Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Mmmm. It's exactly 3:21am and I can't sleep. I also have this sudden craving for green mangoes and bagoong (local shrimp paste). Crazy, I know. In fact, I've been craving for mangoes and bagoong at least once a week since forever (not pregnant, thank you). Thank goodness, summer's here and that means Mango Season!

RL has been asking for mangoes too. I'm happy that the vendors out on the drive to the main highway are now selling sweet, ripe mangoes. RL loves mangoes. He can eat 3 a day. "I eat mangoes all day, mom!" But the cool thing about my little boy is that he not only eats the ripe ones, he also loves the green and sour ones. He calls them "nasim" mangoes, and won't eat them without the bagoong. Good thing we now have Mango-ong.

Green Mangoes, everyday, all year round! Possible with Mango-ong!
I've been meaning to blog about Mango-ong since they opened their first branch early last year. I remember going all the way to Robinson's Galleria (their first branch, however, is in SM Taytay) just to satisfy a craving. Alas, I think I was happiest when they finally opened a branch at SM North's Sky Garden!

Couldn't get a clear shot of Mango-ong Sky Garden, SM North EDSA. Long line all the time!
Can't wait to get to the counter to have my Mango-ong fix.
So near, yet so far. But finally next in line for my Mango-ong!
Mango or Singkamas? Extra Bagoong? Take Out? I usually get 4 pcs Mango + 2 extra scoops of Bagoong.  
What kind of Bagoong? Our favorite is Regular Spicy!
There usually is a long line at Mango-ong (well, except for the branch at SM Fairview, simply because it is HIDDEN at the basement of all basements - wouldn't have known there was a branch there had my kids not asked for Timezone). Imagine that someone actually thought of getting this Filipino street food off the streets to offer us a "cleaner" alternative! 

How to get your Mango-ong fix?

Mango-ong offers both Mangoes and Jicama (Singkamas) with Bagoong. All you have to do is tell the lady manning the kiosk which one you want (or if you want both). A mango cheek is P20.00, while the Jicama is P10.00, and an order already comes with bagoong. You may opt for salt instead, they have that too. Their bagoong comes in Regular, Regular Spicy, Sweet, Sweet & Spicy and Extra Hot. My kids and I love their Regular Spicy!

My usual order?

I usually get 4 cheeks of Mangoes + 2 extra orders of Bagoong. If you wish to bring home your Mango-ong vs. eating it at the mall (beside other Mango-ong addicts who hang around the kiosk, sharing the common Mango-ong high), they also offer take-out boxes and cups (for the bagoong). I normally ask the counter girl to separate my 4 mangoes into 2 take-out boxes. 

4 orders of Mango-ong (P20.00 each) = P 80.00
2 take-out boxes (P2.00 each) = P4.00
2 extra orders of Bagoong (P2.00/ one-half tablespoon) = P4.00
3 cups and lid (P1.00 each) = P3.00

What a booming business! How I wish I had thought of this!

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