Saturday, November 14, 2009

Around the World in One Day!

I went all over the metro today. Wasn't a pretty sight, believe me. I was stuck in traffic half of the time (which made it worse).

Went to check out CEL Manila over lunch with my dad and brother. It wasn't worth much. The Toys R Us Toy Box Sale wasn't any good. So DON'T EVEN BOTHER. My brother and I ended up at the Tom's World booth, while we waited for our dad to finish checking out the fair. I won two plush toys playing the crane. Spent a good hour and a half in traffic on the way back to the office. Hohum.

Met my cousin late in the afternoon to catch the preview to the Richwell Sale over in Libis. :) Lotsa good deals, as always. I am going back in the morning. LOL! A found the Princess Barbie Doll she wanted last Christmas on sale at 50% off it's original price. Was able to get nice sneakers for the baby, which is cool because I hardly ever get to find nice ones during their annual sale (I get dizzy with all those people searching through bins and bins of shoes!).

Then I had to trek back to Quezon City to meet up with my girl friends at Trinoma. I was ready to collapse from fatigue after dinner! Good thing I had Anion with me (what a lifesaver!). Plus, I think I had too much Iced Tea.

Busy weekend ahead. Must get some rest.

1 comment:

  1. heheheh... its not obvious that you were feeling exhausted last night.
    Finally ... natuloy. Lets do this 2x a month. AT LEAST! wag naman yearly hmmph =P


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