Monday, March 28, 2016

#HoarderDiaries | HI-TOP SALE BIN!

Our net connection is finally okay! Yay! I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jerald Cruz and Kim Del Castillo from the Globe Hotline for helping this Momma out. Snaps to both of you. 

Okay, so I haven't done this in a while. But I figured that the number of good stuff on sale today warrants a post. I know you guys have been waiting for these. Apologize if my Hi-Top posts have been MIA.


KRAFT MACARONI & CHEESE (White Cheddar/ Thick 'N Creamy) | SALE PRICE P49.95
Expiry | MAY 2016

KRAFT VELVEETA (Rotini & Cheese Broccoli/ Shells & Cheese Original) | SALE PRICE P78.75
Expiry | MAY 2016 

Best Before | MAY 2016

Best Used By | JUNE 2016 

Best Before | MAY 2016

Best Used By | MAY 2016

Best Used By | MAY 2016

Best Before | AUGUST 2016

Best Before | JUNE 2016

Best Before | JUNE 2016

Best By | END APRIL 2016

Best By | JUNE 2016

Best Before | JUNE 2016

Best Before | NOVEMBER 2016

Best Before | END APRIL 2016

Expiry | END APRIL 2016

There were a lot of things on sale at the Confectionery section, but I was already in a hurry so I failed to take photos - KitKat Chunky Peanut Butter P29.50, Maltesers Reindeer P28.95, Lindt Milk Choco Bears P15.75, etc.

Hi-Top Supermarket has branches at the following locations:
| HI-TOP QUEZON AVE - Quezon Avenue cor. Sgt. Esguerra, South Triangle, Quezon City
| HI-TOP AURORA BLVD - A. Luna, Project 4, Quezon City

These photos were taken at Hi-Top Quezon Avenue at 6PM today. So there should be stocks tomorrow.

Good luck, hoarders!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

#WeightLossJourney | DIE-ING WITH A T.

I have to lose a lot of weight. My youngest brother is getting married in October, and I do not wish to look like the mother of the bride. I have been trying to eat healthy since the new year, but that's just it, I still eat, and have not really watched how much I stuff into my mouth.

Two weeks ago, I was told that a nutritionist was downstairs offering a diet plan to employees looking at losing weight. I went and got myself weighed and tested, and whaddya know?! I was _ _ pounds overweight!!! Let me leave you to imagine those double digits, but yes, I am way, way above the average and ideal.

So to jump start that diet, I signed up. We were to follow the diet plan, which consisted of two shakes to replace breakfast and lunch. Then overall consumption for the day, including the shakes, was a certain number of calories - my magic number was 1,100. Yes, poor me. :(

My 1,100 calorie meal plan.

So far, after 10 working days, I have lost 6+ pounds. That isn't so bad. Now because I have had liver problems in the past, I have weaned myself off those meal replacement shakes, and have decided to look for green smoothie recipes that more or less give the same or lower number of calories. Because I really love green juice, I have decided to just stick to it. So far, I've found three.

Recipe is from the Blendtec recipe site.

Recipe is from the Blendtec recipe site.

Recipe is from the Blendtec recipe site.

Today, as I drank my smoothie, I kept thinking of food. I am dreading the next few days as we go on a staycation for the Easter holidays. Why is it so easy to gain weight and yet so hard to lose some? I am telling you, all that shake, chicken and fish will shoot out of my ears soon! But my metabolic age is even higher than I thought it would be! So I really have no choice, lest I want to be obese in my senior years. Yes, it is sad and crazy!

But after two weeks of dieting, I feel better physically, really. I look at how flatter my stomach is, and it gives me good vibes. Next week, I will start joining my artist at the gym upstairs, if only for cardio exercises. Yes, this is really it. I need to start caring for myself.

Cheers to Die-ing with a T. Who am I kidding? LOL! Good luck to me!

Monday, March 21, 2016


Note: This post originally appeared on my Facebook Page yesterday. But I am reposting it here, in case you missed it.

Because Globe has a problem with their Broadband service, and because the technician didn't come today as scheduled, I have zero access to the blog. Thus, I am leaving this here. ‪


I rushed to Rockwell this morning to catch the movie "Miracles From Heaven" with my family. Because I had to drive all the way from North QC, I barely made it to the 1240am screening. I took the first available parking slot (never mind that it was on the other side of the mall) and ran up to the theaters. T'was a nice movie. It was a great reminder to see miracles in everything around us.

We had just come out from the movie theater when I remembered I needed to get RL a pair of drumsticks for his first one-on-one music class this Tuesday. Right before separating from the rest of the family, I had asked KY where I could find a Lyric store aside from the other malls in the metro. I didn't want to go anywhere else since I was tired from yesterday. She didn't know.

As I walked to the other end of the mall where my car was parked, I was contemplating on checking the mall's directory to see if Powerplant Mall had a Lyric store. But since I didn't see a directory, I decided to just walk back to the car.

Thinking I didn't want to go to another mall after Powerplant, I asked God to help me find a store nearby. I needed one by tomorrow if we wanted RL to get to School of Rock ready for his lessons. I was planning on googling for "Lyric branches" in the car, when lo and behold, right when I was on the escalator heading to the parking basement, I spied a big sign that said LYRIC! There it was, a Lyric store INSIDE Powerplant Mall, at the Basement - right at the side where I had parked my car!

If you've ever been with me to Powerplant, you would know that I would never, ever park on this side. I have always had this preference to park at the very end where the Supermarket is located. I would never park here.

But today, for some reason I did. And there was that Lyric store, right when I needed one most.

Miracles happen. They are in everything. They are everywhere. 

"We know that in everything God works for the good of those who love him..." Romans 8:28 (NCV)

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Two Saturdays ago, we were invited to catch the premiere of the latest installment to the Kung Fu Panda movie series - KUNG FU PANDA 3! The kids were excited to go but we had a previous appointment at PAWS for Louis, our black siamese-persian mix. So we decided to catch the movie on another day, and settled to catch the NEW! McDonald's Happy Meal featuring some of the characters from Kung Fu Panda 3 instead!

Yes, folks, the NEW! McDonald's Happy Meal features Po and his warrior friends (and foe). My little boy, RL, unboxes the new set in his latest YouTube video.

The Philippines is lucky, because we get to collect 8 toys from this series (other Asian countries have only 6). What's more is that the Philippine Happy Meal just got a new upgrade! We now get the option to have a yummy corn cup as a replacement side (to the McDonald's French Fries option) to any Happy Meal! I have been waiting for this! And I am hoping it is here to stay...

The new corn option goes perfectly with any Happy Meal offering. I am thrilled that McDonald's has something healthier to offer our kids! They have this side option in other countries, so yay! It's about time we follow suit.

Now if only they would start offering fresh milk...

Catch all 8 Kung Fu Panda Happy Meal toys at McDonald's! Both offers are available at all McDonald’s restaurants nationwide through the front counter, Drive-Thru, or McDelivery by dialing 8-MCDO, visiting, or by ordering through the McDo PH App.

You can also catch Po as he visits selected McDonald's stores around the metro! Check his visit schedule here.

You and your family can also join Easter Awesomeness at the McDonald's Kung Fu Panda 3 Family Fun Day! Registration is ongoing 'til March 23! Click here for details.

Share your bonding moments with McDonald’s on social media using the hashtag #McDoHappyMeal.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

#FamilySundays | CHINATOWN! (PART 2)

If you missed Part 1, click here.

We decided we'd catch a late lunch x early dinner right after shopping at Mandarin Supermarket. Yaya J and I didn't get to eat lunch so we were hungry. We passed by both Wai Ying and President's on the way to Mandarin, so after asking Cai, Didi and April, we settled for Wai Ying. The restaurant was full, and we had to wait a good ten minutes before the waiter found us a table. We waited another five minutes for them to clean it up. Really, really slow service.

Wai Ying's Take Out store next to their fast food restaurant.

The server took our orders. I wanted to see if their Roast Duck rice lived up to its reputation. Unfortunately, this was what they served me.

My pathetic-looking Roast Duck Rice. :(

I was, however, very happy with my Iced Lemon Tea.

The kids and Yaya J each got Asado Rice. A said it was "okay lang." Do they really serve their roasts cold?

Asado. Yes, that's the actual color.

RL, right before he dug in. Hehehe.

RL wasn't too excited that Yaya wanted him to clean his plate. He says he was full since he had a cake after lunch at home. A didn't think of eating his leftovers though, so that says a lot about how good (or bad) this was. She actually loves Asado. So for her to pass was a surprise.

Good thing A got an order of their Pork Siomai. This was good. Unfortunately, they made us wait another 20 minutes for the bill. Turns out, they was a shift change and the servers all disappeared as they were changing out of their uniforms. So I took my troop downstairs and paid at the counter. Sigh.

Pork Siomai.

WAI YING (this visit, 2/28/16)
Food | 3
Service | 3 
Cleanliness | 4
Wait Time | 3

April says I probably just ordered the wrong things. I dunno. Maybe. But my gauge of a good roast resto would be their roasts, of course. Will try President's next time.

Halfway through my meal, I was thinking about the Fried Siopao across the street. LOL!

Shanghai Fried Siopao. 

At P17/ piece, this was a clear winner for A.

The kids unwillingly tried the bicho-bicho with sugar. RL surprisingly loved it, and went back to get another piece.

Should have gotten fruits. They have gigantic strawberries!

We wanted to explore more, but it started raining. So we ran back to Masangkay Street to get the car, drove to Mandarin Supermarket to pick up our groceries, then went off to church.

It was an afternoon well-spent. I do not regret pushing myself to go downtown. I wonder if I should push myself a little more this Sunday? LOL.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

#FamilySundays | CHINATOWN! (PART 1)

Starting this series on Family Sundays - not that it will be as regular as I want it to be, but the kids and I have resolved that we will make it a point to explore more of the metro on Sundays. Well, I hope!

I haven't had a relaxing, no-work weekend in weeks! We didn't have catering the past weekend, so I slept my Saturday away. I needed to rest my back anyway, so who cares if I slothed around? Hehe. My friend Cai has been asking me to check out a supermarket in Ongpin for Hong Kong treats, etc. I've been wanting to go since she bought a pack of Hi-C Lemon Tea for me a few weeks back. If you follow me on social media, you would know how much I love this product!

Photo from

So I found myself lazily planning a trip downtown on Sunday. I wasn't sure I wanted to go anywhere, but we also needed to get to Church, so I pushed myself to go after lunch.

After plotting down my destination on Waze, we made it to Masangkay Street around 2pm. Cai had advised to park along Masangkay or Salazar, since Ongpin Street would normally be full. The last time I went to Chinatown was way, way back when I was still in Sales, handling Convenience Stores for the food group. So this trip out to Binondo was a treat in itself! It was my kids' first time in that area - that is if you don't count our many trips to Divisoria.

Crossing the estero on Ongpin Street.

My kids were thrilled that the place looked and felt like another Asian country. Even Yaya J exclaimed that it felt like we were in Hong Kong (well, minus the smell, hehe).

Established in 1594, Manila's Chinatown is the oldest Chinatown in the world!

Classic Kalesa! A took this photo when we were still in the car. 

We were there with one goal: to get more Lemon Tea! So off we went to find Mandarin Supermarket on Ongpin Street.

Ah! We made it! I sent this photo to Cai and Didi right when we got to Mandarin Square!

Mandarin Supermarket is a haven for hoarders like me, especially since I really miss Hong Kong. It sells all sorts of grocery products from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and China. I was so overwhelmed that I didn't think to take more photos. Sorry! I even forgot to Snap!

Boxed Milk and Soy Milk selection.

Tea-k your pick. LOL!

What a pretty sight!

Would you? Preserved food and snacks from China. I'm talking vacuum-packed chicken wings, chicken feet, veggies, etc. 

I'm in noodle heaven!

The kids and I spent a good hour and a half in this supermarket alone. We ended up buying one huge box worth of stuff (my siblings asked me to get them Lemon Tea, too!). It was too heavy to lug back to the car, so I asked if we could leave it first then swing by for it later. It wasn't much of a problem if we wanted to explore first, because Mandarin Supermarket closes at 10pm!

Didi wanted me to post my finds, but since I didn't get to take a lot of photos inside the supermarket, I took photos of our Mandarin Supermarket loot when we got home.

Our loot!

RL's loot | From top left clockwise:
Prebiotic Drink (tastes like Yakult. Well, sorta...)
Thin Coconut Cookies (so good, but maybe because we love coconut cookies)
Hi-Chew Grape (RL ate up a lot already, so only three made it to the photo, LOL)
Woody Fan
White Rabbit Candies (the classic kind with the edible wrapper)

A's Loot | From top clockwise:
QQ Gummy Candies (P10 each!!!)
Glico Caplicocot
Meito Dessert Chocolat
Sakuma Fruit Candy Drops (Yes, like the ones in Grave of the Fireflies!)

My loot | From top left clockwise:
Serena Crackers - Seaweed, Vegetable, Green Onion, Spirulina
(My favorite cracker brand from Taiwan! Didn't think I'd find them here!)
Hi-C Lemon Tea (Our family's favorite - I bought 7 packs!!!)
Nissin Black Garlic Oil Tonkotsu Noodles
Nissin Curry Noodles
Nissin Hokkaido Tonkotsu Noodles
(the spiky kind my mom likes)

As you can see, I do not regret taking that trip to Binondo!

Mandarin Supermarket 
G/F Mandarin Square
777 Ongpin Street, Binondo, Manila

(To be continued...)

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