Sunday, September 30, 2012


Yes, more loot from S&R! As mentioned in my earlier blog, I took a quick trip with my officemates to S&R Congressional over lunch Friday. They had never been to S&R and it was my way of... uh...influencing them to be members. Hehe. I had purchased a couple of things then -- a dozen Jumbo Bounty Fresh eggs (huge ones!) - SALE PRICE: P79.95, and a carton of Captain Crunch Berries Cereal, 2 pack box - SALE PRICE: P319.95.

Aside from the quick second trip, I couldn't pass on checking out S&R Global City. So A and I went all the way to The Fort later that evening to check it out. We got to S&R at around 8pm, and got to park right away, as we saw a lady loading her things into her SUV (which took less than 5 minutes). There were about 10 people in line by the entrance waiting for available push carts. By 8:15pm, we were inside the store!

The lines to the cashier went pretty fast, too. Took us about 20 minutes, more or less. Last night's trip to S&R was very pleasant. I bumped into my friend and co-shopaholic (joke lang!) L and her hubby B, which was pretty funny since we were just talking earlier that day about maybe going back to S&R to check if they brought out new things. Hahaha! I was pretty embarrassed that I was caught in the act! We had a good laugh about it, and took a photo as evidence of our... er... patience to shop at sales. LOL!

True to my theory, each store has something different to offer. This store had things S&R Congressional never had. I suppose it's all about shopper demographics, but what do I know? LOL! I'm just here to shop!

Character Pillow Time Pals, Lightning McQueen.
I actually saw these earlier that day at S&R Congressional, but had to think it through before actually buying it. They also sold these in Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse and Spider Man. Also, bigger non-character versions (ex.pig, bear, etc) were sold at P249.95. They also sold actual 16" plush toys of Mickey and Minnie at P499.95 each on the first day of Members' Treat, but really, do we need more plush toys? LOL! 

Angry Birds Lenticular Puzzle.
The Disney Lenticular Puzzle Sets were on sale at BUY 1 TAKE 1, P199.95. RL has a ton of these puzzles, as he claims to be a master of Lenticular sets! He's 3 years old but can put together even the more complicated 150-pc Lenticular sets on his own. And he has most of the designs. We initially chose a Toy Story 3 box and this Angry Birds one, thinking they were Buy 1 Take 1. Alas, Angry Birds sets are sold individually! So I ended up getting him just this one. There are other bigger puzzle sets (floor puzzle mats, 3-in-1 sets, etc) on sale, but I didn't bother taking note of their sale prices, sorry!  

Extra Fluffy Restful Body Pillow.
Our body pillows badly need replacing. So A was more than excited that Momma agreed to get her this extra fluffy purple one. The Congressional store didn't have these. I'm wondering if they have any coming. These are heavenly! So soft and "restful" indeed! Momma got another one in green! Hehe.

50 + 6 Bic Ballpen Set.
A isn't allowed to use gel pens in school. So she was delighted to have spotted this when we entered the Fort store. At P149.95, each pen comes out to just P2.68 each! How crazy is that?

Aqua Gel Mildew-Proof Bath Mat.
I actually saw these under the welcome mats and rugs at S&R Congressional on the first day, but when I had asked, they couldn't give me the price, nor tell me if they were on sale. So I was happy to find they were actually on sale at S&R Fort! This was the last one in the display box. Yay!

Rove Lunch Box, 32oz.
I hoarded these, but didn't hoard enough. I should have gotten the whole pallet! LOL! This came in multi-colors -- pink, purple, green, white, blue and brown. Perfect Christmas Gifts for A's friends (I hope they don't read my blog, LOL!) This is actually the same brand as those tumblers. S&R Fort also sold bigger, two walled Create-your-own tumblers, but someone bought up the whole lot. There were pallets of tumblers stacked high on the top of the racks, but according to store personnel, they've all been sold. Sigh. I should really get in line at 3 in the morning next sale.

Sesame Street Baby Shampoo, Lavender, 10oz.
SALE PRICE: P74.95 each
This one wasn't at Congressional either. They have the Lotion version of this as well (same price), and also sold them in Original Scent. The Calming Lavender Scent smells so good! I think I'll go buy some more! LOL!

Lotte Aloe Original, 1.5L.
My dad loves this! So I figured I'd try it and see if I'll like it too. LOL! Honestly, this was an impulsive buy. Saw it under the cashier and thought I'd buy a bottle. Oops.

Dark Chocolate Raisinets, 11oz.
A Members' Treat favorite! Actually, I was going to splurge and try Brookside's Dark Chocolate Acai Blueberry (SALE PRICE: P599.95), but thought better. I just needed to satisfy a tiny craving. This cheaper version will do. Hehehe.

I guess we were lucky to have shopped there Friday night. I'm glad we went. These were great buys, maybe even better than the ones I got on the first day. Maybe.

I love, love, LOVEEEEEEEE S&R!

You still have until 9pm today to catch S&R's Members' Treat. SALE ends Sunday, September 30. Don't miss it!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Great Buys from the Great S&R SALE!

I know you've been waiting for this post. And I also know it comes quite late. S&R's Members' Treat ends tomorrow. But yes, you still have one more day to catch the sale. So far, I've been back twice since Wednesday. I know, I know, such a shopaholic. But the second time there, I went to bring my officemates and only bought a tray of eggs and a carton of Captain Crunch cereal - that doesn't count, right? LOL!

This month's sale wasn't as I had expected. Last year, around this time, I shopped like crazy for Christmas gifts. This time around though, aside from the body care gift sets they always get for the Holiday season, S&R had the usual. I didn't bother getting cleaning stuff (ie. Dishwashing Liquid, Toilet Bowl Cleaner, etc) as I still have a lot (and I do mean a lot) from my last haul. Nevertheless, a visit to S&R is still something I always look forward to, and I'm sure you know what I mean when I say, it's so hard not to buy anything from that store. Members' Treat makes it doubly hard, as the savings outweigh the trouble. At least for me, it does.

I've noticed that although a lot of good deals do come out on the first day, it is always a treat to visit Members' Treat on succeeding days. I've noticed those huge container vans out back and realized they must have other great deals waiting for warehouse space. When I went back to S&R Congressional with my officemates yesterday, S&R had brought out toys and more offers (case in point, that Captain Crunch Cereal, which wasn't on sale on the first day). I've noticed this each Members' Treat, so when my budget permits, I try to visit again.

Anyway, on to my loot!

Kids' Bin Organizer - my BEST BUY this Members' Treat!
SALE PRICE: P2,799.95
I wasn't really planning on getting anything else. My main goal was to check if this Kids' Bin Organizer would be part of the sale. My brother and I had visited S&R before their Early Bird Treat to check out their "new items". If S&R has a ton of a particular product, days before Members' Treat, chances are, it'll be part of the sale. To my delight, they placed this on sale - at P1200 off, too!

Towel Stand.
I've been wanting to get a portable towel rack since we moved to the townhouse. Our tiny bathroom gets pretty humid, and towels remain damp if we hang them inside the loo. So we hang them on clothes hangers and leave them by the hallway window to dry. This will definitely help in better presentation. LOL!

TriPro Feline Formula Cat Food, 20LBS.
Cat Food can get pretty expensive. This one's great as it is suitable for both Kittens and Adults. My brother's fiancee breeds Persians, and she can attest to this being a great, great buy!

Multipurpose Folding Tables; in Purple and Green.
SALE PRICE: P379.95 each
These were impulsive buys. Eeps. I must admit that in spite of having a list, I did not strictly abide by it. I saw these and knew I had to get these. I have a bigger version of this in wenge (from last year's Members' Treat). These are smaller, handy versions that can be used in the bedroom. These also make great exchange gifts and raffle prizes!

Frosted and Shiny Christmas Balls. 14 pcs in Box.
SALE PRICE: P399.95/ box
I actually sell Christmas decor, but these ornaments are cute! Pretty cheap too - at about P29.00 per ball. I always add something new to our Christmas things, and this one's my 2012 addition. Aside from these, S&R also has the 50-pc multi-pack of plain Christmas balls (in assorted colors), selling for P699.95 - a great deal!

Multi-colored BPA Free 12oz Rove Tumblers!
BUY 1 TAKE 1: P169.95
These tumblers make perfect Christmas gifts for A's classmates. But my A was quick to protest, "Tumblers again!?" LOL. So giving these to other kids instead. Cheap but nice!

Air Wick Room Spray.
Buy 1 Take 1: P99.95
I used to think these were pretty cheap at its regular price. Why, at P50.00 a can, these are incredibly cheap! I must warn you though. Some S&R stores would say you would have to get two of the same variant. So make sure you ask first if it's ok to get different kinds to make a set. I got two of each kind though.

Mr. Clean Febreze All-Purpose Odor and Cleaning Spray.
This is cheaper this time! It makes a good Pet Odor Spray. We use it on floors to clean up Mickey's mess. Hehe. Smells pretty good, too.

And of course, I got the usual...

Renuzit Aroma Air Freshener.
SALE PRICE: P54.95 each
Herr's Cheese Curls, 12oz.
Dole Mixed Fruit Cups, 16 x 4oz Cups
There were other things in my cart, but I didn't bother taking photos anymore. Hehe. Just the usual, as follows:

| Prem Lite Luncheon Meat, 340g - SALE PRICE: P79.95
| Aveeno Moisturizing Lotion, 2x20oz pack - SALE PRICE: P899.95
| Crest Kids Toothpaste, 4oz - SALE PRICE: P89.95
| Combos Crackers, 13oz - SALE PRICE: P149.95 
| Nutella, 750g - SALE PRICE: P269.95
| Heinz Ketchup, 44oz - SALE PRICE: P129.95
| Trojan Trash Bag, XL 20s - SALE PRICE: P69.95 
| Garnier Color Shield Shampoo, 25.4oz - SALE PRICE: P299.95
| Garnier Color Shield Conditioner, 25.4oz - SALE PRICE: P299.95
| Onwards Kitchen Paper Towel, 8 rolls - SALE PRICE: P249.95
| Bath Mat - BUY 1 TAKE 1: P299.95
| Lifetime 4' Residential Folding Table - SALE PRICE: P1,199.95
| Zip All-purpose Cleaner, 1.8L - SALE PRICE: P119.95
| BioZip Colour Laundry Detergent, 4kg - SALE PRICE: P249.95

Overall, the trip to S&R's Members' Treat was well worth it. I still think falling in line at 5 in the morning was worth my sacrifice - if only because I got those bins and tumblers. The tumblers sold out on the first day, according to the merchandisers at S&R Congressional. There were no stocks left by the 3rd day, so I assumed someone either purchased in bulk or they had limited stock. They were soooo cheap!

Let me say it again, I live for these things. And honestly, I'd do it all over again next year! Yes, even if it means falling in line at 3am, just so I'd be first in line.

See you there, fellow shopaholics! 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Shopaholics Convergence

So yes, yesterday was the day. If you have been reading my blog then you already know I look forward to this event, twice each year. Yep, S&R's Bi-annual Members' Treat!

I remember how it was a few year's back. You can actually visit the store at any hour during the sale's first day, get in, shop, and fall in line at the cashiers for roughly an hour max. Today, Members' Treat isn't quite like it was before. I realized how crazy it has become when even my friends avoid the sale (and the maddening crowd) on its first day. And believe me when I say it gets crazy. You really have your mix of short-strung, impatient, highly-violent people in the crowd. It can't be helped. It happens.

Yesterday was no different.

We got to S&R Congressional at 530am - later than planned as we had to wait for A's school bus to come get her for school. The bus was unusually late yesterday. But anyway...

The line at 530am - the end of which was already outside of the fenced-in area. That's roughly 300 people!

The line was longer than it was at 530am back in March. When I got to where Yaya J was standing, there were about 300 or more people ahead of us. We were already outside the fenced-in queue. Ayayay!

I was actually surprised to see my neighbor, Mr. C, in line already. I had heard him leave the house at 4am, but didn't think he was heading to S&R. Apparently, he's as much a shopaholic as I am (maybe worse, LOL). I shall keep a mental note to work as a tag team with him next time. That way, I don't have to bring my toddler along to the next Members' Treat. Hehe.

(LEFT PHOTO) Patiently waiting. The early morning crowd is usually the most patient of the lot.
(RIGHT PHOTO) Our spot in line. That's Yaya J (holding my CitySuper insulated bag) and RL sitting by the fence.

RL watching Doc McStuffins.
So we had a quick breakfast of sandwiches and water, and turned to our gadgets for entertainment. It was going to be a long wait (roughly two hours or so).

In the next hour, the line doubled in size. I heard some people complaining that the parking lot had filled and there was nowhere else to park within the compound. By 7am, it got pretty humid. S&R should install electric fans. People could collapse from heat exhaustion. Good thing the heat was bearable, and that people brought chairs, fans, food and drinks. Imagine the next Members' Treat during the summer!

The line began to move by 730am, as S&R started letting people in by batches. Of course, we had a lot of people jumping the queue. The guard that manned the corner post, where people go from outside the fenced-in queue to inside, wasn't too alert about singits that over two dozen people (maybe even more) were able to sneak in and cut. The girls behind us got so frustrated when he wouldn't listen to their complaints.

When you get up late, you end up queuing under the sun.
S&R, maybe you should hire professional bouncers on the first day? The real burly ones who demand attention. Your people are too scared of the crowd. I don't blame them. We had a batch of unruly ones there yesterday.

I think I heard all the excuses in the world yesterday. But people, rules are rules. If you want to get in with the rest of those who bothered to fall in line during the wee hours of the morning, sacrifice a bit and WAKE UP EARLY. A lady about 100 slots behind us came up to the girl checking membership cards at the front of the queue. She was claiming she only came over to exchange an item she bought the previous day, and asked to be let in ahead of everyone else waiting, because she merely needed to go to the Customer Service Counter. Gimme a break! Hello, why go during Members' Treat? Surely you know there'd be a line. Especially since you were there at 615am (she claims she came early to beat the crowd but had to leave asap for a luncheon). Then there was this other lady that came late. She had an older sister who, at the time she arrived, was already inside the store. She was asking to be let in, never mind the angry queue looming before her. She ran past the stanchion ropes, past security, to the entrance, where thankfully, two guards kept her from entering. She actually delayed the next batch from entering, because she held up the entrance with her pleading. Of course, they couldn't let her in, even when she claims her sister was waiting for her inside. Hello, ma'am, get to the queue early. If your sister wanted you to get in, she should have waited in line for you. Tsk.

The final stretch to the entrance. 

The line at 8am. Taken using the new Panorama feature on the iPhone's camera.

Almost there, at 9am.  By this time, you would hear the occasional squabble up front.
Some people didn't quite accept the "One cardholder = 2 companions" rule. 

We FINALLY got in the store by 915am. RL was happiest as he finally gets to laze away with the iPad in the comforts of a cart - one that got filled to the brim in a matter of minutes. Oops. Initially, I had asked Yaya J to fall in line right away. Our game plan was for me to bring my loot to her. Alas, that failed, and I had to call her on her mobile to shop with me for about 15 minutes. I couldn't carry a sack of Cat Food all the way to where she was in line for the cashiers. That, plus the tables we were getting for the office weren't classified as MPU (Merchandise for Pick Up) units, so we had to put that on the cart. So heavy!!!

S&R, I wish you'd allow at least two carts per cardholder next time, or at least provide tickets for all the big bulky items. I thought I had it all worked out, with your MPU policy and buying tip. Alas, not all Lifetime tables were sold via MPU. But they are extra bulky and take up most of the space on the cart.  

After lugging the tables and a Kids' Bin Organizer to the cashier line, I left the nanny and RL with the cart, and went around with a big IKEA shopping bag. We were in line from 930am to 1pm!!! How crazy is that?

The line to the cashiers at S&R Congressional. This was at 930am. Can you spell L-O-N-G?

And you wanna know why? Look closely at the lower photo above. See the girl wearing the pink batman shirt? She was in line for cashier 17. Apparently, her employer was shopping around with a friend, while she waited. Nothing wrong with that, until her employer cut through with the friend to line up with her. She even spoke to me in Chinese when she was trying to maneuver two extra carts into the queue. I had mentioned we were all in line and that she should line up too, but she told me she already had a cart and a helper waiting up front. We were in line for cashier 16, so I didn't pursue my case, even when all the people in line behind her helper were protesting.

Later on, when we were already three carts away from paying, the same Chinese lady (and her friend) cut in line again; this time, in front of the ladies before us. She claimed her helper was in line for our cashier and that she was already next. Really, she made her own queue attempting to go before us. A shouting match ensued, with the three ladies in front of us winning, and the Chinese lady shouting at her helper to move back to where we were. Still she shouldn't be in our line, but I wasn't in the mood for a shouting match.

The ladies behind me, however, were irritated, but like me, they kept their cool. Until time dragged on, and we noticed it was almost lunch and we were still waiting to pay. Turns out, the Chinese ladies were paying for their stuff using Gift Certificates! And the cashier had to manually encode the security numbers into the system.

S&R, I know GCs are as good as cash, but either allow them ONLY when you can scan them automatically with the POS scanner, or don't allow them at all during Members' Treat. It held up the queue for a good hour or so.

We decided to buy lunch, and ate in line. I got to know E (the lady behind me from Surigao, who was shopping for her sister's store), and RL had already finished five whole episodes of Doc McStuffins, and those ladies still weren't done! I got so irritated that I decided it was time to snap a photo (please excuse the comic relief).

These ladies are line-jumpers! What is it with people who can't fall in line properly?!

We were finally on our way home by 130pm. By the time I decided to take a photo of my shopping loot snug in the confines of my vehicle (which was so full, by the way), my phone had ran out of battery. Overall, I think the trip went well and I got what I came for. I made a list the night before, and spent well below my budget (I still had stuff leftover from March). Nevertheless, I still want to check out the other stores (maybe Fort) over the weekend, but I am carefully considering my options. I don't want to go over-budget like last time. Yes! The shopaholic in me is wearing off. Maybe I am little wiser now. LOL!

But really, how can people say Filipinos have no money? Yesterday was a convergence of sorts for shopaholics and hoarders - both rich and the not-rich. You wouldn't bother falling in line just for a pack of chocolates or a set of sheets for your bed. People who go to S&R during this time of the year go to shop loads and hoard. And I've seen all sorts of people, not just the sosy kind ha. Members' Treat is for people who love to shop and who have the patience to wait it out.

I cannot reiterate this enough. I read a few comments about how unfair S&R was - for letting their members fall in line, for not giving special lines or special treatment to seniors and pregnant women, etc. People, don't bring them to these events! It's as simple as that. Members' Treat is a special "treat" S&R gives to its loyal shoppers. It is your choice if you wish to go sweat it out or not. If you don't have the patience to go, then stick to shopping during their regular days. And of course you need to be a member to shop. I heard people complaining about the number of companions allowed inside the store. Of course you can't bring the whole barangay! It's already a privilege in itself to be allowed two non-member companions. If you're bringing your whole clan, have them get a card of their own. This is, after all, membership shopping.

But as for me, I live for these things. I love special sales. With a budget as small and as strict as mine, Members' Treat is a gold mine. The additional savings you get from this bi-annual treat make falling in line all worth it. If it isn't your thing, do yourself a favor and stay home.


For Sale Guidelines, please read this post.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Important SALE Reminders from S&R

Received an email just now from S&R. Here are some reminders for this month's Members' Treat:

(Oops! I'm bringing mine, but just one, and with the nanny.) But yes, DO NOT BRING unless you absolutely have no choice.

Okay, folks, that means, you can't bring the whole baranggay! EDIT: While it is true that S&R's regular policy allows for a cardholder to bring in three (3) companions (totaling 4 pax entering the store, including member) on normal days, for their Members' Treat this year, this is their policy: two companions/ guests per cardholder . This was also announced when we were in line to get in the store Wednesday morning. If on succeeding days, they allowed more than two guests, it would have been at the discretion of the store manager.

This was implemented during the last Members' Treat. Good luck to hoarders!

This means, you need not worry about having an extra cart when getting a table, tent, cabinet, etc. because big items can be picked up out back at the Merchandise Pick Up Unit (MPU) or claiming area.

There will be no proxies allowed. That also means, the picture on the card must match your face. LOL! Believe me, during past Members' Treats, there were people claiming to be the cardholders (you get the picture). Nyar.

However, the spouse or immediate relative (parent or sibling) may pay for the transaction using their respective credit cards provided that they hold the same last name/surname as the cardholder. KY couldn't pay for my purchases last time using her credit card as she carries my maiden name. That is their official procedure (yes, even if she is a sister, child or parent).

So if you're buying for a number of people, don't expect S&R to ring these up separately. Do the math after you pay.

This means they will be available from Wednesday thru Sunday. No need to fight over stocks, people!

They also sell Pizza, Roast Chicken and Rice, Burgers, Fries, Salads, etc. So if you're in line to the cashiers, and you get hungry, ease that stomach and buy food. You will need that card to buy from them, too.


Getting Ready!

This is happening TOMORROW, September 26 thru the 30th at ALL Branches, including Cebu and Pampanga!

The S&R Members' Treat SALE is happening tomorrow! Unlike past sale events, I am trying to keep my budget low (who am I kidding?). Last week, I had asked the good folks at S&R about what this month's Members' Treat has to offer the regulars (yes, in other words, the shopaholics!). This is what they sent me yesterday...

Cheaper than the previous Member's Treat!

Slightly cheaper than the last Sale. Yay! I love towels!

I will actually be at S&R tomorrow to get the office some Lifetime Tables. Yes, official work. I love my job! However, we're leaving the house later than we did during the last SALE because A has school, and we have to wait 'til after she gets picked up by the bus. So yes, good luck to us on getting a good spot tomorrow.

We missed getting our choice of Lifetime Tables last March.

More Lifetime Tables on sale.

I hope they have more Bakery Items on Sale!
I wanna get Strudels and the Lava Cake!

These TV deals are so tempting! 

Great Savings in time for the holidays!

But yes, we're ready. We're even making ourselves sandwiches and coffee for the long wait. I'm also going to charge the iPad, A's touch (for RL, in case the iPad batt runs out, which I doubt will happen) and the iPhone. Bringing a folding chair, a fan, hand sanitizer and water, too! Oh yes, we are ready!

Here are a few reminders:
1) Bring reusable bags or boxes (for those shopping in Alabang and Quezon City).
2) If two or more are using the member card, please note that the S&R member has to be present! Only the S&R member (and immediate family members, ex. spouse, with same surname) can pay using a credit card. Others "riding on" his or her card privileges must pay in cash. Also, I think S&R imposed a limit to two transactions per member card.
3) Make a list if you're doing early Christmas shopping, lest you want to overbuy (which I always end up doing, even with a list! LOL)
4) Bring a cooler or an insulated bag if you plan on getting milk and ice cream. Keep in mind that the lines are long getting in and out of the store.
5) If you're coming late in the morning, bring an umbrella. It can get scorching hot at 7am if you are directly under the sun. Plus, it might rain.
6) BE PATIENT. I cannot stress this enough. If you are lacking in patience, please stay home.


Read about previous Members' Treat experiences here:
March 2011:
March 2012 Preview:
March 2012 Crowd:
March 2012 Loot:
(I realize now that I failed to blog about the September 2011 Sale. Oh well.)

Monday, September 24, 2012

Super Zwei!

My neighbor C gave A a Super Zwei doll. Super Zwei is handmade with love by C's sister, Jacklyn Colmenares-Zapatos, who sews these dolls by hand. Jac owns I.AM.HANDMADE - a treasure trove of handmade, hand-sewn dolls and what-nots. Jac makes, designs and sews everything herself! This full-time, creative working mom has brought her passion for sewing to fruition with her handmade products.

I actually also love to sew. But sadly, I only get to finish projects when 1) I have nothing else to do and 2) I find time for it. So far, I've finished a cow costume for KY (back when she was 1!!!), a cool denim bag from my old pair of Marlboro Jeans, and two Cinnamoroll pillowcases for A's pillows. Ok, maybe I don't love sewing that much. But Jac? Jac sews with a passion!

The real super Zwei!
Recently, she designed, sewed and sold dozens of Super Zwei dolls to help a friend whose 10-year old son, Zwei, is battling Stage 2 Bone Cancer. Yes, this is the same Super Zwei doll A had received from Jac's sister. Turns out, Jac has sewn up batches of Super Zwei dolls to help raise funds for Zwei's chemotherapy.

Wow. 10-years of age and already battling the Big C. I cannot imagine what Zwei has to go through. I can only try to imagine how hard this must be on him and his parents.

So far, Jac has made and sold over 4 dozen Super Zwei dolls. Each doll is P250.00. Surely a round of chemotherapy costs more than that. After reading through her posts on Facebook, I realized I could help Jac get the word out. So yes, readers, I hope you find it in your heart to help.

Meet Super Zwei! Your P250.00 donation will help a 10-year old little boy battle the Big C! Plus you get this cool doll!

Super Zwei is a pint-sized Super Hero fighting the Big C! This 6-inch doll is handmade from canvas and fabric fill. He is also hand-drawn with Non-Toxic Fabric Pastel so you can be sure this is 100% safe for kids. Each doll is unique and handmade with love.

All proceeds from the Sale of each Super Zwei doll is for the benefit of Zwei and his chemotherapy sessions. Should you wish to help, you may order by sending Jac a message through the I.AM.HANDMADE page on Facebook.


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

FINALLY! Wilson Phillips LIVE in Manila!

My friend Ganns has been wishing on multitudes of stars for Wilson Phillips to do a concert in Manila. Months ago, we started a petition-of-sorts on Facebook, attempting to convince boss Stan to bring them over.

My little petition on Facebook to get our friend Stan to take notice and maybe bring them in. Hehe.

But Boss didn't take notice and we went back to our wishful-thinking selves. Ganns would say he never lost hope. Yeah. Alas, in July, Random Minds Production announced they were bringing Wilson Phillips to Manila, and Ganns went crazy (an understatement, but you get the picture).

I grew up listening to Wilson Phillips. But unlike Ganns, who owns practically every CD they ever released, I only own three on CD. Please excuse the emancipated adult story, but I took on many responsibilities as a teenager and couldn't afford the luxury. But yes, I love, love, LOVE Wilson Phillips! This has got to be the best news of 2012!

Wilson Phillips LIVE IN MANILA! October 12 at the SM Mall of Asia Arena!

When I went to the US for 12th grade, I took one CD with me. Just one CD - and it was Wilson Phillips' debut album. Like a crazed teenager, I memorized the songs and sang them with passion.

Today, KY looks at me like crazy when I scour the videoke song list for Wilson Phillips' songs. Not your generation, my dear, but mine.

"I'm not going back to you anymore.
Finally my weakened heart is healing though very slow.
So stop coming around my door, 
'Cause you're not gonna find what you're looking for."

Their song "Release Me" still holds meaning in my life today. I remember listening to this song and promising myself as a teenager that I've had enough of my boy problems. Alas, it still holds true. LOL! Seriously, their songs were part of my life, and I am excited to finally get to hear and see them LIVE!

See Wilson Phillips LIVE in Manila on October 12 at the SM Mall of Asia Arena! Get your tickets at SM Tickets, prices as follows:

Don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime chance of seeing Wilson Phillips LIVE! Kids, this all-female group brought us the popular songs Hold On, Release Me, You're In Love, Impulsive, and many more! The 90s will never be the same without them.

For inquiries and ticket reservations, please call 470.2222.
Wilson Phillips LIVE in Manila

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