Wednesday, March 23, 2016

#WeightLossJourney | DIE-ING WITH A T.

I have to lose a lot of weight. My youngest brother is getting married in October, and I do not wish to look like the mother of the bride. I have been trying to eat healthy since the new year, but that's just it, I still eat, and have not really watched how much I stuff into my mouth.

Two weeks ago, I was told that a nutritionist was downstairs offering a diet plan to employees looking at losing weight. I went and got myself weighed and tested, and whaddya know?! I was _ _ pounds overweight!!! Let me leave you to imagine those double digits, but yes, I am way, way above the average and ideal.

So to jump start that diet, I signed up. We were to follow the diet plan, which consisted of two shakes to replace breakfast and lunch. Then overall consumption for the day, including the shakes, was a certain number of calories - my magic number was 1,100. Yes, poor me. :(

My 1,100 calorie meal plan.

So far, after 10 working days, I have lost 6+ pounds. That isn't so bad. Now because I have had liver problems in the past, I have weaned myself off those meal replacement shakes, and have decided to look for green smoothie recipes that more or less give the same or lower number of calories. Because I really love green juice, I have decided to just stick to it. So far, I've found three.

Recipe is from the Blendtec recipe site.

Recipe is from the Blendtec recipe site.

Recipe is from the Blendtec recipe site.

Today, as I drank my smoothie, I kept thinking of food. I am dreading the next few days as we go on a staycation for the Easter holidays. Why is it so easy to gain weight and yet so hard to lose some? I am telling you, all that shake, chicken and fish will shoot out of my ears soon! But my metabolic age is even higher than I thought it would be! So I really have no choice, lest I want to be obese in my senior years. Yes, it is sad and crazy!

But after two weeks of dieting, I feel better physically, really. I look at how flatter my stomach is, and it gives me good vibes. Next week, I will start joining my artist at the gym upstairs, if only for cardio exercises. Yes, this is really it. I need to start caring for myself.

Cheers to Die-ing with a T. Who am I kidding? LOL! Good luck to me!


  1. if i am in the north na, wanna go to fitness first???? hopefully hindi ako CS


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