Friday, March 1, 2013

Extreme Level 21... And Update the App Soon, Please!!!

Okaaaayyyy... it's been quiet around here. I've been playing on my little boy's iPad, trying to get all the Golden Carrots on his app, while patiently (cough!) waiting for the update that's supposed to bring us Ice World. I am not sure if some of you still need this, but anyway...

Extreme Level 21! a.k.a. the level to finish before you say goodbye to Carrot Fantasy (well, for a while).

How do you get the Golden Carrot? To some, this could be one of the easiest levels to conquer. To most, this was one of the hardest. I got coaching from my brother, so I got the Golden Carrot after two tries. BUT! You have to be extra patient, clicking on the x2 button will only make you lose your carrot. So take it slow. Patience is a virtue and will eventually reap you rewards. In this case, Golden Carrot.

Alright, not funny. On to the walkthrough then.

Start out by planting a GAS BOTTLE and SUN tower on those two available plots. Upgrade both towers ONCE.
Aim for the small chest above them. This will contain a FISH tower. 
You want to destroy as much obstacles as you can during the first 4 waves.
Wave 5 has a BIG boss-like pest that needs to be stopped before it reaches the last part of your track.
When you destroy the Skeleton beside the fish, plant another GAS BOTTLE and try to destroy all obstacles to the right.
Upgrade when you can, but DON'T upgrade your SUN.
As you destroy the obstacles on top of the track, your maxed GAS BOTTLE and SUN (the first two you planted) will
destroy the pests and get you coins. Use coins to plant a GAS BOTTLE on the left side of track (as shown above).

You want to have all these towers up and upgraded to max when you reach wave 5.
It is important that your MUD/POO towers are upgraded to max so you can slow that boss down.
I added that GAS BOTTLE there on the right to help with ze bossing!
Upgrade the GAS BOTTLES but don't upgrade the SUN nor the SYRINGE.
Plant a GAS BOTTLE TOWER on right side of track to help you destroy the obstacles there.
First, work on the small, upper chest. That will contain an ELECTRIC BALL tower. Upgrade to max.
Upgrade GAS BOTTLE to max.
Once you destroy all obstacles on the right side of the track, work on destroying the large chest in the middle.
This will contain four MUD/ POO towers. Delete those and replace with GAS BOTTLES. Upgrade to max.
Destroy all other obstacles below the track and plant GAS BOTTLES.
Sacrifice your ARROW tower. Add a MUD/ POO tower on lower right of track, below the other MUD/POO towers.
Upgrade to max.
As you get more coins, plant another MUD/POO tower below the upper right GAS BOTTLE. Upgrade to max.
Plant another GAS BOTTLE below the last MUD/ POO tower you had planted previously. Upgrade to max.
Replace your SUN and SYRINGE towers with GAS BOTTLES. Upgrade both to max.
Try to plant as much MUD/ POO towers as you can, and upgrade them. I planted another one on the upper left corner.
These will help you slow down the big pests on wave 25.
Now, wave 25 is tricky. You get about two big pests (and some small ones) on this wave before the actual boss. These two big pests are fast! You must click on the them for a few seconds in order to direct some of the fire power toward them. Then, once your boss appears and reaches the first corner, click on your boss. It is important that you get to click on the boss at the right time or you will never get to kill it. 

Once your boss passes the point where the GAS BOTTLES (at bottom of the track), and the MUD/ POO towers
(on bottom left side of track) aren't able to reach it anymore, delete them and plant them on upper right of track (as shown).
Upgrade to max.

And voila... got ze Golden Carrot! Yay!
Gold and clear! Bonne chance!
There are actually different ways to finish this game. The key here is timing... as well as planting enough GAS BOTTLES to kill and enough MUD/ POO towers to slow down the boss. Like I said earlier, Wave 25 can be really tricky, and if you aren't fast enough, those two big pests can get to the carrot. So be quick! If you fail the first time, try again. Besides, without this walkthrough, you'd be trying and trying anyway, 'ayt? C'mon, this walkthrough didn't hurt! LOL! I sure hope this helps you out with Level 21. Tell me if it does, and if it doesn't... well, maybe someone will post a better strategy. Hehe.

Now where is that update, taozi?

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