Saturday, June 30, 2012


PhP 500 GetBlued gift certificate.
UAAP Season 75 tickets from
PhP 300 Saint's Alp Philippines gift certificate.
Scribbles Planner from FILED!
Laptop bag from Kappsack. 
Lanyard from Nyardz.


Mechanics (as stated on photo above):

1. Post your suggestions and the reason you chose that name by commenting on the album "WANTED: A NAME FOR THE GETBLUED EAGLE." (eg, Larry Bird because he looks like a Larry)

2. Name suggestions will be accepted up to July 15, 2012 only.

3. The Winner will be selected by GetBlued and will be contacted via Facebook.


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day 10! Finally!

I think it's high time we resume the giveaway on this blog. Sorry, folks, I've been really busy at work. My little boy is sick today, but I'm here in the office trying to finish stuff for my brother who leaves for a US conference in the middle of my vacay next week. So yea, last minute stuff.

Anyway, on to the giveaway. I've been thinking which ones to put per day, since I had to fast forward the giveaway because of those Jayesslee tickets. But decided to just go with the original sequence. So today, we're doing Smucker's.

Choosy Moms choose JIF and these products from Smucker's!

If you aren't familiar with the Smucker's brand, you should know that Smucker's makes the best peanut butter in the world - JIF. But sadly, my friends at SYSU Marketing didn't give that for this giveaway. JIF Creamy Peanut Butter is LOVE. So we're going for second best - still best in it's category though! Each gift pack comes with a 12oz jar of Smucker's Goober Chocolate (yes, Peanut Butter and Chocolate Stripes! Nom!), a 12.75oz jar of Smucker's Sugar Free Strawberry Preserves (sweetend with Splenda!) and a JIF Oven Mitt. We have FIVE GIFT PACKS to giveaway, and may I remind you that you must be able to pick-up from a House of Praise store when you win. Or if you live outside Metro Manila, you must shoulder shipping charges (sorry, single mom with a limited budget plus brand hasn't sponsored shipping).

This promo is for Philippine residents only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

 May I please remind you to follow instructions carefully. Wrong entries will be disqualified. If you're tweeting about this giveaway, do note that I have already made a tweet template for this. All you need to do is press "TWEET." Hehe. Good luck!


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Remember When...?

...I posted about welcoming little M into the world?

Well, he turned ONE last Sunday! Time flies! It's been a year, can you believe it?!

Isn't he just adorable?

New Doc on the Block!

If you've been a reader for quite some time, then you would know that our living room telly is on Disney Junior all the time - well, unless of course, the little boy is asleep or playing outdoors, and A takes advantage of it to catch her favorite shows.

RL is a Disney Junior addict. Please don't give me the lecture on kids being couch potatoes, because my son does have other activities aside from sitting in front of the television. But whenever he does get his turn in front of the boob tube, it's Channel 49* (or four-nine as RL would put it) or nothing.

My little boy loves all the shows on Disney Junior - Special Agent Oso, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Timmy Time, Handy Manny, Chuggington, Tayo, Chiro, Pororo, etc. His favorite of the month is the new animated Bananas in Pyjamas series. So when Momma got an invite to catch Disney Junior's media launch for their newest show, Doc McStuffins, RL was most excited!

If you haven't caught any of the previews and commercials on Disney Junior, then let me introduce you to Dottie "Doc" McStuffins - a 6-year old "toy doctor" with a compassionate heart and a knack for "healing" toys and stuffed animals around her neighborhood.

Dottie aka Doc McStuffins, the 6-year old toy doctor of Disney Junior's newest TV show!
Dottie and her toy friends - Stuffy,
Lambie, Hallie and Chilly!
RL loves the idea that Doc McStuffins has the ability to talk to her toys (he's been secretly wishing his toys could talk back to him as well, LOL!). Dottie's magical world comes to life when she puts on her stethoscope! Her playhouse becomes her doctor's clinic for toys, and she is assisted by her trusted toy friends - Stuffy, an overly proud stuffed dragon; Lambie, a stuffed lamb who loves to cuddle; Hallie, a jolly hippo receptionist; and Chilly, a hypochondriac stuffed snowman.

I love the concept of Doc McStuffins! The creator - Emmy-winning writer and producer, Chris Nee (Blues Clues, Little Bill, Gaspard and Lisa, Higglytown Heroes, Johnny and the Sprites and many more!), says the show came about when she finally became a mom. Her son had asthma and had to take many trips to see the doctor. Having worked for Children's Television for the past 15 years, Nee realized she had the power to create a TV show to help her son feel a little more at ease when taking those trips to the doctor. Thus, Doc McStuffins was born.

Now on its second season in the US, Doc McStuffins finally premieres on Disney Junior Asia (and the Philippines!) on July 9! The show puts an animated, kid-friendly twist to visiting the doctor and having check-ups. It also puts emphasis on healthy living and encourages young ones to practice simple hygiene habits.

The Doc is in! Doc McStuffins makes visiting the doctor fun and safe!
Each episode of Doc McStuffins includes original songs sung by the characters. Doc also gives health advice to viewers at the end of each show. This new Disney Junior original series will teach young kids important values, such as compassion for others and lending a helping hand to anyone who needs it.

My kids and I are excited that Doc McStuffins will finally air on Disney Junior Asia. So mark your calendars! Doc McStuffins. July 9. 9:30am. Only on Disney Junior.

On Facebook: Disney Junior Asia

*Disney Junior airs on Channel 49 on Global Destiny Cable.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Big, Bold and Beautiful!

Three days ago, while engaging in small talk with my co-workers, it dawned on me that I am now actually a year older. Yes, it slipped my mind. I guess this type of amnesia happens when you're old... er...oldER. I can't believe I am actually... this age. When my mom was my age, I considered her ancient. LOL! So I took a good, long look at my reflection in the mirror that morning, and started feeling a tad sad. "I'm old!", I sobbed, thinking about my age. Took another long look and heard my mom's words echo with "And fat." Yes, folks, I have gained weight. Not that none of you have noticed. A stalker reader even left a comment on my McDonald's BIG N' TASTY post just to tell me so. Ha!

Ten years ago, I would have taken snide comments to heart, worried about it, and let it eat me up 'til who-knows-how-long. But as I've pointed out, I am older now, wiser, and a little more attuned to the fact that life is short, and the many other maxims that really try to tell us that it doesn't matter what others say about you. What's important is what you know and believe to be true about yourself.

Over fourteen years ago, when I worked for Makro, I realized this very same thing. I worked side-by-side nursing, engineering, and education graduates who couldn't find jobs that suited their degrees. Instead, some had to work for my canvassing team - recruiting members for the then-new (and alive) business and wholesale giant. Once, on field work along Banawe Avenue, my co-canvassers and I were literally kicked out of a car shop, manned, ironically, by a batch mate from Ateneo. Yes folks, he kicked me out - AB Economics degree and all. My co-canvassers were pissed. I, however, took it with a grain of salt. This man knew little, if not none, about who we were, so he chose to look down on us. But did it matter what he knew? Did it matter that he called us "tsao-hwans" (a derogatory remark meaning dirty, stinky people in Chinese slang), when we knew we weren't? I told my canvassing team to keep their chins up. They were college graduates, and this man didn't know that.

So really, does it matter if I look bigger, older (and perhaps, uglier) now? LOL! I'd like to believe otherwise. I actually think life is awesome, and I actually feel young and beautiful. Do I listen to what other people say about me? Sure. Do I let their words bring me down? No.

I may be big and old to some. But to me, THIS is what I know to be true: I am BIG, B-OLD and BEAUTIFUL!


So remember that BIG N' TASTY event I attended a few weeks back? Well McDonald's had us, bloggers, fulfill specific tasks to show how BIG can be beautiful. 


My not-so-little photographer A wanted to show my readers the difference in size of the plush toys we found at home.
Yes, this Barney stuffed toy is almost as big as I am!
This was fairly easy. A has had this plush toy since she was one and crazy over Barney. I was planning on selling this but couldn't let go of memories. R had purchased this with his first commission. This gigantic plush holds many, BIG memories for our family. Thank goodness I didn't let go of it. Task 1, DONE!


My BFF J's little boy is turning one! J has been so stressed lately - with work, preps and everything else. So last Friday, after work, I surprised her with an invitation to go de-stressing at McDonald's for a dose of the NEW! Big N' Tasty burger! For this task, I commissioned the help of my talented assistant G to assist me in making this humongous card, and J's husband RF to take photos. J obviously got the picture - nothing like a BIG card to get a BIG message across - J, KEEP CALM AND THINK BIG... N' TASTY! Tara!

Stressed and tired, my BFF J needed a break! So I took the opportunity to invite her out for a Big N' Tasty.
I wanted a BIG card to get my BIG message across. This BIG N' TASTY treat is on me!

J has been a great, great friend to me. We've been office mates for over 10 years. She has been by my side through thick and thin, and has always held my hand through the bad times. She always sees the good in the bad (yes, even in worst situations) and for that I will always be grateful. Among all my friends, J has the BIGGEST heart.

We set a date for lunch the next day as she still had errands to run and deadlines to meet that evening. Task 2, DONE!


This, I think, was the hardest task for me, as it took a lot of effort. I was told that it had to be a "drawn" mural, so I had to do some research on this. I initially wanted to pose by the mural on EDSA, Cubao, but I didn't think getting caught by the MMDA would be worth the trouble. I still tried, somehow, and failed. LOL!

Effort much? LOL! Effort FAIL! Argh!
After consulting my friend, Google, on possible alternatives, I found out that the mural painted along the perimeter fence of Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center in Quezon City is now actually considered to be the BIGGEST and longest wildlife mural in the Philippines. Lucky me, I pass this establishment everyday on my way to work. So on the holiday of June 12th, my kids and I took a field trip to NAPWC, and explored their newly-painted perimeter fence.

On May 25, 2012, about 700 volunteers from all walks of life (including street kids!), led by lead mural artist, Amado Saño, came together to paint the wall around NAPWC. Measuring approximately 1.075 kilometers long, the wall showcases a design that highlights marine biodiversity in the Philippines. This finished mural is now known as the "Biodiversity Wall of Nature".

My kids and I went on a field trip and trekked around Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center to capture the new and
beautiful wildlife mural on their perimeter wall. Said to be the biggest and longest wildlife mural in the country, the
mural, dubbed "Biodiversity Wall of Nature" measures 1.075 Kilometers long, and was painted by over 700 volunteers!

Posing with my little boy, RL, by the "Biodiversity Wall of Nature."
I love taking trips with my kids, yes, even just around the metro. I haven't been to Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center since I was a young, little girl. My mom used to take us here for picnics. I didn't think the park was this BIG! Too bad we missed out on seeing the rescue center. We did get a glimpse of the monkeys in cages, by one of the outside fences, and it broke our hearts to see them outside of their natural habitat. My not-so-little girl (and photographer for the day) A wants to be a wildlife photographer/zoo ranger/veterinarian someday (she has a BIG heart for animals!), so visiting the rescue center would be an exciting trip for her. We are scheduled to visit again soon! Task 3, DONE!


Thought bubble: How I wish I had someone special in my life to share a BIG N' TASTY with... *sad* LOL!

When I was contemplating on how I wanted to do this task, I knew my someone special had to be someone dear to me. I would have picked my kids for this, but both A and RL are more Chicken McDo lovers. So remember my BFF J? Well I was supposed to take her out for Saturday lunch at McDonald's. However, because it was the day before her little boy's first birthday party, she had to make last-minute trips to party suppliers, and had wanted to raincheck on our date. I knew firsthand how stressful preparing for a party could be, so I agreed to reschedule. That evening, however, while her whole family stressed over last-minute details, I decided to drive-thru the nearest McDonald's store and brought them a BIG N' TASTY midnight snack!

Craving for a BIG N' TASTY is not a problem as McDonald's has 24-hour stores around the metro.
You can either Drive-thru, call 8-MCDO or log on to McDelivery Online for delivery (Flat Rate of P40) -
Yes, satisfy that nagging craving, even during the wee hours of the morning!

I wasn't so sure I could pull off a surprise, so I coordinated with J's husband RF to make sure J was home and ready for some grub.

J wasn't hard to please since I already knew she also loves the NEW! BIG N' TASTY burger from McDonald's.
But she didn't think I'd make good on my promise of having the burgers on Saturday. Needless to say,
it was a BIG and welcome surprise for the tired mom. Her hubby RF took these pictures as I came in the door.    
I chose my bff J for Task 4, and had a BIG N' TASTY burger with her. 
J and I have loads in common. We both have little boys, love to tinker around with editing tools, etc. And we both love a good burger! We also both think we're beautiful, albeit BIG. LOL! And we don't let others pull us down. J is a feisty little one, and will speak her mind when needed. Otherwise, she is shy, sweet and super. She is one of my bestfriends and I love her! Task 4, DONE!

Yes, I am BIG, BOLD and BEAUTIFUL! I am blessed to have friends and family (with BIG hearts!) to celebrate this awesome, awesome life with me. Life is overwhelmingly great, as it is beautiful. I won't allow others to tell me otherwise. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Jayesslee Gold Ticket Winners!

Finally drew the winners! Congratulations! You each get a GOLD Ticket to see Jayesslee LIVE on Thursday, June 21!


Just a few reminders to all winners (PLEASE READ)...


Again, congratulations, Elton, Mei, Sarah Mae, Jefford and Ryan! See you on Thursday!

Need more tickets? Call Becca Music Inc at 9105524/ 9105352!
Super thanks to my Aunt RKS for always being there for me. I love you and I know you know that but I'd like to say it again (and again!). Thank you to Boss S and J, for always supporting my blog with swag and for my Meet and Greet Birthday Gift! And to Becca Music, Inc. - partners in Christ forever! Love you guys!


BIRTHDAY BLOWOUT DAY 9 HAS BEEN BROUGHT TO YOU BY BECCA MUSIC INC. Nine Birthday Blowout Days done, five more to go! Woohoo! Belated Happy Birthday to me!

These Winners Will Be Smelling Oh-So-Good with SoTrue!

Haha, I am running out of titles for this Giveaway. Can't believe I have none running at the moment, so that means I have to launch Day 10 tomorrow! As much as I want to do this today, I have to announce winners for Day 9 too! So let's get down to business and see who'll be taking home a SoLuxe Bar from SoTrue Naturals...

Disclaimer: Rafflecopter picked these ladies in succession. Sorry, guys!

(I can't believe Rafflecopter picked your name! First of the lot, too! LOL!) 
Winner 1: SoLuxe Ylang-ylang Peppermint 

Winner 2: SoLuxe Ylang-ylang Peppermint

Winner 3: SoLuxe Peppermint Cinnamon

Winner 4: SoLuxe Rose

(No way, ikaw din?!! LOL! Anong pinakain niyo kay Rafflecopter?)
Winner 5: SoLuxe Tea Tree Lemon Peppermint

a Rafflecopter giveaway

So see, the lesson here is to join these giveaways as soon as they're announced. I noticed a handful of tweets that tried to make it to the deadline. Sorry, you have to get on Rafflecopter to join the draw.

Congratulations once again, girls! I shall send you those notification letters via email as soon as I get some time to do so. Thank you for your patience.

I would like to thank Mia Rocha-Lauchengco, owner and official soap chef of SoTrue Naturals, for joining my Birthday Blowout. Thanks, Beautiful! And thank you for your friendship. And for the encouragement where I need it the most. You are a gem! (And a stalker! But I love you! LOL!) Coffee soon. SOON. SOON. SOON. (Maybe when we say it more than once, it will finally happen. Teehee!)


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ole! Day 7 Winners!

I'm cutting this short as I have several posts for tonight. I drew winners the other night. Each of you get a Clara Ole gift pack!

Each Clara Ole gift pack contains (1) Tomato Sauce, 250g; (1) Chunky Tomato with Three-Cheese Pasta Sauce, 225g; (1) Barbecue Marinade Hickory, 225g; (1) Ora Mix Mo Java Rice, 120g, and (1) Dips n' Dressings Thousand Island, 120g.


I will send you notification emails soon! Let me get around to doing that. 14 sets of promos, blog posts and emails - what was I thinking?!! LOL! I am, needless to say, overwhelmed. But t'is fun, so yea, please, please, please be patient with me.

I'd like to thank my cousin J for allowing me to blog about our food products. Thank you for inviting me to your events, even if I no longer work directly with your group. I owe you posts! I'd also like to thanks SB for inviting me to the Clara Ole Sinangag Fest and yes, I have that coming next! And to NH for trusting me with her brand. Thank you for generously supporting this blowout!

BIRTHDAY BLOWOUT DAY 7 HAS BEEN BROUGHT TO YOU BY CLARA OLE! If you haven't checked out their latest iPad Giveaway, read all about it here.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Bento's Back!

Sorry, no real post today. Nothing on the Birthday Blowout either, although I did draw the Clara Ole Gift Pack winners already. But yeah, will announce tomorrow.

I stayed home today. Had a really, really bad migraine, my left eye kept tearing up, and I wanted to chop my head off. I finally found a comfy position after two hours of trying to rest, but alas, it didn't work as it was flat-face down. Ha! So I stayed in bed all afternoon trying to calm my throbbing head. Sigh.

This was the culprit (plus staying up worrying if they'd suspend school right when my A was already on her way to school). Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, the culprit. T'was because I got up to make A bento lunch. Nothing fancy but I wanted her to get a little excited with what she had - what, after that episode last week where she tries to bring her savings to buy food for recess. This, after buying all the snacks she could find at Shopwise.

Upper Box: Fresh Mango Slices (P49/kg at Shopwise), Mint 3 Musketeers (S&R),  Bibingka Hearts (Ferinos, VMall)
Lower Box: Bistek Tagalog, Rice, Pickled Radish and Carrot slices and Wansoy/ Coriander Leaves 
In fairness, she ate up everything, except for a few slices of the pickles. She ate the wansoy. Haha, we love wansoy.

And yes, after making this, I went back to bed. AND woke up with a headache.

So there. I think my body clock is telling me to just drink coffee and not go back to bed after waking up so early. So that's what I'm doing tomorrow.


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Honoring Dad

Today is Father's Day. 

Yesterday, while checking on my plants, my neighbor CC gave me a "Happy Father's Day" greeting. I never really discuss my personal life with my neighbors, but yes, of course they know I am both mom AND dad to my kids. They haven't seen R around, after all. Besides, the fact that R and I aren't together isn't really much of a secret - not to my neighbors, friends, relatives... (the whole world, maybe?).

The greeting did catch my attention and got me thinking about my situation. If it is difficult for me to tackle parenting alone, it must be equally, if not more, difficult for others. I am blessed to have a support system - people who stand by me to help with parenting, advice, etc. I am also blessed to have men stand in as father figures to my kids.

Today, I want to take this opportunity to thank and honor all of these men who have been like fathers to my children.

Lord, You are the best Father anyone could ever have. I thank You for providing for all our needs. For never failing to be there for us through thick and thin. You have been so good to us. Truly, only You could fill the void in our hearts and You fill it to the brim! Thank You for being Father, when earthly fathers fail to be present. You love us unconditionally and You keep my kids under Your wing - the best place to be! I love You, Lord! Happy Father's Day!

When I was in the US for 12th Grade, I was asked by Mrs. Stetkevich to write down the names of the 3 people I look up to the most. On that workbook, I wrote your name first. I know I don't say it much, but I love you, Dad. I know you care about me, and I will never forget those times when you prayed for me, defended me, stood up for me, and taught me about God. I want you to know how much I appreciate how you sent KY to school, how you provided for all her needs - even when you didn't have to. You have always loved my kids! And although sometimes, I wish I was Daddy's Little Girl again, I am blessed that you chose my kids to take my place! You will always be my first love. Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

You have been like an older brother to me. LOL! Yes, even if I am really older by a few years. My kids are blessed to have you in their life. You pamper them and buy them toys (the expensive ones! Haha!) and you don't count them as owed favors (best thing about you! and me, hahaha!). You bought A her first iTouch, and gave RL his first pair of Nikes! You don't know how much I appreciate that. And appreciate YOU. You travel and get them the most expensive toy on their shopping list. Please don't change. LOL. Thank you for doting on them like they were your own. I promise to shower your future kids with equal love (and toys!). I will be the best aunt ever! Thank you for being there for A. You are her favorite uncle. And thank you for being there for RL, you are not his favorite uncle. LOL! Happy Father's Day, 'Hia!

Thank you for teaching A how to ride a bike. Happy Father's Day!

LOL! Seriously, remember how I taught you how to read, did all your homework and data files, made all your projects, wrote all your book reports, etc. etc. And you pay me back by being the stingiest uncle ever! Bwahaha! I love you, my baby brother! I can't believe you're all grown up! Where's my baby kendoo, kendoo (wakey, wakey!)? Hahaha! Did I ever tell you how A takes after you? She is (in her own words) "laway-sensitive". Hahaha! And how weird is it that RL looks like he's your kid and not mine? No wonder you're his favorite uncle! When he grows up, he says he wants to be exactly like you. It's a blessing that he has you to look up to. Thank you for making him your favorite nephew - for always looking for him first thing when you visit us (or visit me in the office), for taking care of him when we're out, for carrying him so I can eat meals, for always asking to spend time with him. You make up for a lot of things he doesn't know he's missed. For that, I will always be grateful. You are a blessing. Happy Father's Day!

Ninongs, I've been wanting to thank you for taking time out to spend time with my kids. Special shout-outs go to Ninong B, Ninong T, Ninong Blue and to my BIL, Ninong M. Ninong B, I have yet to thank you for being there for A, especially during the first few years of her life. How you took time to help me with A's first birthday party, when really, you didn't have to. You went out of your way to do so. Thanks! Ninong T, I am thankful that you agreed to be RL's godfather. It's heartwarming to see how you've grown to be more my friend than R's and how our families have become close through the years. You and G have been true friends to me, and I can see how much you truly love and care for my family. Thank you for being there for RL (and A). I didn't make a mistake in choosing you. You are a great father, and RL is blessed to have you in his life. Ninong Blue, you took my invitation to be godfather to RL so seriously from the start. I can see why your family is hesitant to see you get married. You dote on those you love. Thank you for always taking time out to be with us. I know I've said this before, but my whole family loves you! You have been very kind, and you really go out of your way to show how much you care. Thank you for taking RL shopping at Toys R Us, even when you didn't have to, really. I am happy to have chosen you, and although we only see each other once in a blue moon, I know you will always be there. Thanks! And finally, to my brother-in-law, M, you may not know it, but there are memories and words that I will always treasure in my heart. Thank you for giving A the TV we now have in our living room. ;) For taking on responsibilities that aren't yours in the first place (but you take them on anyway because of your giving heart). I pray you find someone who will truly love you unconditionally. You are a good man. Thank you for being a blessing. Happy Father's Day, Ninongs!

If there is one thing I will never forget, it is this: A excitedly telling me how you took her out for frozen yogurt after KC. This was the seed that started it all, and because of your kindness, she now finds it easier to trust others. I know you've been told this many, many times, but you are a great dad. Your sons and daughter are blessed to have you. Y is blessed to have you as her partner in life. If there is someone my kids can look up to and for RL to emulate, it is you. Thank you for truly caring for them, for giving RL high-fives in church, for lifting both A and RL up in prayer, for never hesitating when led to bless, pray, lift, praise, encourage, rebuke, etc. My kids are blessed to have you as their pastor, and I am blessed to have you as a friend. Thank you for always being there. Happy Father's Day!

Before we moved to this home, RL never really grasped the concept of having a dad around. He was too young when my husband and I separated. So when once, he told me how he wanted to have a dad because your daughter had you, it broke my heart. But you would play ball with my son, and invite him into your home without second thoughts. And it was the fact that he finally knew what having a dad meant that prodded him to accept his own dad in his life. It was the fact that you were in your daughter's life that made him want to spend time with his father. He didn't even hesitate because he knew it was a natural thing - to actually have a dad. Thank you for being a great dad to your daughter and a great husband to CC. My kids now have a picture of a loving, caring, beautiful family because of you guys.


RL and His Tongue

I interrupt normal programming to bring you this story about my funny little man. I hope it brightens your day!

RL loves UBE Ice Cream!
Yesterday morning... after eating ube ice cream...

RL: "Mommy, can I get Katniss?"
K: "Go wash your mouth and face first."

Stands there.

K: "Why aren't you going to the bathroom?"
RL: "I'm using my tongue!"



We were having dinner at Sofitel earlier. I was looking for a dessert spoon for my halo-halo. I was supposed to use RL's spoon, but he already used it for his ube ice cream (my little boy loves ube!). So I asked the server for another spoon.

A minute or so later, RL taps me on the shoulder and was about to hand me his spoon.

K: "No, it has ice cream on it. I want a clean spoon."
RL: "It's clean! I cleaned it with my tongue!"

No kidding! LOL!

Birthday Blowout - DAY 9!

Well, I know you've been waiting for this. And I hope it was worth the wait. This one was supposed to be Day 14's giveaway. Alas, because I couldn't post each giveaway on time, I have no choice but to post this one today, as the concert is happening this Thursday already! Gah!

If you guys haven't heard, Jayesslee, Youtube's famous singing twins, is coming to Manila! And they're staging a one-night show on Thursday, the 21st of June.

It's their first time ever in the Philippines, so even they're pretty excited. Here's a video of them inviting everyone to catch their show.

Come watch Janice and Sonia as they perform live!

Now, if you don't have tickets yet, here's your chance to win one from me! My good, good friends from BMI - headed by THE BOSS and his wife JSK, sent over 5 tickets for me to raffle off to my readers. These are GOLD tickets (Patron Center). Woot!


Win 1 of 5 Gold tickets to see Jayesslee LIVE this Thursday! (Yes, that's THIS Thursday, June 21!)
BEFORE YOU JOIN THIS GIVEAWAY... please note that should you win, you MUST be able to claim your ticket from me at the concert venue. That's at the 3rd Floor of Robinson's Forum, on Thursday.

Rafflecopter starts NOW until Tuesday. You may earn a maximum of 12 entries for this draw. 

Yay! Belated Happy Birthday to me! LOL!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Tres Amigos Gift Pack Winners (Day 6!)

Ok, I know I've been behind on the blog. I have this long, long list of things to do, and it's mostly for work. O_o So I'm posting this then I have to get going. I hope you don't mind the wait. I am not sure if I can send you guys your notification emails this weekend, but I'll try. I have to finish a dozen releases, and write a number of PRs. Hehe, excuses I know. But a working mom's got to do what she has to do.

Gah! I want a tall, cold glass of Treetop Apple Juice! I think I have a can downstairs. Hmmm... the downside to blogging about food is you get to crave them. So maybe I should stop blogging past midnight. Hehe.

Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS to the following people who got picked by Rafflecopter! You each won a Tres Amigos Gift Pack!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

I'd like to thank my good friend SCRAT for agreeing to let Tabasco join my giveaway! Thank you! You are beautiful! And sexy! Pahingi pa ha? LOL! I'd also like to thank ADG aka Mrs. Poon (hehe) for giving me La Española when I asked for more things for this blowout. Good friends are hard to come by, but you guys are the real deal. Thanks! Don't forget my samples ha? Hahahaha!


Winners will be notified via email. Please wait for it so you'll know how to claim your prize. Thanks and Congratulations again!

Day 5 Winners!

I picked the winners via Rafflecopter the same day I picked Day 4 Winners. But! I didn't have time to post. Anyway, you've been waiting long enough so...

Here are our winners for Day 5! You each won 2 SIGNED CITIPOINTE LIVE! CDs from House of Praise! Yay!

(Wow, blessed to win again!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You shall be notified by email (address you provided when you logged into Rafflecopter) so please wait for instructions on how to claim your prize. If you reside outside Metro Manila, I may be able to ship this to you.  Otherwise, prize pick up is from any House of Praise store.

Thank you to my brother, KM, who decided he could spare 5 more CDs for this giveaway. Initially had DEVOTED only, but I saw that he still had loads of the newer CDs so I asked if he could spare 5. Hehehe. Don't you just love House of Praise?


Friday, June 15, 2012

Birthday Blowout - DAY 8!

Remember my post on SoTrue? Well here's a secret: Mia used to be a school mate from middle school! I promised not to say when, but really, does age matter when you look as good as this mother of two?

Mia, with her husband Raymond, and their two adorable little ones
- the inspiration behind SoTrue.
Mia recently introduced two new products to her SoTrue line - the Room and Linen spray, and the Bye-Bye Buggy - both perfect for the rainy season! The Room and Linen Spray keeps your room smelling nice, and rids your linen of that damp smell (when your laundry fails to dry under the sun because of rain). Bye-Bye Buggy is what we all need to keep handy, to keep mosquitoes and other bugs away (Dengue season is here!).

Keep your rooms, pillows and blankets smelling fresh!
SoTrue Naturals Room and Linen Spray - 100% Natural!
in Lemongrass Lavender, Mandarin Cinnamon, Lavender, and Rose.
Say goodbye to bugs with this NO DEET, non-greasy, non-drying
and all natural insect repellant!  Smells yummy to humans, yucky to bugs.
SoTrue Naturals Bye-Bye Buggy!
I can't wait to see what other products SoTrue makes available in the coming months. I am so excited about this brand. After all, the heart of SoTrue is to provide the best for our families.


SoLuxe is SoTrue's Premium Soap line. Retail value: P250/bar.
Mia sent over some of her soaps from SoTrue's SoLuxe line. So I'm giving you the chance to win it! I will be giving out the following bars:

Winner 1: SoLuxe Ylang-ylang Peppermint
Winner 2: SoLuxe Ylang-ylang Peppermint
- A sweet, floral scent made fresh and light with Peppermint.

Winner 3: SoLuxe Peppermint Cinnamon
- Cooling Mint paired with the gentle exfoliating properties of ground Cinnamon.

Winner 4: SoLuxe Rose
- What is more feminine than the scent of Roses? SoLuxe Rose is my comfort soap! Reminds me of my nana's old garden. 

Winner 5: SoLuxe Tea Tree Lemon Peppermint
- Rejuvenating scents that pack the anti-bacterial punch of Tea Tree Oil.

Rafflecopter was down earlier today, but it's finally working again! Yay! So make sure you follow each option correctly in order to get all 10 entries for this giveaway.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! I shall post Day 5 Winners tomorrow! I have to get to bed. We need to be up at 430am to catch the school bus. Yes, school starts tomorrow. I don't think I can upload photos either. Sorry!

Before I sleep, let me share something funny from RL.

K: "RL, what's 'Be Quiet' in tagalog?"
RL: (after thinking a bit) "Shhhhh."

Hehehe, good night!

Day 4 Birthday Blowout Winners!

Can't believe how days rush by! It's the middle of June already. Argh. Didn't we just say goodbye to May? I have a ton of things to do before the day's over! I need to upload photos on Shop From My Closet tonight. That, plus A starts school tomorrow and we have to be up by 430am to catch the bus at 530am! Yes, 1st-Day-of-School Stress. Anyway, here are my winners for Day 4.


Winner of (1) Religio Mores SMALL Shirt + (1) DLSU Lanyard

Winner of (1) Religio Mores SMALL Shirt + (1) DLSU Lanyard

Winner of (1) Religio Mores MEDIUM Shirt + (1) DLSU Lanyard

Winner of (1) DLSU SMALL Shirt + (1) DLSU Lanyard

Winner of (1) DLSU MEDIUM Shirt + (1) DLSU Lanyard

You will be notified via the email address you had provided when you signed in via Rafflecopter. Please wait for it. I should be able to email you within the week.

Thank you for joining this raffle and CONGRATULATIONS!

I'd like to thank the girls, KY and KA, for supporting my blowout with these prizes. You don't know how proud I am with all you girls have accomplished - this, Vietnam, internship, AIESEC, BDO, "baby" talk, etc. Thank you! Treasure your friendship and don't let anything or anyone get in the way of that special bond. Take loads of pictures along the way, such that when all else fails, you have loads to use as blackmail. LOL! Hahaha! Just kidding!


Birthday Blowout - DAY 7

The next giveaway needs no introduction as I often blog about this brand, but let me give you a brief history. Clara Ole makes the best Tomato Sauce. But did you know that Clara Ole started with jams and preserves in 1987? Their tomato and spaghetti sauce line launched in 2001. Many of you think it is imported but it is Proudly Filipino. Did you know that this brand was named after a grandmother? Yes, aptly named after Clara, wife of Ruben Sysu, founder of SYSU International, Inc.

I make the best spaghetti in town (ask my family, friends and officemates, and they can attest to this fact). LOL! But it's true and Clara Ole is my secret ingredient. Have you tried making spaghetti using Clara Ole? Try it and taste the difference. I use a mix of Tomato Sauce and the Three Cheese Spaghetti Sauce. Nothing compares to the Three Cheese, I tell you. Even the imported brands pale in comparison.

Find out more about Clara Ole's history here.


Each Clara Ole gift pack contains (1) Tomato Sauce, 250g; (1) Chunky Tomato with Three-Cheese Pasta Sauce, 225g;
(1) Barbecue Marinade Hickory, 225g; (1) Ora Mix Mo Java Rice, 120g, and (1) Dips n' Dressings Thousand Island, 120g.
The delicious and flavorful blend of Clara Ole Tomato Sauce has NO ARTIFICIAL COLORS nor preservatives. It contains Lycopene, Potassium and Iodine.

Kaye says: I think the best thing about this product is that it contains NO ADDED MSG.

Bring this well-loved, classic combination to your dining table with Clara Ole's ready-to-use pasta sauce. Enjoy sweet, juicy tomatoes with the full bodied goodness of select Italian cheeses. Simply as it is, try with beef, chicken, tuna or shrimp. For a more aromatic gourmet delight, combine with lots of basil!

Clara Ole's marinades make grilling fun, easy and delicious! Take meat, marinade for about 30 minutes or more (I prefer to marinade overnight), then cook. You will never go wrong with Clara Ole's Barbecue Marinades.

I think I've blogged too much about this particular product. Hehe. This fried rice mix has NO ADDED MSG. All you have to do is heat oil in pan, put in your rice, add some Ora Mix Mo, mix and serve. Java Rice is my new favorite but you may try the other variants as they are good, too!

See my blog about Clara Ole Ora Mix Mo Java Rice here.

Clara Ole Thousand Island Dips n’ Dressings is blended with just the right sweet and sour blend of pickles, herbs and spices. It is perfect for salads, appetizers, burgers, cocktails and chips. I'm not much of a Thousand Island girl, but this, I love.

I have five (5) Clara Ole gift packs to give away. You know the drill. :)

Winners will be picked over the weekend. If you're from outside Metro Manila, I think I can ship this to you, but you may have to shoulder shipping. (Sorry, single mom, limited budget). Otherwise, pick-up is from any House of Praise store.

On Facebook: /myclaraole

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Life Update

I realized I haven't blogged about life for quite a while now. Nothing to it, I've just been really busy trying to make ends meet. Life has actually been good (Praise God!). Work has been good. It's great to see God's Hand on this. Amazing how He's kept us afloat all these years.

The Old has Gone.
The New has Come.
My not-so-little girl starts fourth grade on Thursday. A has her old classmate from ABS-CBN in her section this year, so she's pretty excited. I think excited is an understatement. I haven't seen anyone as hyped and psyched about going back to school. Meanwhile, I'm halfway through wrapping her books and labeling her stuff. Thank goodness for the holiday, I get an extra day to work on things at home.

Two Saturdays ago, she went through Victory Weekend and got baptized. I pray she walks passionately with the Lord. My heart can't be any happier to see my kids choose life.

How to Eat a Mango
The baby isn't a baby anymore. Nope. RL speaks in sentences. His words actually surprise me. Although there are times when he prefers to baby talk and pretend to be a baby again, there's no stopping this little boy. He can be very persistent at times. We actually see a lot of his funny side. I've been sharing his funny moments on FB. He can be quite the comedian.

He has this thing for mangoes lately, and eats about 2, sometimes 3 a day. He loves the seeds, so we slice the mangoes in such a way that the cheeks are thin, and the middle part gets all the meat. This has become a dilemma for me, now that summer's over. Can't find nice mangoes anymore. What used to be P20-P30/kilo is now about P60-P70/kilo (plus smaller in size). And they're not as good nor as sweet. I heard from the lady down at the neighborhood fruit store that her mango stock next week will come from Davao, and that they will be more expensive and a tad sour. Man!

I was thinking about letting RL start preschool this year, but decided to homeschool him instead. He just turned three (yes, time flies) anyway, and I want him to enjoy his toddler years. He has mastered his A-B-Cs and can count perfectly from 1 to 10 (and backwards!); he's learning 11 to 20 and can actually do simple addition (well as much as his fingers can help him). Which is pretty good, I think. He knows his colors and knows a ton of words. He loves adjectives and can play synonyms with us in the car. So yea, time flies.

The truth is, I haven't kept in touch since he moved back south. It's easier for me and the kids when we're not attached to empty promises and unfulfilled plans. He called me Friday to let me know he was visiting again. I'm not sure what to make of it. But I take everything with a grain of salt - more like keeping the peace for the children's sake. Oh and excuse me, I've heard enough of "it's stupid to stay together for the kids' sake", because girls, we aren't together. We're friends. So live with it. Any step R takes from this point on is his own doing. I haven't done a single thing to influence his decisions. Well, other than praying for him.

Click on Photo!
Well, what's up with me? Nothing much, just working my butt off to make living life a little easier. I've taken on more responsibilities as a volunteer in church and I must say, I'm enjoying every bit of it. NappyCakes has taken a back seat for now (I haven't been accepting orders because of work) and I realized I want to stop doing this (well, for now). The stocks are taking up most of my attic space, which I want to convert soon to the kids' playroom. We've started purging and selling some stuff over on Shop From My Closet - mostly baby stuff for now, as I need to find time to sort and take photos. Right now, we're saving up for RL's tuition and maybe a trip to the US with family next year.

Upper Left Clockwise: Katniss in Boot; Hello Mickey!; Eye Love You; A and her Katniss: We're Friends; RL's Baby
Our shih tzu has taken on a new friend. If you follow me on Twitter then you probably already know that my mom's driver gave us this kitten, who A insists on calling Katniss (I blame it on the movie). She's Siamese, I think, and has the loveliest blue eyes. I was told that she's about 3 months old (I haven't gotten her actual birth date from my mom's chauffeur), but yea, she's a keeper, don't you think? My brother's girlfriend had Persian kittens as well, and we were about to adopt another female, but when we tried to introduce her to our home, she cried all night. I don't think she was meant for our family so we decided to give her back. Besides, Katniss is fairly new (she's been here for almost a month now), and I would love for her to enjoy being the center of attention first - which, of course, Mickey objects to. But they're friends and all is well.

Overall, life has been good. Trying, at times, but we're still blessed. The past months have seen healed relationships, new friendships, renewed ties, financial blessings, new work, etc. I can not ask for anything more.

Well, maybe an iPad for the kids. LOL! Uh, Lord?

Monday, June 11, 2012

Want to Win an iPad?

My kids have been bugging me for an iPad. Sadly, momma's budget isn't big enough to accommodate spending on gadgets. Nope, our disposable income for gadgets is zero. I look at my friends who aren't earning much, and yet, they have iPads and all sorts of techie stuff. Whereas, I'm stuck with a single iPhone - a company-issued phone. Not that I'm complaining. I'm still blessed beyond measure. My mom says it's really about priority. And she's right. Whereas some people opt to get the latest phone or what-have-you, I set aside money for our annual trip to the homeland. I realize that a trip's budget can actually fetch us two nice iPads.

But like I said, it's all about priority. That, plus my little boy will be starting school soon. So yeah, I'm keeping my fingers crossed and praying to the high heavens that someone will give my kids an iPad. Save momma the spending money, please? Haha!

It's amazing how many iPad promos there are out there. Even Clara Ole has joined the bandwagon! Here's an easy way to win one!

1) To join, LIKE the Clara Ole page on Facebook.
2) Click on the Great Food Fest tab or go to
3) Fill out all the fields in the registration form and click "REGISTER" (you only need to register once).
4) After registering, you automatically get a digital ticket and a chance to win a CLARA OLE DAILY GIFT PACK prize, and the weekly grand prize - an iPad!
5) Invite your Facebook friends to join by clicking the "INVITE" button. If your Facebook friends successfully register for the promo, you are entitled to another digital ticket, thereby increasing your chances to win. The more friends you invite and register, the more chances of winning.
6) Everyday, two winners will be drawn to win the DAILY GIFT PACK prize.
7) At the end of the week, one lucky registrant will win an iPad. Clara Ole will be giving out 8 iPads throughout the duration of the promo.
8) Promo is from June 11, 2012 to August 3, 2012.

Winning is easy! No purchase is necessary. You must, however, be 21 years old and above to win. Good luck!

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