Monday, August 24, 2015

#HoarderDiaries | S&R HOME SALE - AUGUST 2015!

I hope this post isn't too late for most. Been really busy the past two weeks because we were on standby for a TV shoot for the BentoMommas. Anyway, I went hoarding at S&R last week, and was surprised to find a lot of great deals in store for members. I actually noticed this a couple of times already (I even took pictures, but didn't find time to post as I left for Sydney). I've been visiting S&R a lot lately - especially when I learned they weren't having Members' Treat over the summer. Sale Withdrawal Symptoms? LOL! I don't mind, as long as they have a sale every month. That means, more deals every single day of the year, right?

So yes, because my friends have been bugging me for photos, I went around and snapped up some for you to see. This August, they are having a Home Sale, so it is more of the non-food items that are on S&R Club Pricing. I wonder if any of you noticed those "S&R Club Pricing" signs? Yes! That is your guide to see which products are on sale.

The store lobby should be your first stop as S&R makes it a point to showcase their best deals there.

Various American Home Air-conditioning and Air-cooling Units on SALE!

Seville Fabric Storage Bins, 3-pack; SALE P999.95

Oversized Cushions, SALE P799.95 / Tough Mama Rechargeable Fan with FREE Flat Iron, SALE P2,699.95

Seville Laundry Sorter, SALE P1,799.95

Round Hampers, SALE P279.95

Curver Cars No-Lid Bin, SALE P449.95

Keter Jumbo Stacking Bin 80L, SALE P499.95

Seville Foldable Storage Cube, SALE P799.95

So happy this one always goes on sale! Can't have too many shoes! 
Seville 3-Tier Storage Shoe Rack, SALE P999.95

Steel Storage Rack System, SALE P4,499.95

Keter XL Pro Utility Cabinet, SALE P8,499.95 / Keter Optima Wonder Shelving, SALE P6,499.95

Assorted Lifetime Tables on SALE!

More foldable tables!

If there is one thing I look forward to when Members' Treat comes around, it is the luggage going on SALE! But look, already on SALE now! Woohoo!

Samsonite Movelite 2-pc Luggage, SALE P9,999.95

Bella Ceramic Non-Stick 10-pc Cookware Set, SALE P3,999.95

BEST DEAL! Gibson Stainless Steel 12-pc Cookware Set, SALE P3,799.95 BUY1 TAKE1

Oster Stainless Steel 7-pc Cookware Set, SALE P3,799.95

Crock-Pot Edmound Roaster 6.2QT, SALE P1,199.95

Gibson Oval Raoster 3-pc, SALE P699.95 / Oster Pressure Cooker 7L, SALE P2,899.95

Cozinha Oval Casserole with Rack, SALE P349.95

Cozinha Square Casserole with Rack, SALE P249.95

Oster Grill Pan, SALE P479.95

Libbey 25-pc Just Desserts Mini Bowl Set, SALE P499.95

BEST DEAL! Gibson 16-pc Dinnerware Set, SALE P1,999.95 BUY1 TAKE1 

Gibson 16-pc Gracious Square Dinnerware Set, SALE P1,799.95

I want to hoard this to give as Christmas Gifts! 
Gibson Primary Basics 6-pc Cutlery Set with Wood Block, SALE P269.95

Gibson Noble 5-pc Kitchen Tools, SALE P599.95

Gibson 20-pc Flatware Set, SALE P799.95

Isaac Mizhari 20-pc Flatware Set, SALE P799.95

Tramontina 36-pc Dinner Forks or Dinner Spoons, SALE P499.95 

Bio Zip Laundry Detergent - Colour, SALE P299.95

Bio Zip Laundry Detergent - Aloe, SALE P299.95 

If you watch @itsjudyslife on Youtube then you know about this product. 
Downy Unstoppables! SALE P999.95

Joy Dishwashing Liquid, SALE P389.95

ZIP Dishwashing Liquid Lime or Lemon, SALE P249.95

MS Bath Tissue 20-rolls, SALE P549.95

MS Paper Towels 8-rolls, SALE P599.95

Simply Right Hand Soap with Aloe Vera, SALE P299.95

BEST DEAL! Dial Body Wash 16oz, SALE P299.95 BUY1 TAKE1

Dial Gold Bar Soap 8-bars, SALE P249.95

Ivory Soap Bar - Aloe 10-bars, SALE P229.95

Ivory Soap Bar - Original 10-bars, SALE P229.95

Safeguard Soap Bar - White or Aloe 8-bars, SALE P229.95

Dove Moisturizing Shampoo / Conditioner 40oz, SALE P429.95

Pantene Color Preserve Shine Shampoo / Conditioner 25.4oz, SALE P349.95

Pantene Expert Collection Advanced Keratin / Age Defy Conditioner 16.9oz, SALE P549.95

Dove GoFresh / Men Care Body Wash Assorted, SALE P279.95

Listerine Cool Mint, SALE P349.95

Cetaphil Lotion 20oz, P549.95

Then of course, a trip to S&R is not complete without a stop at the Deli where I always, always get myself a reward - a Strawberry Smoothie, of course!

Excuse the smoothie in the straw, I couldn't resist taking a sip before the photo! Ahhh! Yum!

Also, check out this month's deal for Southern Style Chicken! Get a box of 6 chicken pieces plus 1 FREE for only P399!

Love S&R! Thank you for this month's SALE! I am going back for more. Hehehe.


9AM - 9PM
Bonifacio Global City | Congressional | Alabang | Aseana-Baclaran | Cebu | Pampanga | Davao | Shaw | Imus 
PLUS! Soon-to-open in Nuvali!

Happy hoarding, friends!

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  1. I'm drooling now.. I hope these are also on sale here in Davao. Thank you for sharing! It's a worth it...

  2. I pulled out my list from March 2013 - sad to say the B1T1 deals are the best deals for BioZip detergent and dishwashing liquid. I will miss these the most. I noticed some products were then priced for B1T1 but at a higher price (by P50.00 or P100.00) but with the solo deals they are now cheaper. So in retrospect, the prices then were slightly adjusted. Hmmm, I still need convincing to renew my S&R membership.

    1. The best deals are those marked with "Item of the Month". Back in May or June, they had big Australian T-Bone steaks. Got 4 large cuts for less than P500. Great deal and worth my half of the membership. Hehe.


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