Monday, August 31, 2009

Overheard and More

Yesterday, while having dinner, R's phone rings as he walks in the house with his tagaytay loot. I hardly ever eavesdrop on phone conversations, but the intro to his conversation with the person on the other line caught my attention. So, barefoot and in house shorts, I tippy-toed my way to an upper floor to catch whatever b*ll R was saying. And so I overheard him say, "Pare, hindi ko alam kung bakit ako ginulpi. Hindi naman ako nagchichicks ng may asawa."

LOL! Yea, whatever. I tried to listen in to the whole conversation, but it sounded like he was just trying to convince whoever that he was careful in his womanizing and made sure he didn't irk anyone else in the process. Sure. Tell me about it.

I remember one time, when talking to one of R's good friends, who was then also in an adulterous relationship, we got into an argument because he refused to admit he was hurting anyone. His wife's a good friend and I was trying to talk some good sense into his head. But he answers me with, "Bakit? Wala naman akong inaagrabyadong tao." Sudden amnesia ba to? E asawa mo, hindi tao?


After dinner, I took A and the baby inside the room to play a little before bedtime (big day today, so must catch our Zsss). My mobile phone rings. Since I do get inquiries on that phone, I decided to pick up even if it was an unknown number.

And I received the freakiest weirdest nyar-to-the-bone call ever. Not that I haven't had calls from complete strangers. I've had my share of calls from women, hopelessly, no scratch that, desperately begging for me to let go and let them have my husband. Those are weird calls as well, mind you. But last night, I got a call from a man - the man. The man who did the deed. The man who is behind R's ugly face.

I really didn't know what to say. Apparently, his friend caught R with a woman who turns out to be his friend's wife. They were going to kill R, but thought about his kids.


What was going through R's head when it was happening??? Did his life flash by? What was he thinking messing with another man's girl????!!! Argh. Not that this hasn't happened before. But wtf????

I'm just relieved they spared his life. At least our kids still have a father. Sigh.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ok, Ok, I hear Ya!

Was going for the 9am service at the Fort, but decided to catch church service after watching D9 instead. It's not that I've been slacking with my spiritual life, but I was trying to deal with everything the best way I could, without getting hurt. So I took on the defensive, "protected" myself from pain, put on an "i do not give a damn" stance. And when I thought I was ok, deep down I knew I wasn't. This isn't God's way. I was running away. :P

So today in Church, I was reminded that problems don't get solved when you run away from them. Problems don't get solved when you push them to the limit either. Problems get solved IN GOD'S PERFECT TIMING. Yes, what a conviction today's message was - God's conviction. So sigh. I am pulling down the bitter entries about R. He's been asking... no, pestering me to take down the blog because according to him "nabubuking ang kalokohan niya" and that it isn't my business to tell him what to do. :P Ok, so whatever. But yea, I will leave everything up to God. More people find out about the REAL RC anyway through word-of-mouth and "small world" encounters than by googling for his name.

Just the other day, when discussing R's bruises with my good friend T, she was actually telling me how smart it was to have left this blog online. And that even if those entries were entries of yesteryears, at least they provide answers to all those poor women wondering why R never called back, or why R doesn't tell them where he actually lives, or why R doesn't have a phoneline at home, or why R doesn't introduce them to his sibs and folks, etc. Why they eat all that b*ll up, I have no idea. May naloloko pa din pala in this day and age? I mean, tell me, who doesn't have a phoneline nowadays???

Where was I? Oh yea, two months ago, a common friend went up to one of his "girls" and told her to her face she was dating a married man. So yea, I don't need this blog to show these girls the way.

So Lord, I hear Ya! I'm pruning this blog.
No sh*t. He looks like a bachelor ba? He does no? But yea, he's married with kids. You want him ba? GO. Go for the gold. I wish you luck. Our kids deserve to be happy. If not with an intact family, then with a mom who puts them first before anything else. They do not deserve a dad who chooses to be with friends on his birthday. Who chooses to celebrate and spend thousands of pesos on booze and chow (when he can't even cough up the money for tuition payments), with people who have no da*n clue who he really is. Bachelors for life. Ha! Right!

Good luck, girls! :)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Our daughter A cried the other night when she saw her dad. He was a sight for sore eyes. I've never seen him so... well... ugly. My inner voice was shouting in triumph. "Ha! You finally met your match." And I honestly couldn't stop snickering. I promised myself I wasn't gonna go soft and so forgiving but I couldn't help but feel sorry for him. :P His face was the size of a watermelon. So... so... quasimodo-ish. Ugh.

Anyway, A cried and told her dad that when she gets married, she didn't want a husband like him. Lest he gets killed over bad... uh... things. So that stopped R in his tracks. Here was his little girl telling him that she didn't want to marry someone like her dad. Ouch. R spent the rest of the night staring at our kids. What was he thinking, almost getting himself killed like that?

Man, you guys are pigs. When will you realize that the people that matter most are those that look up to you with innocent eyes (and no, it's not the **tch with you in bed)?

And so, R stares at his reflection in the mirror all day. I wonder if he realizes that it is not the face that makes the man. When all is said and done, the body dies but the legacy (what legacy???!) lives on.


Thursday, August 27, 2009

When The Going Gets Tough...

... the hubby tries to find refuge at home. :P

(Lord, teach me to be patient. I need your grace.)

Monday, August 24, 2009


The blog is old news. And although I have new stalkers (hi girls!), I have resolved to change the blog. Still contemplating though as I really do not have the time to keep this up and going.

Life is good. God has been gracious. How has it been for all of you? You will not imagine how it has been like for me the past 3 months! Has it been 3 months already? More, I think! But it has been fun, so far. :) The kids are happy. The house is quiet. Peaceful. The baby is growing too fast! We've been traveling here and there. Another trip in a few days.

Truly God is on the side of the righteous. I wouldn't want to get on His bad side. I have been tremendously blessed. I hope and pray you guys will find God's best for you all. Truly, that is the only way you will find happiness in relationships. Blog will be moving (or transforming, haven't quite decided yet). Stay tuned. :)
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