Friday, February 8, 2013

#FunFriday: Cheekoy!

I've been seeing posts about Michelle's Cheekoy, and thought I'd try it at home. I love the combination of anything sweet and salty (take M&M's Pretzel for example, of which I am an addict, LOL!). So I searched for the how-to on Michelle's blog, and cooked a batch last night.

T'was so good, A and I ate it up in a flash.

Lumpiang Tikoy and Cheese = Cheekoy! #nom!

This morning, I had my nanny make another batch. It's really, really good! I convinced everyone at the office to try making it at home with their tikoy. LOL! You should definitely try making this at home.

Cheekoy recipe here:


Michelle Lim is the blogger behind She left the corporate world to take on the role of wife and hands-on mom to two kids and a rabbit. 


  1. Thanks so much for sharing this Kaye! I have to make some soon, with brown tikoy naman. :)

    By the way, our rabbit died na. :(((


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