Friday, February 8, 2013


I was going crazy with the new update of Carrot Fantasy. If you haven't tried playing this app, and you have time to spare, I suggest you download it. Haha! I had a lot of time to spare the past two weeks. I was down with a viral infection and couldn't do much but lie down (thanks to joint pain...not).

So anyway, today, while discussing the new update with my brother, I mentioned I couldn't get pass Level 17 on Extreme. He didn't check the app in weeks, in spite of the update, and didn't know there were new levels! He has long since mastered the levels (all GOLD, all CLEAR, even the BOSS ones) and now only plays to teach me. So when I told him about Extreme 17 and my two-week-long frustration, he got on the app and finished the level in what? 15 minutes? Bah!

After giving me hints on how to get the golden carrot, I got on the app, and voila! I made it!

I have no video tutorials, just this screen cap on which towers I used.

I used MUSHROOMS (Max Level to get more coins) on the right and converted two (on top and bottom of the mushroom) to ICE-FREEZE towers when I reached Wave 15.
Also converted the STAR tower I initially used (above octopus) to ICE-FREEZE tower before Wave 15. No other changes were made.
As you can see here, I got the Golden Carrot! Woohoo!

All clear! 

Now, I can finally, FINALLY move on to Extreme Level 18. FINALLY!


  1. Details please.. What to use first or what to clear first.. I cant get through level 5.. Pls help...

  2. Let me post the walkthroughs for Extreme 19, 20 and 21, then I'll get back to a step by step for 17. :)


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