Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sounds Family

Went to bed at 5am this morning. But woke up in time for breakfast at Mickey D's to get 2 more glasses. We had another full day today. Had to attend a birthday party this afternoon. Everything was going on as usual, without hitch, until we got to the party and our nanny started making a scene at our table.

I was chitchatting with my co-parents at the other table when I noticed my nanny's voice rise above the background music. I turned to see her yelling at another nanny at the same table. Curious, I got up to see what the racket was all about. When I got to our table, the other nanny was gone. What happened? Well, apparently, our nanny caught her husband cheating on her. WITH THE OTHER NANNY.

Sounds familiar.

Our nanny has a daughter who is turning one in a couple of weeks. She is also CURRENTLY 5 months pregnant (yes, you read that right. EDIT: Apparently, she was 8 months along the way. Nyar.). She is set to leave us end of this year for good. Initially, the story was... her husband wanted her to quit working so she can take care of their daughter and so her husband can save the money they pay for rent (they are renting a small apartment in Bulacan) and utilities. They are up to here (points to neck) in debt, so I don't know how they'll manage with one salary. Now, with another baby on the way, I have no idea how they'll survive. So for the past two months, I questioned this decision. I discussed it with my nanny's sisters, with her mom. And even if they also do not agree with the planned move, they have no say in the decision because my nanny is the sole breadwinner, so if she quits, they'll be dependent on the husband. :P

Today, however, the skies have cleared. We all now know the REAL reason behind him wanting her to move back to the province. Sigh. I so want to hit him on the head.

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  1. hmmmm... is that bad luck or what? In reality, others have bigger problems than we tend to experience in our life. jansport


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