Thursday, February 28, 2013

Breathe In, Breathe Out... (aka S&R Members' Treat Naaaa!)

Ok, I didn't realize this was happening this early. Then I remembered that they moved last year's first semester sale to end of March, but only because of shipment issues.

So yes, this is happening soon - NEXT, NEXT WEEK!

Members' Treat is happening on March 13-17, 2013! Are your wallets ready???!

March 13-17, 2013
8am to 9pm

I hope to give you more details on this soon! Meanwhile, do enjoy their early bird discounts, happening now at all S&R stores!


For previous posts on our Members' Treat experience, click on the links below:

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September 2012 Sale Reminders: (Disclaimer: Store Managers may bend the rules during Members' Treat, these are only guidelines sent to me by S&R Marketing)
September 2012 Crowd:
September 2012 Loot:

Excited ka na ba?

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