level 20. I'm actually surprised that the regulars haven't made one yet. I am actually tempted to do a video tutorial, but I always forget. Maybe when Ice World comes out...

So anyway, I hope you understand my quick walkthrough.

A few notes before you start your game. You have to get the first few waves right, or else, it won't work. It is important that once you plant your ROCKET and reveal the second ROCKET, they destroy the obstacle holding the ELECTRIC BALL on the upper right of the track. Anyway, you'll see what I mean when you start playing using this walkthrough.

First step is to plant a ROCKET on empty plot next to the hole where the pests come out (Pic 1).

(Pic 1) Upgrade your ROCKET to max. 
Killing the pests on wave 1 will reveal a second ROCKET from the small, upper left wooden chest. Upgrade this as you go (Pic 2a). It is important that as you go through wave 2 and 3, the second ROCKET destroys the small, upper right chest as this holds the ELECTRIC BALL that will help you kill the pests coming towards the carrot. This will also help you reveal the next helpful towers. (Pic 2b).

(Pic 2a) Second ROCKET must shoot towards the direction of the upper right chest (next to carrot).
I usually aim/ click on the cactus above first ROCKET after wave 2, such that the second ROCKET aims higher after destroying the obstacle.
Try and try until you get this right.
Don't forget to upgrade your second ROCKET to max as you go.
(Pic 2b) You must get that purple ELECTRIC BALL out in play on Wave 3.
Wave 4 has those pesky black cats that will get to the carrot fast.
This will help you destroy the small obstacles below it and the giant cactus across it.
Upgrade ELECTRIC BALL first. Then upgrade your POWER UP tower (from small, orange cactus) ONCE.
Again, if you fail to get the ELECTRIC BALL out in play by Wave 3, and the black cats get to the carrot on Wave 4, TRY AGAIN. The Restart button is your friend. LOL!

Once you've destroyed the giant cactus, plant an ELECTRIC BALL beside the large chest (see pic 3 below). Upgrade the ELECTRIC BALL once, when you can to help you destroy the chest faster. You must get this chest destroyed at the beginning of wave 5. During this process, you may upgrade your POWER UP tower to max and upgrade the ARROWS once. 

(Pic 3) Plant that ELECTRIC BALL beside the large chest and get it out of the way by the start or middle of Wave 5.
Wave 5 brings a giant MUMMY pest that will be hard to kill without slowing it down.
The chest will hold MUSHROOMS that will help you through wave 5. 
Once MUSHROOMS have been revealed,
upgrade the ELECTRIC BALL and ARROWS to max, as well as the MUSHROOMS (as much as you can).  
Destroy all obstacles around you. This lower right, giant chest will hold STAR towers.
Upgrade the upper two to max and replace lower two with ELECTRIC BALLs. Upgrade to max.
Place a ROCKET right beside upper right STAR. Upgrade.
In order to destroy the last remaining large chest (upper left large chest will open on its own with ROCKET cross fire),
plant a FREEZE tower and ELECTRIC BALL beside it. Upgrade ELECTRIC BALL and FREEZE tower to max.
The chest will contain four FREEZE towers.
Replace two of the lower FREEZE towers (from the last large chest) with ROCKETS.
Upgrade remaining FREEZE towers to max.
Across, plant two ELECTRIC BALL towers in between the upper MUD/POO and MUSHROOMS and upgrade.
Plant a ROCKET across right STAR tower. Upgrade when you can to max.
Sacrifice CLOVER (from small chest on lower left of track) for extra coins.
Play the next ten waves or so to gain more purchase power. Plant towers as shown on picture above.
Make sure you upgrade these towers to max when you can.
You need not upgrade the upper MUD/POO towers, just the lower ones right next to the track.
But make sure you max upgrade the POWER UP towers as this will give you extra killing power.
Plant two more FREEZE towers to the left of your existing FREEZE towers.
And two more ROCKETS below those, when you can. You may sacrifice the two upper MUD/POO towers for coins.
Different results may happen. It all depends on which tower you plant first. The key to getting more coins is planting your strong towers towards the end of the track. That way, pests can still go near the MAX MUSHROOMS, which give extra coins each time their bubbles hit the pests (but you knew that already).

This is how my line-up looked right at the start of wave 30.
Sometimes, I could have enough coins to fill the last remaining plot on the right with an extra ROCKET.
But really, it doesn't matter. As long as your other weapons are maxed, you will get to kill these BOSSES off.
Killing off the initial stream of pests on Wave 30 will give you enough coins to place that extra ROCKET and upgrade all other ROCKETS. Don't forget to click on the BOSS to ensure your weapons target it.

Don't you just love CARROT FANTASY? I am addicted to it!

See other walkthroughs for the NEW Extreme Levels!
LEVEL 17: Extreme!
LEVEL 18: Extreme 18!
LEVEL 19: Getting Golden Carrot on Extreme Level 19!

Please do give me props or at least LIKE this post if this walkthrough helped you. Thanks! And yes, I am working on LEVEL 21. Soon on the blog!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Life is Short

My good friend and sister for life, T, recently lost her dad to cancer. He was given a few weeks to live when they found out last year, but got to live long enough to see and meet his long, lost daughter, R/K, who finally flew to the US four days before his passing.

How sad. But R/K says it was perfect timing. Had she moved her flight a few days later, she wouldn't have gotten the chance to hug her dad ever. T posted a photo of her sis and her dad about two days before he passed. The photo haunts me to this day - it is a reminder of what could be. But it is also a great picture of a father's love. R/K was given up for adoption right after she was born. The story (I shall reserve for next time) and how she found her birth family, is an amazing one. So all these years, she hasn't seen her parents in the flesh (just over Skype and social networks since she tracked them down a few years back).

Anyway, I sometimes wonder about our R and how he feels about living away from his kids. Will he finally wake up one day and realize the void, or will he figure it out too late? God has been good all these years though, but I can't help but fret sometimes. Life is short and our kids deserve better.

Life is short. Find time.

February Favorites!

Wow. Where did January and February go? Just like that, it's already the 20th and pretty soon, we'll be a quarter done with the year. Time sure flies!

My kids and I were sick for the first two weeks of February - so much so that as soon as we got cleared to leave the house, we've been trying to make the most of what's left of the month. Actually, we were just really itching to get out. LOL!

Here's what we've been loving this month so far...


If you are crazy for peanut butter, then this chocolate bar's for you! The NEW Kitkat Chunky Peanut Butter bar is only available at 7-Eleven (so far). I can't wait 'til the big supers get it! It's mahalia at P41.00/bar!


My church friends have been raving about this food joint for quite a while. And since we were stuck at home, I couldn't help but imagine all sorts of things I wanted to try when I got better. As soon as I got out, KY and I went to Eat Fresh (in San Juan) to get us some grub. My friend and A's pastor, L, recommends their Laksa (I'm no Laksa lover, though). Their Salt and Pepper Squid is a crowd favorite. I love their Beef Tendon Noodle Soup. Mmmm... time to head back to Eat Fresh, even if we just had it Friday for lunch (Maria Clara, QC Branch). Oh, and if you have been craving for Vita Lemon Tea, they have it there!

Find Eat Fresh Famous HK Street Food at the following locations:
- Maria Clara Street, Quezon City
- J. Abad Santos, Manila
- J. Abad Santos, San Juan


Yes, the US Breakfast Chain is finally in the Philippines! They opened their doors Friday night, and the kids and I were desperate. LOL! I have no words, except this - NOM! This visit brought back so many US memories. WE LOVE IHOP!

IHOP's first branch is at the W Global Center, 30th Street corner 9th Avenue, BGC (in between CPK and P.F. Chang's)


Excuse me for posting that fangirl pic again, but who can resist Colton Dixon? *swoons*  His NEW album, A MESSENGER, is finally out in the market. We co-distribute this baby in the Philippines with MCA Music. And yes, this album is a Christian album. Find it at House of Praise stores, Odyssey, Astroplus, and other music stores nationwide. Incidentally, if you get it from House of Praise (P450 SRP), you get a cool, Limited edition, A MESSENGER pin with the album.


Obsessed. Yes, such a strong word, but that is exactly how I feel about these decals. I have been looking for nice decals for our home, and found cheap, beautiful ones at a nearby Daiso store. Since then, I've probably been to about five stores to check on designs. So far, these are up on the wall. I'm thinking of doing the same to my boring office walls. A set goes for P200! Pretty cheap, but pretty, too, right?


I haven't seen this in the supers for quite some time now. So when the kids and I were in Taiwan for the Christmas holidays, this was a pleasant treat (the hotel had a huge supply at their breakfast/snack bar). When we saw that Shopwise had it again, we bought a whole box! LOL! Life IS a whole lot cooler with this mint candy. Hehe. And only P8.75 a roll! Thank you for bringing this back!


I actually want to post about another thing, but let me save it for next month when I can tell you where to get it here. But yes, it's on my fave list this month. Stay tuned? Oh, and of course there's also this addiction to CARROT FANTASY. But you knew that, didn't you?

Monday, February 18, 2013

Getting the Golden Carrot on Extreme Level 19!

Oh yes, another walkthrough. This time for Carrot Fantasy's Extreme Level 19. See here, I got ze Golden Carrot!

Yay, Golden Carrot! Woot!

And yes, all clear and golden. Teehee. 
And here's how I did it...

But first, let me share my fangirl photo with AI's Colton Dixon. Teehee. He was in town for a Valentine's gig with Jessica Sanchez. And because I work for the local Christian Market distributor of his new album, A Messenger, I got to go see him at one of his interviews.

Colton Dixon. 
Ok, back to the program. Where was I? Oh yes, how I got the Golden Carrot on Extreme 19. I decided to do this walkthrough yesterday, and because I only had two screencaps of Level 19, I had to try and get the Golden Carrot again. And guess what? I got to it nice and fast.

Start by placing two SYRINGE towers on the two empty plots. One to kill, the other to destroy the right windmill.
Upgrade upper left syringe ONCE as you go. Once first set of pests are killed, the windmill will clear and CLOVER towers will appear.
Once first set of pests are killed, the windmill will clear and CLOVER towers will appear. Delete those and replace with two ARROW towers closest to track. Upgrade as you go. Clear small pine tree and rocks below the syringe, then the tree trunk. (Pic 1a and 1b, see below) Once tree trunk has cleared, delete syringe and use coins to upgrade your upper ARROW. Delete ladybug, and place ARROW tower in its place. Clear chest next to it, make sure you upgrade your ARROWs as you go (Pic 1c).

(Pic 1a)
(Pic 1b)
(Pic 1c)

Work on clearing the crates on top of the track. Start with the yellow, then the blue. Yellow crate will contain a STAR, upgrade this. Blue crate will contain a GAS bottle, replace with ARROWS. During this process, the small pine tree in the middle will clear.

Place ARROWS where the small pine tree in the middle used to stand.
Middle, top ladybug will clear to just a plot of land. Place FREEZE tower in its place.
Upgrade all existing towers when you can.
Proceed to clear the big, upper left brown crate, and the two other small crates on top left of track. The blue crate will contain a GAS bottle, replace that with ARROWS. Upgrade. Yellow crate will contain a STAR, upgrade. Large brown crate will contain four OCTOPUS towers. Replace left ones with FREEZE towers, and right ones with ARROWS. (see photo below)

Work on clearing the last brown crate. This will contain ANCHOR towers.
Replace left one with ARROW towers, the right ones with FREEZE towers.
Then work to clear the tree trunk and place two FREEZE towers in its place (Pic 2a, see below). Upgrade all existing towers. Work to clear all remaining obstacles. Replace SYRINGE (lower right) with a FREEZE tower. Place an ARROW tower on lower left side of track (as shown in Pic 2b below).

(Pic 2a)
(Pic 2b)
As you go through each wave and gain more coins, place more defensive towers as shown in picture below. As you may have already noticed, this Level works best with ARROWS and FREEZE towers. But of course, the right combo is key to getting the Golden Carrot and killing off the Boss.

Kill 'em pests!
When you finally get to Wave 20, use existing towers to kill off the small pests (Pic 3a, below). Then when the left towers can no longer reach the boss, move them to the right (Pic 3b, below). Upgrade towers to max when you can.

(Pic 3a) Make sure you click on the boss so your weapons don't go shooting elsewhere.
(Pic 3b) Move the weapons to the right. The ARROW towers are very useful!


Be patient. Timing is key to conquer all waves. You may have to repeat the game if it doesn't give you positive results. Hehehe. Good luck, co-addict!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Extreme 18!

Okay, non-players, please don't get mad if I post another How-To blog on Carrot Fantasy. I just find these walkthroughs helpful, so since there are only a handful, if not none, on the web for the new Extreme levels, I might as well help others get to their Golden Carrot. LOL!

My brother (yes, same brother who got gold on 17 in 15 minutes, when I was stuck for 2 whole friggin' weeks) was stuck on this level for a few days. I got this in a day (yes, long by some standards but still...). So I took screenshots to help him see this level through. I read some comments on the Carrot Fantasy Facebook page on how some got to the Golden Carrot by sacrificing the rockets, but after trying to master this level that way and no luck, I decided to try it with the rockets.

Anyway, a few steps below for your reference.

Start with placing two GAS bottles on the two available plots below the track.
Have the left one destroy the chest beside it, while you let the right one do the killing.

Clear out all obstacles at the bottom, making sure you upgrade all to max.
Add STAR towers beside the AIRPLANES (also on right - the crates will contain AIRPLANES). 

Clear windmill in the middle bottom. Add two side by side ARROWS and upgrade to max. 

Clear side windmills. The middle top windmill will clear itself on its own.
Add ARROWS where top middle windmill used to be. Only bottom row. Max upgrade.

Once you've upgraded your ARROWS, work on the upper crates.
These crates contain the ROCKETS. Work on the left ones first. Then the right.
Max upgrade the ROCKETS as you go. Sacrifice the red GAS bottles for coins.

Add a STAR on the left and an ARROW below it. Max upgrade.
Do the same on the right side, only place the ARROW first, then add a STAR below it.  Max upgrade.

As you progress through each wave, use your coins to place STAR towers on top of the middle top ARROWS.
You may try to max upgrade.

When you reach FINAL WAVE, play as is until the orange boss reaches the point where the left ARROWS can no longer reach it. PAUSE.

Move left ARROW and STAR to right, above existing ARROW and STAR (as shown).
This should help you kill the boss and get the GOLDEN CARROT!



I hope this helps. Please LIKE this post if it helped you. Hehehe. Will post walkthroughs for the next levels on Extreme when I find time to do so. But yes, I can't wait for ICE WORLD! Update, please!

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