Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Basic Papercutting Class!

We are hosting a Basic Papercutting Class on the 31st of August - that's a Saturday, from 2-5PM at House of Praise Panay. My friend L is teaching! If you are following me on Instagram, then you have probably seen some of my reposts on her work.

Check out how detailed her work is!

Anyway, I've been pretty curious about this papercutting stuff, so much so that I offered our store as a venue for her first class. I'm telling you, she's good! Way better than the others teaching papercutting today (and I am not telling you that because she's my friend, hehe).

And I have this thing for crafts, you know. Anything that involves detailed work is a challenge I am willing to try. So come and join us for a crafty afternoon on the 31st!

WHEN: AUGUST 31, 2013; 2 - 5 PM
FEE: P1200 (Inclusive of Basic Papercutting Kit, Snacks and a 20% House of Praise Discount Coupon)

For inquiries, email liee.lozano@gmail.com.

Slots are limited, so book early! See you there!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Mustaches and Musings: Smurfs!


My mom took me and my little brother RL out to McDonald's Saturday morning. We attended an event because McDonald's came out with their NEW! Smurf's Happy Meal. My brother and I like collecting the toys from McDonald's Happy Meals. We were trying to collect all the Minions, but my mom said the stores sold out in just a week!

So for this new Happy Meal toy, my brother and I made a deal that we were going to collect all twelve Smurfs! Last Saturday, we completed our set!

Meet the Smurfs and get to know what each Smurf toy can do...

Papa Smurf sits on a saucer with pull-back action. Pull him back and watch him speed and spin along.

Wind up Greedy and his arms swing. His hips also rock in a "butter churn" dance move.

Baker doesn't do anything. He's a rubber figure holding a rolling pin, but makes a perfect gift for bakers!

Jokey is my brother's favorite Smurf. He plays with him the most. That's because he's in a ball and he loves rolling him across the floor.

Hefty is the Smurf who is doing a hand stand. You wind him up, and he starts walking on his hands.

Like Baker, Handy doesn't do anything. He is also a rubber figure. He holds a hammer and a tool box. I gave him to my mom because she is a Handy Mommy!

Smurfette is my kind of girl. She is brave! Push the lever on her back and her arms join together in front, like she is casting a magic spell.

Clumsy is my favorite Smurf. That's because he lights up! Press a button on his back and he glows blue! 

Now Vexy is also one cool gal. Press her back and she spins the spoon like a pro.

Wind up Brainy and he walks while reading. Such a nerd!

My brother also likes Crazy. That's because his party hat is also a mini horn. Blow into it, and it makes a whistle sound. Honk!

Hackus makes a cool pen hugger. Push on his shoulders to open his arms up, and he's ready for a hug!

Are you collecting these Smurfs, too? Hurry and collect all twelve before they go out of stock at McDonald's!!

Don't wait until it's too late to complete a set! Complete it today.

Family Drama

I spent the whole of Saturday with the kids, and as usual, they started bickering and fighting. Let me tell you, it doesn't matter how far apart they are in age, they fight just the same.

And I, being the tired Momma, can't take it anymore.

So after reprimanding A and RL for the nth time that day (it was late, and we were at the grocery when they started another squabble on who gets to buy what, and who gets punished for not doing this or that, and "Mom, look he's touching that rusty chain!" and "Momma, she's poking me!" and well, you get the idea), I just about had it. After paying for our purchases, we left immediately and I gave them a lengthy sermon 'til we reached the house.

And I wasn't done with just that. Once we entered the house, I asked RL to go to the room and talked to him about disobedience and how Momma's tired of him not listening, etc. I gave him a couple of swats to his bottom, and he just stood there looking at me like I was some lunatic giving an Oscar speech. I was. I was talking up a storm. That, plus I was trying to get him to understand why I was sad and mad.

When it was A's turn, I was literally exhausted. I was telling her how tired I was of having to deal with the same thing over and over again, and that life isn't about getting what you want (she had wanted something earlier and had spent the rest of the day scowling because I had said 'No'). I went on to give her a piece of my heart. I told her how I've been sacrificing my wants (and sometimes my needs!) for their needs and wants, and how I haven't purchased anything for myself (aside from clothes) since I had gotten married. And how it was unfair that life was this way, but we had to make do, because life isn't always fair. And how I wished we could spend money without batting an eyelash, but right now, we are hard up and have to budget. And that life isn't a competition - and she, being the older sibling, should give way to her little brother who is only four (and knows only so much). By this time, I was already crying. I felt like a child. And yes, I know that was a low blow for me to be telling A all that, but I was on the verge of losing it (or wait, I must have)! I don't like having enemies, and the last thing I wanted was for my children to hate me for being such a stuck-up mom. I can't help it sometimes, we can't buy everything nor can we have our way all the time!

So when I made my last request, I was doing so in between loud sobs. I was telling her how sad it made me that she and RL kept fighting. She's the older sibling, she should be helping me instead of provoking her little brother. I told her how tired I was, and that we should be helping out each other instead of bickering and fighting all the time.

"It's just the three of us now. Can't we all get along? I'm so tired. I just want us to be happy. I hate it when you guys fight all the time. We are all we've got."

Then she starts sobbing. Out loud. And we hug. And I can't tell you if it felt good. Or worse. But I spent a good hour after that thinking about R and how he's probably having the time of his life with some girl, when here we were trying to deal with all his unfair choices and the potholes he left on our once good and promising road.

Family drama. I've had enough. After twelve long years, I think it's time to bring happy back.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Still Looking for Minions?

...well how about checking out what's new at McDonald's?

I can't believe those yellow Minions sold out in a week's time! I still have two more missing (boohoo), and RL has been asking me to check McDonald's every single day if their Happy Meal is back. And guess what McDonald's announced yesterday?

The Happy Meal is back - with the Smurfs this time! Thank goodness!

Oh. My. Smurf. Twelve toys to collect for this new Happy Meal! Hurry on to McDonald's today!

We love the Smurfs and the kids enjoyed their first movie. So we can't wait to see this new one, Smurfs 2, when it opens in theaters on the 7th of August! Look at Clumsy. I can't wait to get my hands on them!

Each McDonald's Happy Meal comes with a FREE toy! Collect all twelve! Yes, twelve!

| facebook.com/McDo,ph

Ten Years

Next year marks the tenth.
I committed ten.
So do I wait?

Lord, I know I need only be still.

I am tired.
I know it's on the next bend.
I know You will give me strength.
I know.

Ten Years.
Ten Years.
Ten Years!

Next year marks the tenth.
I committed ten.
I can wait one more year.

Monday, July 15, 2013


Why, hello there! I'm alive. In case you've been wondering. Here's a short life update, and an approximation of when to expect me back on the blog. Haha! Yes, I am on hiatus, but only for a few more days.

I am currently in the middle of cleaning the house. My nanny's kids are back (she drove her cousin-in-law away over the weekend, so I have had to open my home to her two daughters again). Yes, AGAIN! I cannot say how stressed I am with the idea, but you know how it is better to choose the lesser evil? Well, this, right now, is the lesser evil. I am choosing the two kids over hiring a new nanny I do not trust. So yes, I am praying God fixes this situation soon. Meanwhile, I have this itch to start homeschooling the girls. You know, to keep them busy so their mom gets to work.

My neighbor's son has been infected with the Dengue virus. And according to my other neighbor, a nun across the street (we live right across a home run by nuns) has it, too. So I am filled with panic and paranoia. We are cleaning house this week! I am tempted to stay home tomorrow just to clean (or maybe on Wednesday when I'm coded) and declutter.

R was home a couple of weeks ago. Yes, R. I think I made a few wrong turns there, and we both ended up sorry the visit ever happened. RL somehow thinks his dad is this angry man, so he's been refusing to talk to his dad for over a week now. Sigh.

Meanwhile, A received an award for her excellent performance in school last year. I was going to post a photo, but couldn't edit out her full name so raincheck on the picture! Hehe.

My little boy has been enjoying school so far. His teacher says he is able to make friends easily, and likes one girl in particular. Ay-yah!

He loves school! No longer a baby! :'(

So remember my last post? Well, I'm still at it. Blame it on my group of bentoholics. LOL! And I'm actually starting a new blog (please stay tuned) featuring just that - BENTO. I already have a new Instagram account up and running for it, actually: MOMMA_MAKES_IMBENTO.

Here are a few of my recent attempts at making Charaben/Kyaraben.

Veggie Wednesday:
Minion Pesto Bread, Pesto Pasta, Broccoli and Caesar Dressing. 

Sandwich Thursday:
Cheese and Spam Bee-wiches and Hotdog Flowers.

Made this for A when RL didn't have school one Friday.
Nutella Hello Kitty Sandwich, Oreo Cookies and Lemon-drizzled Bananas with a Biscoff dip.

Fruit Tuesday:
Mango Yellow Angry Bird, Red Angry Bird and Rainbow Pancakes with Clara Ole Syrup,
and a Kiwi Minion Pig!

Veggie Wednesday:
Chicken and Mixed Veggie Stir-fry with Rice and a Gouda Cheese Triangle.

Stay tuned for that new blog address!

I was supposed to post walkthroughs two weeks ago (I've had them on draft for over a week now!) Alas, the new update meant easier Extreme levels! So yes, my walkthroughs are different from actual play now. I wonder, do you still need them? The levels aren't as hard as when the new ones first came out.


So yep, I've been pretty busy lately. But I did take one Bored Mama Day to hang out with friends down south. I wanna be a "Bored Mama". Sadly, I don't think that's ever gonna happen. LOL!

See you when I get back to the blog by the weekend!

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