Friday, November 23, 2012

Kids Craze 2012!

The Richwell 2012 Kids Craze starts today, November 23!

Like last year, I managed to get myself on the guest list for yesterday's private sale. Thanks to my dad for getting in touch with Auntie MY! But because my little RL is sick and we had to go see the doctor, I got to the warehouse late. Well, not exactly too late, but later than I had originally planned.

I was supposed to take photos of the facade, but ended up forgetting to do so, as the baranggay boys asked me to move because of traffic. Oh well. The building is currently under construction, and the place is pretty dusty (even the folks from Richwell think so, as they were mostly in masks while arranging their sale items). But because there weren't too many people inside the warehouse, I think we shopped and got out pretty fast.

Richwell's Kids Craze opens today, November 23, at 1:00PM. Expect long lines as people really trek to this sale. There weren't a lot of seconds (returned items, broken boxes, loose items) to choose from, but Richwell has placed a lot of their nice toys on 50% off. The warehouse is small compared to the one in Libis, so don't expect too many items. There weren't a lot of Step 2/ Chicco items on display (unlike previously, in Libis, where they alloted pallets for these). They did have a nice, brand new Step 2 play house on sale for P10,000!

This is how the warehouse looks like from the entrance. Taken using the panoramic mode on the iPhone.
And yes, that's RL and his bag. LOL!
Another panoramic shot. That Step 2 playhouse on the right is on sale for P10,000! BRAND NEW!
Toys, toys, toys and more toys! Richwell brands on sale, up to 80% off!
The lower floor has most of Richwell's regular items, also on sale at 20 - 50% off.
The upper floor has the shoes and the "seconds" or display units, being sold at up to 80% off! 

The warehouse space is a little bigger than last year, because they opened an upper floor display for seconds and shoes.

My daughter isn't into Barbie, so I skipped those displays. I did notice that they didn't have any of those without boxes, unlike last year. RL wanted to get everything Chuggington (Mega Bloks) and Thomas, and he kept stuffing the bag with toys. I ended up getting a couple of Zoobles for A as they were on Sale at 50% off.  Richwell has some Tonka toys and a lot of Rose Art items on 50% off as well.

A view from the top. Like last year, they have four check out lanes to serve you. So expect long lines!
Richwell's hardworking and very efficient cashiers.
They've been doing this for years now. So patient! Hehe.

I managed to get RL a SpongeBob scooter for P800. Originally P1299 (I think, unless I heard wrong) but marked down because the store-it clip for one of the handles is broken. The box is also broken, but overall, the scooter is new and works. So RL was one happy shopper.

Here are some of the things I got (ssshhh... don't show these to my godkids! LOL!)...

I think RL has two golf sets and they're all broken or lost.
I wouldn't normally get him another one, but this was his pick.
On sale at P300. Nothing missing. Yay!
Zoobles, 1-pc Pack; Original Price: P349.75, SALE Price: P100!
Zoobles, 2-pc Pack; Original Price: P549.75, SALE Price: P200!
Stocking Stuffer for my nanny's kids, SALE Price: P50!
My nanny's kids are staying with us 'til Christmas. That's why. 
Stroller book with tiny plush for my godson, M! 
My nanny's kids are celebrating their birthdays next week.
Yes, on the 25th and the 29th. 
These Winx dolls with bad packaging were a steal at P200 each!
I found this on the seconds rack. Doc Hudson MegaBloks, SALE: P150!
This was the first thing RL saw yesterday and he didn't want to put it back.
Original Price, P349.75, SALE Price: P100!
I think I bought the whole lot of these colored pencils from Rose Art!
On SALE at 50% OFF! Regular Price: P249.75. Uh, you do the math. LOL!
Rose Art markers at 50% OFF! Regular Price, P299.75, SALE Price: about P150!

Like last year, Richwell's Kids Craze is at...

34 Scout Torillo cor. Scout Limbaga, 
Quezon City. 

Directions: From EDSA, turn into Timog Ave, left turn on Scout Torillo (MetroBank at corner), then on the second street corner, the warehouse will be at your left (right at the corner of Scout Limbaga). 

Close-up of the map!

2012 Sale schedule as follows:
November 23, 24, 25, 30
December 1, 2, 7, 8, 9, 14, 15, 16, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23

Sale hours:
Saturday and Sundays: 9AM to 6PM
Weekdays and Fridays: 1PM to 6PM

Do not forget to bring hand wipes, hand gel or alcohol since the toys can be really dusty. I also suggest wearing (or bringing, just in case) a face mask (the disposable ones will do) as it was really dusty there yesterday because of ongoing construction. And do bring (or wear) mosquito repellent because there were gigantic mosquitoes yesterday! Best to be prepared. If you feel like you need a lot of time to shop, bring a friend to help you fall in line. You guys can tag team (line-up while the other shops and vise versa)! They provide huge shopping bags (in spite of the NO PLASTIC ordinance in QC) so no need to bring disposable bags. But do be a responsible shopper and bring one (or more!). Hehehe.

*For those wanting to use credit cards, Richwell will be extending their Kids Craze Warehouse Sale to people from the south of the metro. Credit Cards will be accepted at the Makati Warehouse Sale, which runs from the 30th of November to the 2nd of December ONLY. The Kids Craze at Makati will be at AlphaLand. For details, please call 02.7431658.

Happy Christmas Shopping!

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