Thursday, November 19, 2009

Je suis très fatigué. Excursion aujourd'hui à Tagaytay. Devait conduire à la ferme de fleurs et au dos. :P

Monday, November 16, 2009

Cannot Be Reached

Urgent matters had to come first this afternoon. There are issues that need to be dealt with tonight as well. However, I do not think the Lord wants it happening today, because the person involved cannot be reached. I am wondering... should I be worried?

Ah! But this has happened before! What is new? Nothing. Some things never change. Some people never change.

So, before I go crazy paranoid, I shall announce the winners for the WIN A FIREPROOF DVD CONTEST! Thank you to those who took time to post their entries (even those who didn't want their entries published). I promise to make the next contest easy. Hehe.

So, allow me to congratulate the following winners:
I LOVE FIREPROOF Category: Janet B.

Kindly post (will not be published) your email addresses on the comment section of this blog, and I will email you instructions on how to claim your DVD. Congratulations!

Will post a new contest within the week. Meanwhile, I shall try to contact the one who cannot be reached again. Wish me luck!


Sorry, too busy today. Will post winners tonight. Going through the unpublished (by request) entries this afternoon. :P

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pakyaw et Pacquiao

So I woke up at 7am yesterday to get myself to the Richwell Toy Warehouse Sale early. But I guess everyone had the same idea, as the place was packed half an hour before opening time. By 930am, you couldn't breathe properly anymore. Can you spell suffocation? Hehe. But shopping alongside other shopping monsters is half the fun of any sale. We were so into scouring the shelves for great buys, I forgot to take a pic of the maddening crowd. But A and I had fun nonetheless. Must make a mental note to take a leave next year so I can shop properly during the preview.

We had to attend a party in the early afternoon so I had to skip lunch with my cousin and his wife. Since we were in the area, we decided to head to Trinoma to check out the mallwide sale as I wasn't able to do any shopping the night before. But it was crazy there as well. So A ended up doing window-cling craft at Landmark. Which was fine, because the baby was asleep and we needed to rest our feet (didn't bring a stroller since my car trunk's full with my warehouse shopping haul).

R didn't come see us all weekend. Although last night, as we drove up to our building, we did see him hanging out at the convenience store beside our lobby entrance. But no, he didn't bother coming up to see the kids. Our nanny asked the guard if he tried to come up when we were out, but was told that he didn't even try. He used the restroom to change into his gimmick clothes and he was out the door. And no, he didn't go to church with us today either. Not that Pacquiao was any reason to miss service because church was at 5pm (and Pacquiao happened over lunch). But I guess R really has moved back into his regular groove. I cannot help but feel uneasy lest he gets himself in his version of a Pacquaio vs. Cotto fight... again. And we all know which one of the two he'll play.


The Coke glasses at Mcdonald's are going fast! The Ortigas-Emerald branch have only 3 colors left. Oh and why aren't you allowed to get the glass with a Happy Meal? I think that it's rather unfair; I mean, the Happy Meals are considerably more expensive! Besides, their disclaimer says "except the P50 Saver Meals". So if they won't allow purchase with the Happy Meal, they should have included that in their disclaimer. Hmph!

In other news, the Shell Station at the same corner of Ortigas and Emerald is closed tonight. No gas? But I thought only the dealers threatened to close shop (since they couldn't afford to lose money from the gas prices Shell was charging). Shell Ortigas-Emerald is a Diwal Corp. branch, and that means, this station is company-owned. Yes, Shell-owned. So why is it closed?


The Win-a-Fireproof-DVD contest ends tonight. Any last minute entries? Send them now! I will post winners tomorrow after lunch. Stay tuned!

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Around the World in One Day!

I went all over the metro today. Wasn't a pretty sight, believe me. I was stuck in traffic half of the time (which made it worse).

Went to check out CEL Manila over lunch with my dad and brother. It wasn't worth much. The Toys R Us Toy Box Sale wasn't any good. So DON'T EVEN BOTHER. My brother and I ended up at the Tom's World booth, while we waited for our dad to finish checking out the fair. I won two plush toys playing the crane. Spent a good hour and a half in traffic on the way back to the office. Hohum.

Met my cousin late in the afternoon to catch the preview to the Richwell Sale over in Libis. :) Lotsa good deals, as always. I am going back in the morning. LOL! A found the Princess Barbie Doll she wanted last Christmas on sale at 50% off it's original price. Was able to get nice sneakers for the baby, which is cool because I hardly ever get to find nice ones during their annual sale (I get dizzy with all those people searching through bins and bins of shoes!).

Then I had to trek back to Quezon City to meet up with my girl friends at Trinoma. I was ready to collapse from fatigue after dinner! Good thing I had Anion with me (what a lifesaver!). Plus, I think I had too much Iced Tea.

Busy weekend ahead. Must get some rest.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Missed the Toy Kingdom Warehouse Sale?

...try the Toys R' Us Big Toy Sale, which starts tomorrow through Sunday (13-15 November) at CEL Manila 2009, World Trade Center, Pasay. For FREE passes to the event, register here.

Also, don't forget that the Richwell Kidz Kraze 2009 Warehouse Sale starts this Saturday, 14 November 2009! Richwell Trading's Annual Warehouse Sale offers up to 80% Off on their toy and baby brands (Barbie, Chicco, Hot Wheels, Pigeon, etc! Where to go? Visit their warehouse at Creative Trade Center Compound, #6 Industria St., Bagumbayan, Libis, QC or call Richwell for details at 743-1658.

Do remember to bring baby wipes or alcohol when visiting these places. Oh and bring a helper to fall in line while you shop, as it gets crazy long, believe me!

Happy Shopping!

Reminder! Contest ends THIS Sunday, 15 Nov 2009!

Reminding you all that the Fireproof DVD Contest ends this Sunday, 15 November 2009 at exactly 11:59PM. Winners will be declared on Monday. For mechanics, please click on the link below.

Post your entries now! :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Style Bulok

Each time R sends me a text message that says "San kayo?", I already know that R is up to no good. I received one tonight, and I was contemplating on whether I needed to reply... I mean, where would we be but at home? Unlike him, I value time with my kids. I seldom go out without them, and if I do, I make sure it is a once-a-week thing (since I am at work all day, everyday) and not something I do all the time. I mean, kids don't remain kids for long, and my, time flies!

So I replied with "Bakit?"

And as predicted, I got another text that said "San nga kayo?"

Hello, R, I already know. So if you wish to spend time with someone else, or with your "friends" or gym mates or whatever, I do not care. There is more to life than wondering if you're still fooling around or if you've changed or if you're back to regular programming, etc. This is my life. You are not the star of my show.

Besides, style mo, bulok.


I apologize for this post. I just get so irritated when he thinks I think the way he does, because I don't! Duh.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Sleepless Nights

I've been having a hard time calling it a night lately. Every time I say it's time to go to bed, I end up doing something else. I dunno exactly what it is, but something in the subconscious is bothering me and keeping me awake. Last night, I decided I was gonna sleep early, but I spent the next two hours staring straight at the ceiling. Praying. Staring. Thinking. Anything, but sleep. I was awake so long past bedtime that I even heard the explosion from San Miguel Avenue at a few minutes past 3am.

As I stayed awake wondering, my thoughts brought me to thoughts of death, and they weren't exactly happy. Sometimes, an air of loneliness consumes me, and I get depressed thinking "Where did all that love go?" or "Why am I alone?" Sure, my friend A says God will take care of me, and I know that. But sometimes, I just miss the good 'ol days when everything was okay. And golly, I do not want to die unhappy or lonely or sad. Then my thoughts drift to responsibilities and the burden to provide. How pathetic is it that I work doubly hard to provide for my family's needs, and yet, I am unappreciated? But then yes, I am not alone. This is a story that has been retold as others have the same sorry story.

So last night, as I lay awake in bed, I think about God's promises and I ask Him, "Lord, what exactly is Your will? What perfect plan do You have for me?" I'm sure my God knows how tired and weary I am. I'm sure He sees my heart and how I so want to do His will. So I asked Him to give me strength to get over this hump, whatever this hump may be. I can feel something weighing me down, and I'll sure be glad if it's just "all fat" and nothing more.

PRAYER REQUEST: I'm due to see the Doctor. Please pray it's nothing serious. The Lord is My Master Physician! :)
BLESSING: Still no house (in fact, the debt list is longer today) but God has been faithful. My dad just lent me $300 to pay for my Dollar Card. Thank you, Lord!

Sunday, November 8, 2009


I always look forward to Sundays since there are moments during the day that we seem to be like any normal family. Today was no exception.

Went to watch All About Steve with the family today. I officially do not like Sandra Bullock. But man, she played her role so well, I wanted to leave the movie theater 10 minutes into the movie. I could hear my brother groaning from irritation as well. But overall, it was okay. In life, we come across a handful of people who do nothing but irritate us. However, some of them only mean well and have good intentions. Don't you think it's a relief that God looks straight into our hearts instead of our outward appearances?

A loves Sundays because it means we get to have lunch or dinner with my family. She loves being with my brothers since with them, she is boss. My parents love having her around. Sundays are also Time Zone days. Today, we almost won a giant plush toy! The arrow stopped on "Fate" and although the claws were supposed to grab the bear tightly, it dropped it! We complained but the supervisor said she couldn't help us because she didn't see it happen. "Next time", I told A, "I'll just get you a plush toy from the mall."

A and I attended two worship services today. We went with my folks and sibs to the early afternoon service, then again with R to the late afternoon one. Pastor T preached about worship - how our worship shouldn't end on Sundays, but instead, should go beyond Sunday and on throughout the week. I was teasing R on the way home about it. He, as Pastor T pointed out, worships like he came from Zimbabwe (kasi... Simba-uwe siya). LOL.

We met up with some of R's childhood friends after the service and spent an hour or so with them. So yea, some sense of normalcy has returned to our family life. We don't have our usual Sunday Family Days back, but we're getting there.

Pastor D, in closing, said that the way we spend our week determines how our Sundays turn out. If we are depressed all week, we tend to worship insincerely on Sundays. We don't get in the mood to pray or worship with a heart that pleases God. Wouldn't it be great if we had a heart of worship on Mondays through Saturdays too, such that the same Sunday "high" is felt all throughout the week? We actually have the opportunity to experience God every single day, that is, if we allow ourselves that. It would be amazing to be looking forward to each day and not just Sunday, don't you think? ;)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sounds Family

Went to bed at 5am this morning. But woke up in time for breakfast at Mickey D's to get 2 more glasses. We had another full day today. Had to attend a birthday party this afternoon. Everything was going on as usual, without hitch, until we got to the party and our nanny started making a scene at our table.

I was chitchatting with my co-parents at the other table when I noticed my nanny's voice rise above the background music. I turned to see her yelling at another nanny at the same table. Curious, I got up to see what the racket was all about. When I got to our table, the other nanny was gone. What happened? Well, apparently, our nanny caught her husband cheating on her. WITH THE OTHER NANNY.

Sounds familiar.

Our nanny has a daughter who is turning one in a couple of weeks. She is also CURRENTLY 5 months pregnant (yes, you read that right. EDIT: Apparently, she was 8 months along the way. Nyar.). She is set to leave us end of this year for good. Initially, the story was... her husband wanted her to quit working so she can take care of their daughter and so her husband can save the money they pay for rent (they are renting a small apartment in Bulacan) and utilities. They are up to here (points to neck) in debt, so I don't know how they'll manage with one salary. Now, with another baby on the way, I have no idea how they'll survive. So for the past two months, I questioned this decision. I discussed it with my nanny's sisters, with her mom. And even if they also do not agree with the planned move, they have no say in the decision because my nanny is the sole breadwinner, so if she quits, they'll be dependent on the husband. :P

Today, however, the skies have cleared. We all now know the REAL reason behind him wanting her to move back to the province. Sigh. I so want to hit him on the head.

Around the Corner...

Christmas is definitely around the corner. Today, I irritated my office roommate by playing Christmas songs over and over again. Well, it was actually his fault. He was the one who decided to remind me the other day that we were at 50 days 'til Christmas, plus he posted on Facebook how he wanted to savor the season. Alas, I went into my Christmas mood - Prepared my Christmas Shopping List, listened to Christmas Songs, checked out our Christmas line-up, prepared for the holidays, etc. etc.

I took A to the Toy Kingdom Warehouse Sale today over at Megatrade. Lotsa good finds this year. We're planning on going again later as we were told that they were bringing out more stuff in the morning. That is, if we wake up early. The crowd wasn't as bad this year as it was last year. But then maybe that's because they occupied two halls this year. There were sufficient carts too, but I suggest you get a makeshift box cart instead, as the latter is easier to lug around the narrow aisles and shopping areas.

McDonald's has a new promo out (and it started today... er... yesterday), and this is the reason why we're skipping Tapa at Banchetto this morning... we already have 2 glasses, so 4 more to go! But sigh, I couldn't resist the Brazo de Mercedes so I still had to trek to Banchetto for that. I could hear it calling from my balcony window. LOL! We dropped by the Tapatouille stall to say "Hi!" to J and R.

Note: By the way, T (you know who you are), sure. Just ask the peeps over at Tapatouille and they'll let you know where to look. ;)

Today was a great, great day. I hope the weekend is as happy. Have a productive and blessed weekend, people!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Christmas... 50 days away. My son's birthday is over a month away. Where do the days go? I need more hours in a day!

Went to Divisoria with my brother last week. Amazing I was able to con him into going (even his girlfriend says so). Went back after two days with A (think this is how her cough got worse, oops) to get our Halloween swag (we gave out glow sticks on top of our usual candy this year). The place is swarming with people. Got the usual stuff, went to suppliers, etc. In a few weeks, you won't need to walk in Divisoria, because people will be pushing you forward. LOL! But really, I love the place! Saw a group of foreigners when we were there last. They were touring the place on their own, no guides! A couple had their DSLRs with them! I wonder if they survived.

How fast does time fly? It's the end of the first work week of November tomorrow, and what did I accomplish this week? Nada. I went to work today only to find myself with a huge headache the size of Texas by 4pm! I can't afford to get sick again! Budget meeting tomorrow, and I still have nothing on my plate. Nyar.

In other news...
>>> Toy Kingdom Warehouse Sale starts tomorrow through Sunday! BDO Rewards and SM Advantage Card holders get sneak peak tomorrow...
>>> Richwell Kiddie Craze 2010 Sale starts next Saturday!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Rainy Days and Wednesdays...

Today was a slow day. Staying at home has its benefits, but it tends to slow everything down as it allows you to laze away the day instead of being productive (hmmm, budget presentation on shelf).

I started a project for work this afternoon, only to leave it half-done. So lazy today. Finally got around to doing chores when the sun disappeared. And in the middle of cleaning the toilet, I found my thoughts drifting away to a conversation I had with F a few days ago.

I had coffee with my best friend last week. Yes, my just-married best friend. It was a relief to see him. After all, his single life didn't end on a good note for both of us. Not that we fought or anything, but then of course, I owed him heartfelt good wishes, and that I didn't have at that time (I must honestly say).

So last week was a breather for both of us. We hardly see each other because of work. So when he called to say he needed to talk, I guess I took the invite without thinking twice. And talk we did. For a good hour or so, we played catch-up. Then the conversation went into how our lives had changed throughout the years and how our choices for lifetime partners were far from the prince and princess we used to dream of back when we were kids. Yes, the differences I questioned in his then relationship, now marriage, have started to itch as it inched its way into his and his new wife's every day. Not that I didn't say so, and not that I didn't warn him. But yes, F, you are right. The best advices in life are left in some untouched book on a book shelf in some bookstore. :P

Our coffee date had to end earlier than usual because I had to get back to the kids, since A wasn't feeling quite well already that day.

The conversation flew back into my head today because this morning, as I dilly-dallied in bed, I couldn't help but think about my own marriage and how it has reached almost flat-line in the past months. How the differences have come and stayed. How frustrated I've gotten in trying to see some semblance of hope or change or remorse or repentance. TO NO AVAIL. And then I remembered F's words before we said our goodbyes: "We should have chosen partners with the same background. The same values. Sometimes, love isn't enough."

Sigh. I used to love rainy days. I still do. I just hate it when the thoughts come around.

Stuck at Home

I caught the bug from the kids, and now I am stuck at home with them. Loving the bed weather, but can't help but wonder if any bit of rain will bring flood somewhere in the metro. I have a Budget presentation due tomorrow, and I haven't even gotten around to it. Nyar.

My mind is obviously somewhere else. Yes, it is under the covers, snoozing.

Monday, November 2, 2009


18 unmoderated comments on R and his Halloween shebang. What can I say? Well, nothing but... it's his life. If he wants to totally ruin it by being a prick, then by golly, what can I do? I am not the boss of him. I do not keep him on a leash.

Just the same, anyone has free will to do whatever one pleases. It's how things are. God sets out a perfect plan for each and every one of us. But sin sets us apart from Him and that plan. Free will allows us to choose paths. We have no one to blame but ourselves for the wrong choices we make.

I honestly do not know what to make of R. If you all are confused, I am that and so much more. And as expected, his 'friends' welcomed him with open arms. Like he was some hero. This is exactly what I was worried about two months ago. It is no use protecting someone who would rather be 'popular' then safe. When all is said and done, I hope you 'friends' will be there for him when his going gets tough. I hope his skeletons haunt you all instead. And one day, when you all have daughters, and the men in their lives prioritize 'friends' over family (just like you all once did), I pray you will all look back and realize what a worthless life you all led. Pshh! For what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his own soul?


Another look-back at how A was when she could hardly talk. Our daughter had difficulty expressing herself in words and created a whole new language until she started school at 4 (she went straight to Kindergarten). She was topic of many conversations amongst my friends and family. Apparently, R started speaking when he was already 7! So that bit of information scared me that my daughter could be delayed as well. We were planning on sending her to a speech therapist when voila! One day, just like that, she started talking as if she always knew how before.

Anyway, this happened right before she turned 4. My friend T and I took A shopping. Nearing Guadalupe on our way home, A suddenly points and shouts...

A: Tita T! Tita T! Look! Doodles! (pointing to the Lucky Me! Billboard on EDSA)
T: A, it's Noodles, not Doodles. Say Noo-dles...
A: Doodles!
T: Nooooo, say Noo-dles...
A: Doo-dles...
T: Say Noooooo...
A: Noooooo...
T: Duhhhhls.
A: Duhhhhls.
T: Noodles!
A (pauses, thinks, then says): Tita T! Look! Soup!

LOL! This story has been repeated many, many times. I still laugh at it each time. :) Sigh. Missing those innocent years.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The R Enigma

What a puzzle this man is! As expected, his promises remain empty promises. All that talk about being a better person has flown out the window. He has once again resumed the life he used to lead. I am not surprised. Neither am I disappointed. Well alright, maybe just a tad sad. Because the man I used to love no longer exists in this person I call 'hubby'. Any good left in him has jumped into the abyss called never-will-I-change.

I am caught in between worlds. God knows where I am right now; He knows exactly how I feel.

R went to church with us today. And while he listened to Pastor D's message on death, I sat wondering if he understood what it meant to live continuously in sin. How sin has set him apart from God, who is the Giver of Life. I wonder if he took it to heart that he has to make that change. I have this nagging feeling, you see, that R has a heart that is so callous, it will never want to change.

And so I think to myself, why do I even bother? Lord, I am tired. But what is Your will? The narrow path is filled with potholes. I tread carefully and yet, there are times when I don't want to walk in this path anymore. :(
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