Friday, November 30, 2012


December is here! Can you believe it?! I wrote a 6-paragraph update on the blogger app and it all disappeared! So, here is my short version of it... DECEMBER naaaaaa!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sac Manille

I used to love buying bags of all sorts. When I was still single, I think I accumulated a number of bags (not that I've actually used them... I think half of which I've since sold, or given away...) that I kept a whole wall of bags in my mom's old house.

I recently purchased a bag beyond my means - a special L, to reward myself after all these years of sacrificing my love for bags. Yes, you read that right, beyond my means. I can no longer afford the luxury of buying expensive bags. I have tuition payments and a family to think about.

So when my friend Zachi introduced me to her new baby, Sac Manille, I was more than impressed and relieved. Beautiful bags need not be expensive. And these bags are the kind you'd be proud to own.

Sac Manille is an online shopping niche for stylish, affordable and quality bags that aims to cater to the many facets of the “everyday” girl’s personality. It offers its customers a trouble-free virtual shopping experience through easy browsing, fast delivery and outstanding customer service. 

Currently, Sac Manille carries the international brand, David Jones - a bag brand from Paris that has been in the market for the past 27 years!

Sac Manille is a different kind of bag business, I must say. Aside from their usual website, they also do bag soirees - think Tupperware party but with bags! They are also looking for re-sellers  so if you are interested in making a little more this holiday season, Sac Manille may just be the thing for you!

ALBA, SRP: P2,200

BAMA, SRP: P2,200
BAMBI, SRP: P1,730

I got my first David Jones bag about a month ago. It is the AGA (now sold out, sorry), but when KY saw the bag, she couldn't help but compare it to her Kipling (in a similar style). And I am telling you, she couldn't believe this sells for less than P2,000!

Yes, affordable yet stylish. Durable and functional. That is Sac Manille. See for yourself.

KY was more than willing to model the AGA for this post. It's her kind of bag.
The AGA also comes with an optional shoulder strap.

Big and yet slim. You won't believe how much room this bag has!
The AGA has two compartments, plus a zipped pocket in the middle that fits a full-sized iPad!
It is also made with an inner side pocket, pockets for your small gadgets and an outside zipped pocket.
Sac Manille has items that range from P950 to P3500. You've got to see the bags to know what I mean when I say they're beautifully-made! They only stock about 20 pieces per style - which is a fact I like about this bag company.

To order, visit

1. Fill out required details on order form which can be located here:
2. A confirmation will be sent after 24-28 hours.
3. Once order is confirmed, you will be re-directed to the Sac Manille website if your order online was successfully sent.
4. Orders will be sent out a day after payment.
5. Orders will be delivered within 1-3 days.

Or you may see the bags in person! Text or call Sac Manille at 09228431662.

Sac Manille will also be at the following bazaars this holiday season:

St. James Bazaar, Alabang: November 30 thru December 2, 2012
Rockwell's Moonlit Bazaar, December 7 to 9, 2012

Check out their booth to see the bags for yourself!

Happy Bag Shopping!

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Follow them on Twitter!

Monday, November 26, 2012

This Season...

You guys won't believe it, so I will not go into the nitty-gritty. My life has come to a halt. I am taking everything a day at a time. I have no idea what to make of this. I did not expect this. The truth is, I have somewhat stopped praying about this.

In church yesterday, while talking to our pastor, I was reminded that God knows the desires of our heart, regardless of what we profess or say to be so. I suppose this is what it is - matters of the heart.

As much as I am excited, I cannot help but put up a wall to protect myself - protect my heart. I do not want to get hurt. And I don't want my kids to get hurt.

If I told you all that has happened, you won't even believe it. But God is a God of wonder - One who moves in ways we cannot even imagine. He is UNLIMITED.

Lord, I don't know what this is, but I trust You are in charge, and I trust You know exactly what this is and where this will go. I am taking that leap of faith. Let's do this!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Kids Craze 2012!

The Richwell 2012 Kids Craze starts today, November 23!

Like last year, I managed to get myself on the guest list for yesterday's private sale. Thanks to my dad for getting in touch with Auntie MY! But because my little RL is sick and we had to go see the doctor, I got to the warehouse late. Well, not exactly too late, but later than I had originally planned.

I was supposed to take photos of the facade, but ended up forgetting to do so, as the baranggay boys asked me to move because of traffic. Oh well. The building is currently under construction, and the place is pretty dusty (even the folks from Richwell think so, as they were mostly in masks while arranging their sale items). But because there weren't too many people inside the warehouse, I think we shopped and got out pretty fast.

Richwell's Kids Craze opens today, November 23, at 1:00PM. Expect long lines as people really trek to this sale. There weren't a lot of seconds (returned items, broken boxes, loose items) to choose from, but Richwell has placed a lot of their nice toys on 50% off. The warehouse is small compared to the one in Libis, so don't expect too many items. There weren't a lot of Step 2/ Chicco items on display (unlike previously, in Libis, where they alloted pallets for these). They did have a nice, brand new Step 2 play house on sale for P10,000!

This is how the warehouse looks like from the entrance. Taken using the panoramic mode on the iPhone.
And yes, that's RL and his bag. LOL!
Another panoramic shot. That Step 2 playhouse on the right is on sale for P10,000! BRAND NEW!
Toys, toys, toys and more toys! Richwell brands on sale, up to 80% off!
The lower floor has most of Richwell's regular items, also on sale at 20 - 50% off.
The upper floor has the shoes and the "seconds" or display units, being sold at up to 80% off! 

The warehouse space is a little bigger than last year, because they opened an upper floor display for seconds and shoes.

My daughter isn't into Barbie, so I skipped those displays. I did notice that they didn't have any of those without boxes, unlike last year. RL wanted to get everything Chuggington (Mega Bloks) and Thomas, and he kept stuffing the bag with toys. I ended up getting a couple of Zoobles for A as they were on Sale at 50% off.  Richwell has some Tonka toys and a lot of Rose Art items on 50% off as well.

A view from the top. Like last year, they have four check out lanes to serve you. So expect long lines!
Richwell's hardworking and very efficient cashiers.
They've been doing this for years now. So patient! Hehe.

I managed to get RL a SpongeBob scooter for P800. Originally P1299 (I think, unless I heard wrong) but marked down because the store-it clip for one of the handles is broken. The box is also broken, but overall, the scooter is new and works. So RL was one happy shopper.

Here are some of the things I got (ssshhh... don't show these to my godkids! LOL!)...

I think RL has two golf sets and they're all broken or lost.
I wouldn't normally get him another one, but this was his pick.
On sale at P300. Nothing missing. Yay!
Zoobles, 1-pc Pack; Original Price: P349.75, SALE Price: P100!
Zoobles, 2-pc Pack; Original Price: P549.75, SALE Price: P200!
Stocking Stuffer for my nanny's kids, SALE Price: P50!
My nanny's kids are staying with us 'til Christmas. That's why. 
Stroller book with tiny plush for my godson, M! 
My nanny's kids are celebrating their birthdays next week.
Yes, on the 25th and the 29th. 
These Winx dolls with bad packaging were a steal at P200 each!
I found this on the seconds rack. Doc Hudson MegaBloks, SALE: P150!
This was the first thing RL saw yesterday and he didn't want to put it back.
Original Price, P349.75, SALE Price: P100!
I think I bought the whole lot of these colored pencils from Rose Art!
On SALE at 50% OFF! Regular Price: P249.75. Uh, you do the math. LOL!
Rose Art markers at 50% OFF! Regular Price, P299.75, SALE Price: about P150!

Like last year, Richwell's Kids Craze is at...

34 Scout Torillo cor. Scout Limbaga, 
Quezon City. 

Directions: From EDSA, turn into Timog Ave, left turn on Scout Torillo (MetroBank at corner), then on the second street corner, the warehouse will be at your left (right at the corner of Scout Limbaga). 

Close-up of the map!

2012 Sale schedule as follows:
November 23, 24, 25, 30
December 1, 2, 7, 8, 9, 14, 15, 16, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23

Sale hours:
Saturday and Sundays: 9AM to 6PM
Weekdays and Fridays: 1PM to 6PM

Do not forget to bring hand wipes, hand gel or alcohol since the toys can be really dusty. I also suggest wearing (or bringing, just in case) a face mask (the disposable ones will do) as it was really dusty there yesterday because of ongoing construction. And do bring (or wear) mosquito repellent because there were gigantic mosquitoes yesterday! Best to be prepared. If you feel like you need a lot of time to shop, bring a friend to help you fall in line. You guys can tag team (line-up while the other shops and vise versa)! They provide huge shopping bags (in spite of the NO PLASTIC ordinance in QC) so no need to bring disposable bags. But do be a responsible shopper and bring one (or more!). Hehehe.

*For those wanting to use credit cards, Richwell will be extending their Kids Craze Warehouse Sale to people from the south of the metro. Credit Cards will be accepted at the Makati Warehouse Sale, which runs from the 30th of November to the 2nd of December ONLY. The Kids Craze at Makati will be at AlphaLand. For details, please call 02.7431658.

Happy Christmas Shopping!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012



That sums up how I feel right now. I thought I had it in the bag, but noooo. I guess not. Actually, this is my second (or maybe third) post about this. I wrote a freaking poem yesterday! (It's on draft).

Please don't ask. I just feel good. God is good.

He has this all planned out.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Murphy's Law

Well, true to the old adage, everything had to go wrong. With the car, that is. First was Saturday, when I noticed mud on the bumper of my car, Matey (A nicknamed the voiture Matey for Matrix). It was nearing dusk and yet, because I had walked back to tell A to lock the doors while I claimed our tickets for Aladdin, I was quick to notice it. The mud had caked in some parts and yet, after brushing it off, there it was... peeled paint. Someone had obviously hit the back of my car and probably tried concealing the damage with mud. Nyar.

The bump, after I wiped away the mud. Nyar.

Then yesterday, on the way to Greenhills for church, the aircon stopped working. When at first I thought it just needed a little cleaning or maybe a little freon, on the way home last night, I noticed the Temperature Gauge nearing H (for HOT). So yes, maybe I was overheating and I probably forgot to check if my radiator still had water. But no, I remember fueling up Wednesday night and asking the guy to check water and oil.

So this morning, when I took two 2-liter bottles of water to the car, it swallowed it all up and yet, it still wasn't full. Then A noticed a leak near the hose leading to the engine. Great, my radiator sprung a leak.

This afternoon, the shop confirmed it to be so. My car is sick. Just like me. Worse, it needs to be in the shop for a coupl'a days while they find the part (apparently some elbow joint that needed more than a quick fix).

Sometimes, things have to go wrong all the way. Sigh.

How was your weekend?

Friday, November 16, 2012

Around the Bend.

It's that time of the year again, and I must say, I am more excited than ever for Christmas this year (excluding Christmas of 1991 and maybe, 2008). But yes, I can't wait!

I moved the lights in after I took this photo.
I'm thinking about re-decorating it. We'll see...

Our tree is up! I have doubts about it though. We've been leaving the bottom part bare for quite a few years now. Mickey loves the tree, and he gets to the ornaments all the time. This year, we're keeping the lower ornaments extra high because of Katniss (that cat sure knows which things to break). Thankfully, Mickey has outgrown his chewing phase, and is happy with just being able to hang under the tree (off-limits to him last year). I am thinking it needs a revamp.

Mickey has found a spot under the tree.

RL is too excited for Christmas to come. I think he confuses Christmas with his birthday, since he had a big party last year. And he thinks he's going to have another one this year, in spite of many discouraging remarks from his big sis. He was quite disappointed that Halloween didn't come this year. So I suppose he's in for another disappointment when he realizes Santa isn't throwing him a celebration. Alas, mommy may consider a small eat-together for the neighborhood kids (that's 4, if you include A; 6 if you include the two little girls next door who hardly ever come out).

This was actually my mom's Christmas party, then they decided to include RL at the last minute.
Photo courtesy of Dee Choa. Party organized by Mel Menes of Party Time Philippines.

My sole responsibility was taking care of the prizes, the loot bags and this candy buffet!
Photo courtesy of Dee Choa.

In other news, R says he's coming home for the holidays. I wonder how that's going to play out, given that we won't be here end of the year. Oh well, he probably won't notice the difference since he hasn't been around his family for a while. Meanwhile, the kids are excited to be spending winter where it's actually cold.

I think I'm pretty done with Christmas shopping. I still have a few items leftover from last year, so that should cover for extras. The list has gotten pretty long this year, with the folks from church. Which reminds me, I should start stuffing (I got gift bags this year. Wrapping gifts, although something I used to enjoy, just gets too stressful when you're talking about gifts in the hundreds, LOL).

We're taking our annual Christmas photos this weekend. I hope. The kids and I are still sick, so I'm hoping they cooperate. Otherwise, we have to resched.

How are you coming along with your Christmas prep? It's 39 days away! Egad!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Yes, I am sick. I've been trying to fight off this bug for a while. My brother had it for weeks, and about a week ago, I thought I was going to catch it. But I came out fine until last Friday, when I had to ride with my sick brother from EDSA Shang to the office - that's a good 30 minutes of cootie exposure. So yes, after trying to evade it, I finally caught it. Oh woe.

I stayed home yesterday to rest my aching back. All that coughing has taken its toll. Last night, I had asked Yaya J to give me a massage. Today, I woke up feeling like I got run over by a train. Yes, think finger-bruising all over my back - no thanks to Yaya's thin and pointy fingers (remind me never to ask her for a massage again). So here I am, sitting in front of my lappy, thinking how'd I manage to get sick. Nyar. I hate being sick!

What's a good antidote to a bad cough?

My friend C says to take a warm cup of water, half a teaspoon of non-iodized rock salt and 5 calamansi. The office peeps swear on ginger juice (ginger ale nalang, pwede?). I read somewhere that lemon or anything citrus actually induces coughing, so I guess this bag of kiat-kiat ain't helping? LOL!

Haay! I hate being sick. Much more because I hate spreading it to the kids.

Lord, can you please, please, please take my cooties away?

How do you fight the bug? Share them with me!

Kaye Shares...

... a photo of a recent NappyCake I made. This was super rush, and I gave in lang because RC is a loyal customer - as loyal as loyal can be. Didn't think he'd go with the Sponge Bob theme, but he loved it. Thanks!!!

This 2-layer SpongeBob NappyCake came with two nursers, a pacifier, a teether, a comb and brush, nappies,
a blankie, a burpcloth, a plush toy and lotsa love!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

See You Tonight!

And we've picked our winners! Well, not exactly we, because we had to use a List Randomizer at But yea, winners! And guess what, when we initially announced we were picking just three to win two Upper Box A tickets each, we have decided to pick two more names to each win consolation prizes.

So here they are... Congratulations to the following people!

Ticket Winners* of two Upper Box A tickets each to tonight's worship concert!

The Manila concert happens TONIGHT, November 8 at 8PM at the Smart Araneta Coliseum!
*Ticket Winners may claim their tickets from a House of Praise representative at the Smart Araneta Coliseum, tonight at 630PM. Details will be sent via Private Message on Facebook.

And to the following people...

Consolation Prize Winners**!
You each won Don Moen's latest Christmas CD - "CHRISTMAS: A SEASON OF HOPE".

Don Moen's latest Christmas CD - "CHRISTMAS: A SEASON OF HOPE"
Now available at all House of Praise stores and kiosks!
**Consolation Prize Winners may pick up their CD from any House of Praise store in Metro Manila. Details to be sent via Private Message on Facebook as well.

Please wait for your notification messages so you will know who to look for when claiming your prizes. Thank you for joining this quick contest!

This giveaway has been sponsored by House of Praise and Ovation Productions (Thanks, Bogie!).

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Don Moen LIVE in Manila!

Don Moen is back in the Philippines - FINALLY! And he will be at a concert at the Smart Araneta Coliseum tomorrow, November 8 (Thursday), plus a show each in Bohol and Butuan.

House of Praise has been privileged to receive Upper A Tickets (Manila Show) to raffle off tonight! If you wanna catch Don Moen tomorrow, here's your chance to snag tickets. BUT WAIT, READ THROUGH THE MECHANICS THOROUGHLY. 


1. Look for the CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT on the HOUSE OF PRAISE Facebook Page. If you aren't sure which photo to share, click HERE (Hint! It's the one that says WIN TICKETS!).

2. Click on the SHARE Button below the photo and share the contest on your timeline. Make sure to tag House of Praise, and set that shared photo to public view so we can see it! Do tell your friends about the concert!

And that's it! Cut off for this contest is at 10am tomorrow. There will be THREE (3) WINNERS to win a pair of Upper Box A tickets each. Winners will be announced right after. Winners must be able to claim their tickets from a House of Praise representative at the Smart Araneta Coliseum (time to be arranged).


For more ticket inquiries, visit or call 911.5555.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

NappyCakes - It's a Diaper Cake!

A lot of you have been wondering and asking about NappyCakes. Do I still make them? Well the answer is yes. Only, now that I live outside Ortigas, it takes a while to make. Plus, since my promotion to sole Marketing person (eeps), I have had so little time to focus on other things outside of work.

But yes, NappyCakes I still do, albeit on the side.

Here's a photo of one of the biggest diaper cakes I made last month. It's huge, alright! Took me half a week to prep. I am currently migrating my Multiply site to a Facebook page. So please be patient as I find time to do this. I haven't touched that site in over a year!

5-Layer customized Minnie Luau NappyCake for Baby Sachi! Yes, I made that grass skirt all by myself! With lotsa LOVE!
Meanwhile, please take note of current prices for our standard NappyCakes, as follows:

Single Layer with Plush: P 950
Two Layer, No Plush: P1300
Two Layer with Plush: P1480 
Three Layer, No Plush: P1900
Three Layer with Plush: P2000

Leadtime is at least 5 working days for standard cakes. Pickup is from House of Praise Panay Avenue in Quezon City. Pickup from House of Praise Robinsons Galleria or VMall can be arranged upon request. Please email inquiries to nappycakes at gmail dot com.

Thanks for keeping us alive all these years!

VeggieTales at House of Praise!

We've had numerous requests to bring in VeggieTales, but the International label handling the product for the Christian Market has lost their international distribution rights. Alas, no Christian products in the Philippines for this popular series for kids.

I've been trying to convince the label to sell us some toys for our stores. At least, give the kids an alternative to Barney and all those characters our there. After numerous attempts, they finally agreed!

So! Head over to House of Praise Panay, VMall (formerly Virra Mall) and Galleria to check out our new VeggieTales toys and books! Perfect for Christmas!

Playsets, Puzzles, Inflatables, Books, Journals, Sing-Along CD Player, etc. - all from VEGGIETALES!
Happy Christmas Shopping!

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