Monday, March 18, 2013


Sorry - Is it just too hard to say? I mean, what keeps you from saying it? Why is it that some people can't even say it? If there is one thing I would like to teach my kids, it is to apologize quick and sincerely.

I went with KY to S&R BGC (yes, again!) the other night, but only to grab a pack of those Mixed Dried Yellow and Green Mangoes for my cousin who was leaving for New York in a few days. And yes, also to get those packs of laundry detergent for my officemates. I decided to grab a few packs of gummies for the kids, too. So while at that bay, choosing our gummy packs, a lady decided to push her way behind me to reach for some tin cans of candy drops above me. She grabbed a few and accidentally dropped the whole box! On me. The cans fell and hit my left shoulder. All she said was "ay!" 

I was obviously hurt as I made a loud "ouch!". And yet, she didn't say anything. Not even an apology from her lips as I helped her pick up the cans. And mind you, she wasn't some uneducated-looking lady (okay, I don't want to judge here but..).

What's so wrong with saying sorry? What was keeping her from apologizing? Did she think that because it was an accident, that warrants an excuse? I mean, sure, accident or no accident, she caused the fall.

And so when KY checked if I was alright, I told her how the woman didn't even apologize. And I told her within earshot of that woman! And yet, all she did was look at me and walk away! It's sad how some people shy away from apologizing. I had the same problem with A, who probably took after R - a man who would rather fight for his lie than admit the truth. So I have made it a point to teach my kids that a simple apology sometimes fixes a lot of hurt. Plus it is free, it doesn't cost you a cent, and yet, it could mean the world to others.

Not exactly the same scenario, but yes, be quick to apologize. 

“An apology is the super glue of life. It can repair just about anything.” 
― Lynn Johnston

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