Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What If This Happened To You?

so you're standing in line at some self-service grill place, and your kid and her nanny are seated at a table waiting for you. your hubby went to park so you let groups go ahead so you can decide what to get.

it is rush hour (dinner) so more people come to line up behind you. hubby comes and can't find you in the crowd. proceeds to sit with your kid and nanny, although not exactly beside but across, such that it appears they aren't quite together (unintentionally, of course).

then you hear the two ladies behind you have the following conversation:

girl 1: uy, nakita mo ba yung gwapo na yun, yung naka-cream stripes?
girl 2:
san? san?
girl 1:
yun o. boylet yan ni T, patay na patay nga yan kay T e. dami nilang pics sa friendster. piolo nga tawag ni T dyan.
girl 2: sino si T?
girl 1: si T!!! yung sa hospital, sa ano...
(proceeds to mention doctors' names, hospitals, etc).
girl 2: ah... oo nga. e ang gwapo naman yan. di naman kagandahan si T a.
girl 1: ano naman sya e, baby face...
girl 2: e diba taken na si T?
girl 1: syempre, when the cat is away, the mouse will play.
girl 2: hahahaha. sira.
girl 1: shucks. may asawa na ba yan? (notices that your hubby reaches out to your kid, and talks to your nanny)
girl 2: san? e kinakausap nya yung bata. baka asawa nya yan. (referring to your nanny whose back is towards them)
girl 1: baka nga. affair! (laughs really loud) teka, dala ko ba phone ko?

your hubby then gets up and heads toward you. he hands you a 500-peso bill and you say "uy, kilala nila yung girlash mo o." but he doesn't quite hear, so he shrugs and walks back to the table.

the two ladies are of course, dumbfounded. that finally shut them up, you think.

later down the line, you notice them texting and whispering but you don't even bother looking back. your kid comes up to you and says "daddy says don't order na drinks, water lang, but i want gulaman." just when you were about to pay, the hubby comes up again and says "upo ka na, ako na dyan." much to the shock of the two ladies behind you.

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