Monday, February 18, 2013

Getting the Golden Carrot on Extreme Level 19!

Oh yes, another walkthrough. This time for Carrot Fantasy's Extreme Level 19. See here, I got ze Golden Carrot!

Yay, Golden Carrot! Woot!

And yes, all clear and golden. Teehee. 
And here's how I did it...

But first, let me share my fangirl photo with AI's Colton Dixon. Teehee. He was in town for a Valentine's gig with Jessica Sanchez. And because I work for the local Christian Market distributor of his new album, A Messenger, I got to go see him at one of his interviews.

Colton Dixon. 
Ok, back to the program. Where was I? Oh yes, how I got the Golden Carrot on Extreme 19. I decided to do this walkthrough yesterday, and because I only had two screencaps of Level 19, I had to try and get the Golden Carrot again. And guess what? I got to it nice and fast.

Start by placing two SYRINGE towers on the two empty plots. One to kill, the other to destroy the right windmill.
Upgrade upper left syringe ONCE as you go. Once first set of pests are killed, the windmill will clear and CLOVER towers will appear.
Once first set of pests are killed, the windmill will clear and CLOVER towers will appear. Delete those and replace with two ARROW towers closest to track. Upgrade as you go. Clear small pine tree and rocks below the syringe, then the tree trunk. (Pic 1a and 1b, see below) Once tree trunk has cleared, delete syringe and use coins to upgrade your upper ARROW. Delete ladybug, and place ARROW tower in its place. Clear chest next to it, make sure you upgrade your ARROWs as you go (Pic 1c).

(Pic 1a)
(Pic 1b)
(Pic 1c)

Work on clearing the crates on top of the track. Start with the yellow, then the blue. Yellow crate will contain a STAR, upgrade this. Blue crate will contain a GAS bottle, replace with ARROWS. During this process, the small pine tree in the middle will clear.

Place ARROWS where the small pine tree in the middle used to stand.
Middle, top ladybug will clear to just a plot of land. Place FREEZE tower in its place.
Upgrade all existing towers when you can.
Proceed to clear the big, upper left brown crate, and the two other small crates on top left of track. The blue crate will contain a GAS bottle, replace that with ARROWS. Upgrade. Yellow crate will contain a STAR, upgrade. Large brown crate will contain four OCTOPUS towers. Replace left ones with FREEZE towers, and right ones with ARROWS. (see photo below)

Work on clearing the last brown crate. This will contain ANCHOR towers.
Replace left one with ARROW towers, the right ones with FREEZE towers.
Then work to clear the tree trunk and place two FREEZE towers in its place (Pic 2a, see below). Upgrade all existing towers. Work to clear all remaining obstacles. Replace SYRINGE (lower right) with a FREEZE tower. Place an ARROW tower on lower left side of track (as shown in Pic 2b below).

(Pic 2a)
(Pic 2b)
As you go through each wave and gain more coins, place more defensive towers as shown in picture below. As you may have already noticed, this Level works best with ARROWS and FREEZE towers. But of course, the right combo is key to getting the Golden Carrot and killing off the Boss.

Kill 'em pests!
When you finally get to Wave 20, use existing towers to kill off the small pests (Pic 3a, below). Then when the left towers can no longer reach the boss, move them to the right (Pic 3b, below). Upgrade towers to max when you can.

(Pic 3a) Make sure you click on the boss so your weapons don't go shooting elsewhere.
(Pic 3b) Move the weapons to the right. The ARROW towers are very useful!


Be patient. Timing is key to conquer all waves. You may have to repeat the game if it doesn't give you positive results. Hehehe. Good luck, co-addict!

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  1. Thank you sooo much! =) it took us forever to finish this level.. -_____- this was only silver carrot we have for this game.. =) thanks thanks thanks!!


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