Sunday, June 10, 2012

Overwhelm Your Senses!

When was the last time you had a really good burger? I had two! Yes, yesterday was officially my BIG N' TASTY day. I was privileged enough to get invited to McDonald's Big N' Tasty event, where they officially unveiled their Big N' Tasty TV Commercial.

Everything BIG on the table. BIG pens, BIG calculator, BIG candies,
and check out the BIG Balloon French Fries Centerpiece. Yep, the name plate was that BIG!
Adi Timbol, PR and Communications Manager of McDonald's Philippines, hosted the event.
Kring Lao, McDonald's Philippines Marketing Manager, introduced the new McDonald's BIG N' TASTY!
It wasn't my first time to try Mc Donald's newest burger, because I had quickly dug into one right when it first launched in Metro Manila.

My first-ever BIG N' TASTY!
Nor was it my second time. Hehe. I LOVE burgers (I think my blog is evidence enough as I write too much about burgers over anything else - well, when I do blog about food) and McDonald's BIG N' TASTY hits the spot! It is definitely THE burger for burger lovers. BIG N' TASTY is made from the freshest ingredients and is actually the first McDonald's burger with a tomato (I love tomatoes!).

Here come our BIG N' TASTY burgers! Yay!
Can I have the whole tray? LOL!
McDonald's Crew welcomes their latest offering - the BIG N' TASTY, available in the Philippines for a limited time only! 

Yesterday's BIG N' TASTY - with regular fries and McDo's Iced Coffee. Nom!
PS. I was doodling on the paper covering my table with those BIG pens, hehe. Oops!

Imagine this: a 100% pure beef quarter pound patty seasoned using only salt and pepper, creamy cheese, crispy lettuce, a juicy tomato, fresh onions, tangy pickles (I love the fact that McDonald's uses only dill pickles in their burgers!), and a special smokey sauce (perfect!) in between a sesame seed bun.

Can't imagine it? Here's how it looks like up close.

Argh! I made the wrong decision to post this photo! Now I want to sink my teeth into another BIG N' TASTY!
Ready to devour my BIG N' TASTY! Omnomnomnom!
McDonald's BIG N' TASTY is available in most stores nationwide. Get the burger only for P120. Or treat yourself to an Extra Value Meal with Regular Fries and a Regular Drink for P145. Or be like me and upsize to a Medium meal for P165 (hehehe).

I have a serious, serious craving for a BIG N' TASTY right now. Blaming it on this post, and the numerous Facebook statuses of friends who loved the TVC. Not a problem, I guess, I can order by dialing 8-MCDO or via McDelivery Online.

If you didn't catch the commercial on the telly during today's Pacquiao-Bradley fight, here it is:

Gaaah! Just watching this again makes me want to order another one! Mmmm... Big N' Tasty! Overwhelm your senses with a McDonald's BIG N' TASTY burger today!
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