Saturday, March 31, 2012

Road Trip to Far, Far Away!

Many years ago, R decided we should join his childhood friends on a trip out of town. It was at a friend's beach resort in far, far Lobo, Batangas. Smack in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of the night, we thought we were lost (the roads weren't paved - think moon craters) and R wanted to make a U-turn and head home. But we didn't, and made it to the resort safe and sound. It turned out to be a great weekend, but we swore we wouldn't go back as the trip was long, tiring and... uh... bumpy.

A month ago, when the office folks planned our summer outing, our Sales and Marketing Director, TP, suggested his late brother-in-law's diving resort. Where else? But in Lobo, Batangas. I was first to object, remembering that trip many years back (the U-turn story still the subject of jokes and laughs). But TP was able to convince everyone else. I do remember R's childhood friends telling me how the roads have been paved recently and that the once 4-5 hour trip now takes about 3 hours max.

Yesterday, right before we left Manila, I was half-praying (ok, maybe really praying they'd cancel because of the weather), but Sir TP was set on going! Everyone was excited, and I didn't want another episode of the last Christmas Party (long story) so I got it together and left for Lobo with the kids.

Star Tollway, on the way to Batangas City...
Kids were excited to go see the beach. 
T'was a pretty uneventful ride. We got to the end of the Star Tollway at a little past 4. If the roads were indeed paved, I'd say we'd get there in an hour or so. But when we got to Malabrigo, the barangay with all the seaside resorts, Sir TP didn't stop! We left paved roads and continued straight where the road was a single vehicle's width. Daylight left, and we were still driving along a rocky path with no streetlights. I was tempted to do an R and suggested we make a U-turn. Sir TP must not know what it means to convoy. We could no longer see his vehicle lights. But we continued on and reached a beach-side property at the end of what seemed like the edge of Batangas.

The beaches of Batangas are mostly rocky but perfect for scuba diving!
Turned out to be a great weekend. So I'm glad we took the trip, albeit long, tiring and still bumpy.

Hope you're having a great weekend!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Crazy Frenzy at S&R Members' Treat!

If you missed the prelude to this post, read all about it here

Members' Treat at S&R has always, always been wild. I didn't post an entry about the September sale last year, because I didn't even know how to start telling everyone how I killed my wallet. And I did. I think I murdered it over 5x that time. I bought Christmas gifts, party stuff, a cube system shelf, and loads of home cleaning materials - so much so... I didn't buy much this sale (ok, my definition of much). Seriously, last September's sale made me feel like a hoarder (you know those shows they show on Bio, yeah, that was me).

So with this one, I made sure I didn't hoard as much (again, my definition of much). I limited my cleaning stuff to around 6 months' worth (enough to last us through the next Members' Treat) and the rest to what I thought I could afford. Overall, I probably spent 60% less than what I did last time. So that means, I only killed my wallet twice. Figures, I've only visited the sale two times (Two times? Oh yes, I went to check out the Fort branch earlier), plus I'm skipping Friday, Saturday, and I'm not so sure about Sunday (only because we're off on a company outing later today, teehee).

Here are some of the great deals I got at this week's Members' Treat at S&R:

Garnier Fructis Color Shield Shampoo 1.18L with Bonus 250ml, P449.95; Secret Invisible Solid, B1T1 P299.95;
Kotex Lightdays Liners 270ct, P599.95; Suave Kids Coconut Smoothers in Pump, P149.95 each;
Softsoap Clear Hand Soap with Bonus Pump, P249.95
Joy Ultra Lemon Dishwashing Soap 90oz, P299.95; Bio Zip Laundry Powder 4 Kg (all variants), P249.95;
Zip Dishwashing Liquid 900ml, B1T1 P104.95; Febreze Green Tea Citrus Room Spray, B1T1 P99.95   
Safeguard White with Aloe 8 bars, B1T1 P349.95; Onwards Kitchen Towel 8 rolls, P249.95/ pack;
Zip All Purpose Cleaner 1.8L, P119.95; Ivory Aloe Vera Soap 10 bars, B1T1 P349.95;
Hometrend Bath Mat/ Rug 20x30, P149.95  
Kirkland Vegetable Oil 5quarts, P499.95; Member's Selection Canola Oil 5l, P549.95
We buy these every SALE! Libby's Vienna Sausage 18cans, P419.95; Nesquik Chocolate Milk Mix, P429.95 
Kirkland Vitamin C 1000mg 500ct, P849.95
One of my favorites at this SALE! Rubbermaid TakeAways 62-piece set with crate, P999.95
Another fave purchase! Good thing my kids convinced me they'd share, LOL! Crayola Creativity Art Tub, P1,099.95
I'm happy this went on SALE again! Sistema Klip It Meat Keeper, P199.95;
Klip It to GO Microwavable Soup Mug, P99.95
S&R Congressional didn't have this Wednesday. I found this at The Fort yesterday.
Lock & Lock Bowl 6pc set, P279.95 - another great purchase!
These, plus that shelving unit (P1899.95) for A. It's still sitting in my car, so no photo. I also have loads of linen already, so I didn't even bother checking out the pillows, bed spreads, comforters, towels, etc.

Overall, S&R was and is INDEED worth the trouble. You just have to have loads of patience and a big, fat wallet. Keep a defibrillator handy, in case you have to revive your wallet. ;) Hihihi.

S&R's Members' Treat runs from March 28 through April 1, 2012. Happening at all branches, including Pampanga and Cebu. Wanna be updated with SALES such as this? Like S&R on Facebook here

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Shopaholics Anonymous

Hi. My name is Kaye and I am a Shopaholic. 


Once upon a time, when I was still active on the Hong Kong thread of, I talked like I knew a thing or two about shopping in Hong Kong. Active PExer and I&P Grandmaster, blue_tracer decided he would crown me the "Shopping Monster" (which I objected to, and still object to, as I am no shopping guru), but the nickname stuck - so much so that blue_tracer (BT) even briefed my family (including R!) on my Shopping Monster status on one of those trips we took to Macau, where BT acted as our personal tour guide.

Like I said, I am no shopping monster, but I do love to shop (Who doesn't? Ok, I asked the female readers here ha, not the men, haha!). Yesterday was no exception. Yes, yesterday, I acted like a shopping monster. *sheepish grin* Ok, a little monster - a nice monster at that. Haha!

S&R's Members' Treat started yesterday. My SimSimi Chicken Alarm (you guys should download this free app; it's an alarm that sounds like a rooster crowing - works great, except when... well... when you sleep ON your phone. LOL!) woke us up at 430am. We were out the door and off to S&R Congressional at a quarter to five. I thought we were early enough to grab breakfast at McDonald's Muñoz. I was wrong. The store didn't have Drive-Thru and although there was only one lady in line ahead of me, she took forever. Plus only one counter was open. I wasted a good 10-15 minutes getting our food. By the time we got to S&R (around 530am), there was a line of crazy people snaking its way to the entrance.

This was the line before 530am. Parang field trip lang.
And yes, I was one of 'em crazy folks. I had A snag a spot while RL and I parked the car. We were early still, but not early enough.

The sun finally comes up, and we were there to witness it.
A rare treat for RL, who hardly ever sees the sunrise. We're night owls!
Crazy folks like me at the S&R sale. First day madness!
The line at 6am. Better planning this year, S&R finally implemented a line system!
The people who came early knew exactly what it meant to be patient and wait in line. The friends that joined them later, however... well, they shouldn't even go if they don't have the patience waiting for hours!
This was our spot. There were about 200 people in front of us.
The lola beside us lived right across S&R and yet, she came late. Hehe.
I had her sit on our bag kasi kawawa naman if she squatted like that the whole 3+ hours!
Apparently, some people decided to camp out the night before. There were approximately 200 people in line ahead of us (at 530am!!!). Imagine how that ballooned when 8am drew near. More than half of that 200 had friends, employers (helpers and drivers lined up for them), family members, etc. who came - right before the doors to S&R opened at 8am. They let people in by batches.

Seniors creating their own line and trying to get in ahead of everyone else (well, that's what the guard said).
Line system at 820am. See how it snakes around? And see the hordes of people out in the sun?
I wouldn't want to be under the sun. It helps to come early, at least you don't wait under that heat.
Good thing it didn't rain yesterday. But there sure were a lot of hot-headed people.
We were witness to many altercations, yelling and cursing. Turns out, at around 6am or so, a bunch of senior citizens decided to form their own line by the entrance. They had a relative or helper line up while they waited for them to get to the front of the line. However, some folks thought there was a special line for seniors and started using the "senior kasama namin" excuse to get in the store ahead of everyone else who lined up before the break of dawn (including dozens of seniors who didn't even think they could get special treatment). So the fighting ensued. Soon, there was pushing, cursing, etc. But S&R folks were prepared (better than last year). And soon, it was peaceful again, except for the occasional bickering of those who came with no patience to start with. That, plus the sporadic yelling at a handful of thick-faced people who pretended they had someone waiting in line just so they can cut to the front.

We were in line for a good 3 hours and 45 minutes. My kids were game. I had no problems, except for that one instance when RL cried looking for the iPhone (there's a story here, but I've decided not to share it, lest I want someone to leave a comment about how I should have stayed home or left my kids at home, etc. - uh, read the previous posts please).

Took all the tricks in my bag to keep RL entertained. But he was really cooperative. Probably thought he was an expert at this, too.
Ate A brought a book, and her old, trusty DSLite. The battery worked for a good 6 hours! Yay!
So near, yet so far. The last stretch to the entrance. This was at 9am.
The family in front of us even brought their newborn baby girl. ;)
We finally got inside by 915am! I actually didn't mind the wait. I was ready for this. My kids were psyched. We were equipped with gadgets (an iPhone, a DSL, a V-tech toy), a foldable stool, a book, and a wild imagination (kids played all sorts to while away the time). Overall though, and compared to previous Members' Treat events, S&R really prepared for this one. The system for queues was way, way, better than last year. I just didn't like the fact that they limited the number of carts to one. Initially, they distributed two chips as each cardholder supposedly can get two push carts. Then as we neared the entrance, we were told that management decided that each cardholder can only get one cart max. If you needed more than one, you'd have to try your luck and look for one in the store.

Once inside, I needed blinders to keep me from buying things I didn't need. They had this nice Children's Picnic Table from Lifetime, selling at P2,499.95. And although, I must admit, I wanted it, I didn't need it (we don't even have a place for it!). Besides, RL and I just purchased a Toy Story Kiddie Table Set on Clearance at S&R a few weeks ago. I made mental note after mental note, reminding myself how I didn't need this or that. I double-checked each thing I placed in my cart, making sure I needed it or that I was getting an extra good deal. I was sooooo tempted to get a lot more, really, but I had prayed for self-control and exercised it as best I could (teehee).

It's a good thing A found another cart inside. We filled up one cart in the first 10 minutes we were in the store (oops!). We were in line for the cashiers at 1030am. There were several carts parked by the actual cashier lines that it was hard to tell which ones were "still waiting" and which ones were "ready to pay". RL and A stayed in line with the carts while I went to check out stuff for my brother and my friends (who couldn't get off work). Once, upon returning with plastic shelving (on SALE for P1,899.95, from original price of P3,499.95) for A's Littlest Pet Shop toys, I find A and RL (and our carts) pushed back, two carts down. So I asked and apparently, some helpers (originally at the side and "waiting") had asked A if she was still ready to pay or if she was still waiting for me. Mind you, there were about 5 more carts ahead of us when this happened. When A said I went to get something but will be back, these guys decided they could cut in line. They had just moved and switched places with A right when I arrived with the shelving unit. It was no use to argue. They had their hearts set at getting to the cashiers first, and yes, even if it meant tricking a 9-year-old into moving her cart back. Sigh.

Two words. PANIC. BUYING. Lol!
Then this lady beside me decided she wanted to have a say at what was happening. When I first asked why the kids moved back, she told me not to ask her as she had just arrived at the line. 10 minutes later, she was telling the grandfather to our left that he cut in line. The truth was, the man was trying to get ahead of our carts, because apparently A said it was ok (yes, my daughter's too nice like that). So he was stuck where he was because I wouldn't allow anyone else to go ahead of us (after those two helpers). The lady decided she was next in line and not him, so they had a lengthy quarrel (with the children of the man coming to their father's defense). The woman wouldn't let up, even when the old man was explaining the situation and that he was moving back behind us. Ayayay! Too many hot-headed people with no patience.

Let me just give my two cents on lining up... IF YOU DON'T HAVE ENOUGH PATIENCE, don't even bother going to the sale. You have to be set on waiting it out. You WAIT getting into the store. You WAIT while maneuvering your cart through the jampacked aisles. You WAIT getting to the cashiers. You WAIT getting your items checked. You WAIT getting out of the store. If you're not a patient person, DO NOT GO. Well, not on the first day.

Kids waiting at the line to the cashiers. Be equipped with snacks and water as lines get super long inside as well.
Anyway, the lines went pretty fast. We were done before 12noon. One thing I noticed though, some SALE tags were up, but the system didn't have the SALE price. So I had to wait another 20 minutes getting a refund on a price discrepancy with the two Mamy Poko diaper packs I got for RL (supposedly on SALE for P604.95, but the system registers it at regular price of P654.95).

We got home before 1pm. I say, pretty good for a crazy day at S&R. I read a few tweets about some people getting home at 5pm, even when they were in line as early as 6am. Crazy, you say? Crazy indeed! But I LOVE IT! Haha. Yes, my name is Kaye, and (sheepish grin) I am a Shopaholic.


S&R's Members' Treat runs from March 28 through April 1, 2012. Happening at all branches, including Pampanga and Cebu. Wanna be updated with SALES such as this? Like S&R on Facebook here.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


The kids are FINALLY asleep. A first in many months to get them down by 10pm. Not an easy feat, I tell ya. My little boy normally stays up with me 'til the wee hours of the morning.

But not tonight. We don't want a repeat of what happened this morning. We were supposed to wake up early but lo and behold, momma slept ON the phone and missed SimSimi's Chicken Alarm. *facepalm* Well that's what you get for working all day AND night AND sleeping at 6am. Oh well.

So tonight we're sleeping early and making sure we get ourselves to S&R right when the gates open. Haha! Ready ka na ba, JM-T et Doraemon (special mention kayo kasi boyscout si J e... LOL!)?


Wanna know what's happening at S&R tomorrow? Click here


Today I am trying to be more unoffendable. It is a choice I choose to make. Similar to the choice one makes when he chooses to live the Christian life.  It is no easy task. You can either be a Christian by name, OR walk the talk.

Yesterday, as I drove home with A (we had two events in the Makati area), I received a text from R (he flew back last week). He asked if we could pick him up from the gym, and although we had originally planned to pass by a supplier's store to pick up some stuff, A was asleep so I agreed to swing by for him. Turns out he needed to go somewhere North. I asked him to drive instead. A and I were really tired and I wanted to go home to RL, but I chose not to say anything.

When we got to the Scout Area, R asked to be dropped off somewhere. So really, he just needed a free ride. He didn't even ride home with us. Technically, we were off the route by about 6 kilometers. I wanted to say what was on my mind but decided to just hold my tongue.  

Earlier yesterday, as I drove from one event to the other, I volunteered to shuttle some Blogger friends to and fro. And I did that with pleasure because I wanted to help my friends out. It shouldn't be any different with R - even if it seemed out of place. I mean, it shouldn't even reach the WWJD question. I should have felt the same pleasure I did when I helped my friends earlier. Which, honestly speaking, I didn't. 

Lord, I need to be more unoffendable. Especially with those that require Your Extra Grace.

All Geared Up for Tomorrow!

It's a bit past 1am, and I can't sleep. Let's just say I'm anxious and at the same time too excited for Wednesday (technically tomorrow, but there's still a full day ahead since Tuesday just started). What's happening, you say? Well it's just the first day of Members' Treat at S&R!!! Are you ready with your game plan? I know I am. Well, sort of...

See, my nanny's son is graduating on Wednesday. She just left 4 hours ago to spend tomorrow and all of Wednesday with her family. As much as I need her for tomorrow's sale, I can't let her miss her eldest son's graduation! So because we've done this before (March of last year, to be exact), I am attempting to do a take two - I'm taking the kids. Yes, good luck to me.  But hey, I'm no newbie; we're practically experts at this! Yes, those 4 months of not having a nanny sure honed my skills at being the lone adult to two kids below the age of 10. Woosah! I can do this!

Here's what to expect at tomorrow's SALE!

Perfect time to change your old sheets! BUY 1, TAKE 1 on US Sheet Sets!
Also check out great discounts on Pillows, Rugs, and other household linen...
Up to 50% on selected apparel! 
And of course, those Lifetime tables!
My brother has been waiting for this month's SALE so he can get these tables for the office.
Mmmm... I can already guess which ones my kids would get.
NOTE: Ringcake variants are different for Cebu and Pampanga.
CEBU variants: B1T1 US Vanilla with Choco Truffle Ringcake/ B1T1 US Choco Brownie  Ringcake
PAMPANGA variants: B1T1 US Blueberry Ringcake/ US Glazed Choco Ringcake
Get S&R GCs when you purchase tires for your vehicles!
Plus! Here's a preview of some of this SALE's best deals...

THE COOL BAR. We got one of these last year (for my folk's backyard) except that last year's Cool Bar came in white/creme. This one's a cool apple green/gray. iWant!

Save space with the Cool Bar - Deck Table and Cooler in one! 
Original Price: P3,999.95 MEMBERS' TREAT PRICE: P2,499.95! (SAVE P1,500.00!)
BATH TOWELS. You could never have too many towels! (Ok, maybe sometimes, it happens. Especially when you have a mom who loves stocking up on these... LOL!)

Tons of towels on sale. These ones are P219.95 each!
SOAP. If there's one thing (Ok, not exactly one, maybe more like a dozen per!) I buy during Members' Treat, this would be it. S-O-A-P. Laundry Detergent, Dishwashing Soap, Cream Cleansers, Liquid Hand Soap, Shampoos, Bath Soaps... you get the picture.

Antabax 4+1 packs are Buy 1, Take 1 during Members' Treat! SALE PRICE: B1T1, P139.95
Irish Spring, 6-pack are also Buy 1, Take 1; SALE PRICE: B1T1, P349.95
Do check out other soap brands and personal care items also on sale from March 28 to April 1!
Ok, ok... who am I kidding? Lone adult? I must be crazy! That's it! I'm dragging KY to this! LOL!

Hyperventilating now? I CAN'T WAIT!!!

For a list of S&R stores in the Philippines, click here
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Monday, March 26, 2012

Israel Houghton + Planetshakers Swag Attack PART I!

Are you ready to win some swag? I am!

No tickets to the concert? Here's your chance to win some! I am giving away 3 sets of Upper B tickets to 3 lucky winners. Here's how:

1) You must be on Twitter. 
2) Tweet the following (and make sure you follow all instructions!): 

I want to watch Israel Houghton+The Planetshakers on April 21 
at the Smart Araneta Coliseum! Win tickets via @nappyKAYE's #SWAGATTACK!

3) Swag Attack PART I ends 3.31.2012. All tweets received after the 31st will not be included in the draw. So tweet early! One twitter account, one tweet, one entry!
4) Three (3) Winners will each win Two (2) UpperBox B tickets to the Israel Houghton & New Breed + Planetshakers Back-to-back concert
5) Winners will be chosen randomly by my daughter A. :) 

Disclaimer: Winners must be able to pick up their prize from House of Praise Panay, Galleria or V-Mall. Your Twitter account MUST NOT BE ON PRIVATE, in order for me to see your tweet/ retweet.

It's THAT simple. No conditions. No other requirements.

However, if you want to make sure you get first dibs on the next Swag Attack (happening this weekend), follow me on Twitter! And... please like this post! LOL!

This contest has been brought to you by the letters A and S (for SWAG), and by our generous friends at Becca Music, Inc.!  


Double your chances of winning!
Retweet (RT) my post announcement on Twitter. It has to be the one that directs readers to this post. :) C'est tout! Bonne chance!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Israel Houghton LIVE in Manila!

GM, my friend and co-DJ on Just For Teens (yes, was a kid DJ sometime back), has been bugging us about getting Israel Houghton (pronounce as Hoh'-tin and not Hew-ton, folks) to come over to the Philippines for a concert. I've been trying to explain to everyone that we're only distributors and have no hand (really) in bringing artists in (well except for a few who actually ask for our help). So when I heard from the grapevine about Israel coming over, I sent GM a message right away.

Yes, folks, it's finally happening! Israel Houghton is coming to Manila! What's more, he's bring the whole gang with him! Yes, that's right, The New Breed's coming, too! And if that isn't enough to get you all extra giddy and jumping up and down, they're also having The Planetshakers share the stage with them! Not one, not two, but 3 amazing artists in one night! Woohoo!

My officemate says this is going to be like November's SAVED Festival, but I think this is way bigger. Having Israel Houghton here is a feat. I remember seeing a concert poster in Singapore back during the New Year holidays and thought they must be extra blessed to have him visit. But alas, he's coming here! FINALLY!

Mark your calendars! It's all happening on the 21st of April 2012 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. Show starts at 730pm, while gates open at 530pm. If you haven't got tickets yet, I seriously suggest you go get yourself one. NOW! Tickets have been selling like hotcakes (because apparently, it's not only GM who's excited to see Israel Houghton LIVE in Manila! Ha!).

Date: April 21, 2012
Venue: Smart Araneta Coliseum
Time: 7:30PM 

Ticket Prices:
VIP (Reserved Seating) - P1800 
PATRON (Reserved Seating) - P1500 
LOWER BOX (Reserved Seating) - P1200 
UPPER BOX A (Reserved Seating) - P800
UPPER BOX B (Free Seating) - P500
GEN AD (Free Seating) - P 250

Tickets are available at Ticketnet (911-5555) and at the Becca Music Office (9105524/ 9105352). But you'd better act fast, because last I heard, they've sold out of VIP and Patron tickets! You may also reserve online via

If you don't know who Israel Houghton is, you'd probably be surprised to realize that you actually know most of his songs - "Friend of God", "Lord, You are Good", "Here I Am to Worship", "Moving Forward", etc. I was discussing this concert with some girlfriends two weeks ago, and T tells me "I know the songs, I just didn't know it was Israel who sang them!" LOL!

For someone who has won dozens of awards, you'd think Israel Houghton would be a household name in the Philippines. Well, he will be - after this event. That's for sure.


Friday, March 23, 2012

Draw Something!

Draw Something!
It's the new Temple Run (although I never really got attached much to that app, but you know what I mean), Draw Something! -- the app making waves nowadays. Zynga, social network game giant, reportedly purchased the company behind Draw Something, OMGPop, for P200million. I am not surprised. With the rising popularity of Draw Something! -- hitting Top App (both Top Purchased and Top Free) in just six weeks since its launch, someone's sure to take notice.

Look at me. I am soooooo addicted. If I used to stay up blogging (yes, excuse the partial absence), then this app has taken its place. ADDICTED. And so are my friends. Right now, I have more or less 20 active games with friends all over the world.

That's the great thing about this app. You get to play against a friend from the other side of the globe. Never mind if it's 2am in Australia, or 12mn in Japan, chances are, your friend's up and addicted as well. LOL! The funny thing about this game is that there is no competition. You do not play for points or rank. YOU JUST PLAY. It's similar to Pictionary, only this one's a 2-player online game.

How do you play?

Once you have the app, it's easy. You have the option of linking the app to your Facebook page and find friends who are already playing. Then you create a game with them.

Create a game, or choose from friends already addicted... er... playing.
You start by choosing one word from a list of 3.

Choose the word you think you can draw best. 
Then draw that word for your friend. Click DONE when done with your drawing. Then wait. Or go on with your day's work (if no one else is playing against you). Your phone should prompt or notify you once you have a new game pending. You click and see your friend guess the word you drew for him/ her.

Hard to guess, so I wrote "besties 4 life" to mean "BFF" 
Then go on to guess his/ her drawing for you. It's that simple.

Watch your friend draw...
...and guess the word!
Because the game is called Draw Something, don't be a killjoy by writing down the answers. My first few random games were not as fun. The other player (strangers that the game randomly picked from somewhere across the pacific) would write down the answer! Also, you DO have to draw something. They would have called it something else if you didn't have to actually draw. (LOL! Sioti KR, sorry, I used your "drawing" as an example, hihi, peace!).

LOL! Draw Something! I couldn't stop laughing when I got this.

Here are some of my Draw Something "Works of Art". LOL!

Simple apple drawing... (but yes, I had to draw the worm)
Wala lang, I wanted to draw something that actually looked like a parrot. Well, sort of.
Because it was easier to draw SPONGEbob over drawing just the sponge.

Nyar. Now that I think about it, I don't even know what's addicting about this game. It just is. Sooooooo addicting. Better than Temple Run, I say (but that's just me). See, almost everyone's playing.

So excuse me now, I have to go Draw Something. :)

On an iPhone? Get the full version of Draw Something here. Or the FREE version here.
On an Android? Check out Draw Something on Google Play! 

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