Saturday, April 30, 2011


Beijing has tons of these. I am not sure if these are dandelions but what the fudge, the place is literally littered with these pods floating in the air. It gives you a winter-y feel as they do look like snow (yep, that much!) floating down.

My little boy and A loved the fact that they could wake up to more of these each morning. They called them "wishing weeds". Caught RL attempting to blow one off on our 3rd day in Beijing...

Too cute!

Friday, April 29, 2011

IKEA Beijing

I was gonna start a blog post on my Beijing trip, but got distracted by the Royal Wedding. LOL! So I am writing about something way easier to recount, because this was the highlight of my trip. Ok, ok, next to the Great Wall climb, but yea, major highlight, I would say.

So let me save the rest of the Beijing retelling for another day, and start with this post on IKEA Beijing, which happened on the last day, by the way.

I love, love, love IKEA. Although I know it isn't posh-posh to go gaga over IKEA, but hey, I love the store (so sue me). My mom's sister once labeled IKEA as cheap furniture that suits its price. But heck, I don't care. I think quality and design have both improved through the years. My mom loves IKEA, too, but she doesn't see it fit for her home (read: di bagay) so she leaves the IKEA passion to me (read: bagay sa bahay ko, LOL). My dad loves IKEA as well, and can spend the whole day there testing pillows (his obsession) and bringing tons to the cashier, only to have my mom screen and ditch. LOL.

Anyway, I try to visit IKEA each time I visit a country that has it. Hong Kong, a country I frequent, opened its biggest IKEA store at MegaBox last year. We all thought it was huge, but alas, it is nothing compared to the Beijing store, which has the makings of an IKEA Warehouse similar to the ones in the US and Sweden.

Let me tell you, or wait, let me show you how huge.

IKEA has only one store in Beijing. The receptionist at the hotel laughed when I asked her for directions to the nearest store. "Only one store in Beijing. Why eeeekeeeya? You buy furniture?" I had her write the name in Chinese so I could ask the cab driver to take us there. The cab driver knew exactly where it was, and happily took us to that one store (a rare treat, let me tell you, because hailing a cab in Beijing is so darn hard!).

The cab ride took about 20 minutes from Forbidden City, and cost us about 36RMB (roughly around 260pesos). When we stepped out of the cab, it looked pretty much deserted as only a handful of customers were around the store's facade. Alas, wrong first impression. The place was packed! But you won't have the feeling because...

IKEA Beijing is huuuuuuggggggeeeee!!!

Don't let the empty store front fool you. Parking was at the basement, under the store.

We were kinda pressed for time, since we were leaving for Manila that evening, and it was pretty late so I forgot to take pics of the main lobby. Oops. Do believe me when I say it was magnificent. Hehe.

We headed straight for the 3rd level, to the restaurant, which was big! The... uh... stolen photo I took doesn't justify the actual state of IKEA Beijing's restaurant, which seats around 1,000 (or more). And let me tell you, at 1pm, on a Tuesday at that, the place was brimming!

Stolen shot of the huge, huge restaurant. Taken as we were walking out.

My kids were hungry, and I couldn't quite decide on what to get. No steak specials or roast chicken at this IKEA restaurant. They were serving the usual, plus Chinese food. Well, it looked like Chinese food to me. So I decided on the usual - Baked Salmon with dill Mashed Potatoes and A's and RL's favorite, Swedish Meatballs. We normally have the meatballs with spaghetti noodles or fries, but I couldn't relay that via hand signals, and I only know basic-basic Mandarin, so I settled for the usual mash (good thing they weren't serving boiled potatoes that day). I also got a Smoked Salmon wrap to go (to eat on the plane).

Delicious Baked Salmon. Nom! This picture is making me crave for some!

A visit to IKEA must include having a serving of their Swedish Meatballs. Check out the Lingonberries! Nom!

We breezed through the showroom. Nothing there I haven't seen, really. The last time we were at an IKEA store was less than 6 months ago. Plus, I already had a list in my head of what to get. Nothing too heavy since we couldn't ship out a box this trip (I did take note of new stuff I wanted for the July trip to the homeland). Of course we had to take a 30 minute detour. My kids, RL most especially, love to play with the toys at Children's IKEA. RL fell in love with the new DUKTIG Mini Kitchen.

Photo Credit:

Yep, my son loves to pretend-cook, ever since he saw his male cousin E's mini kitchen. 700+RMB plus a really big and heavy box... so... uh, no thanks. I'll dig out A's kitchen or my old Fisher Price stove and cooking utensils nalang. But yea, I had to peel him away from the display. Screaming and kicking. Next time, Baby. Next time.

The items at IKEA Beijing were cheaper than most items from IKEA Hong Kong. Weekly specials and Even Lower Prices were indeed lower! The 5W-7W CFL bulbs were selling for as low as 5RMB each! Crazy low!

We were amazed at how huge the place was. The two top floors were sprawling. One could easily get lost there. But waaah! The lower Market Hall was even bigger!

I wanted to bring home those 199RMB round accent chairs! (see bottom of photo)

Overall, the visit took more or less 3 hours, dining-in included. The lines weren't as long as I had expected, but that's because they had 35 cashiers, with around 80% open, too!

I couldn't take a better pic since there were people looking at my huge SLR and I wasn't sure I could take pics at this store. IKEA stores in Hong Kong don't allow photos inside their showrooms. So I wasn't sure if it was the same in Beijing.

The IKEA trip made my Beijing vacay worth it. KY even says so. Literally made me forget I was frustrated with my Mandarin skills and their non-existent English skills. Not to mention my failed attempt at hand signals/ sign language and the useless English-Mandarin translator app I had downloaded for this trip ($4.99 pa!).

Of course we had to get soft-serve Ice Cream before leaving. Actually, we shared 5 cones (1RMB each) and a hotdog meal (5RMB for a sandwich and a refillable drink). It started raining so we couldn't go out to get a cab. Thus the 5 cones. Hehe.

IKEA Ice Cream, anyone?

IKEA Beijing was just bliss! Funny, never thought I'd say that about a home store.

I just have to say it again. I LOVE IKEA.


When in Beijing, check out IKEA at the following location:

No.59 Futong Eastern Street ,
ChaoYang District , Beijing 100102

For easy, hassle-free commute to the store, ask the front desk personnel or the hotel concierge to write down the store name and address in Chinese. Easier for the cab driver when he knows exactly where to go. Hehe.


C (one of my best friends from middle/high school) just started a blog to document her journey as she cares for her 2nd daughter, Sabina, who has a rare and incurable disease called Mitochondrial Respiratory Chain Disorder.

I don't really know how to explain C's strength as she deals with Sabina's disease and the circumstances it brings everyday. I can only attribute it to God's grace. Allow me to share her blog with you. Follow her on this difficult journey and see God's work in this little girl's life.

While you're on it, please join us as we pray for healing for little Sabina. God is God of the breakthrough!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

And We're Back!

Spent Holy Week and then some in Beijing with the kids and the rest of the fam. I must say, it was a tiring week. I never imagined that the language barrier would pose crazy, frustrating moments. To think I knew a handful of basic Mandarin (thanks to an elective in 11th grade and a class from grade school).

But I couldn't even get by, save for some numbers when haggling and the basic-basic stuff like "water", "small", "big", "child" and well, you know what I mean. It's a good thing my brother had translation cards from the time he spent a summer there studying. But so much has changed since the Olympics, that the cards were useless for some places that no longer existed.

So we mostly had to rely on hand signals. And crazy english.

But yea, we survived. I even spent the last 3 days with just the kids. My folks and sibs went home ahead of us, since we couldn't book a flight. And those 3 days were the most fun I had with them, except for the fact that it is crazy-hard to hail a cab in Beijing!

Will post pictures tomorrow. Too tired to dig up the camera. Goodnight! Hope your Easter was meaningful!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy Easter!

The kids and I are taking a week-long vacay. Can't say if I can blog from where we're off to, so let me greet you all a Happy Easter now.

God has been good and I have a lot to be thankful for. But mostly I am thankful for the cross. I would be lost without Christ. I am thankful He paid for my sins. Thankful I have Him as Lord and Saviour.

I am also thankful for the situation I am currently in. I am in this season for a reason. I pray that all Glory goes back to God.

May you all have a Happy Easter! He is Risen!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

50 Years

My in-laws celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary today. My mother-in-law sent me a text message two weeks ago telling me about it. And although I wasn't so sure about going, it was nice to have been thought of. My in-laws and I have been rebuilding our relationship since the whole big brouhaha happened in 2009. Today, we're sort of status quo with a pound of improvement.

Seriously, when I think about it, we haven't had an argument since 2008. Mainly because I stayed away. And the last ugly (well, not so ugly but stressful) conversation I had with them was DURING the brouhaha, when my father-in-law asked me to talk to R and to welcome him back home. O_o

So really, I can attribute all the peace and quiet to my... er... rather wise move to stay away. But really, my in-laws are nice folks. They're pretty old, and my dad's sort of nit-picky the same way (now that he's past senior citizen qualifier, too). But really, what do you expect from an 80-something year old? I am blessed to have them alive and doting on my kids.

Yes, doting. I wouldn't say the same 2 or 3 years ago. Well, they are crazy about A. But they hardly ever saw RL, never visited. But after spending time with my crazy little boy during the Christmas holidays, they have been won over by his charm and wit.

So yea, 50 years. I would have wanted the same for myself.

Thought to self: Hey wait, I'm still married. O_o

My brothers-in-law were ganging up on R over dinner at Gloria Maris, and we were all laughing at how R and I are more like brother and sister now. My mother-in-law wanted us to have a family picture after dinner!!! Nyar. "Family picture, 4 of you. C'mon!" All I could do was grin and say, "No na."

So I snapped a rare pic of R with the kids, and that was it.

But no, I shall not show you the pic. LOL! Lest I get in trouble with R. O_o

Friday, April 15, 2011

Switchfoot Giveaway Winners!

I had a mighty hard time verifying your entries so after discussing with my sponsors, we went ahead and skipped Blogger and Facebook. Too many entries, too many names to sort out. So as long as you clicked on Follow on Twitter, you're all set!

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Not a Baby!

My little girl turned 9 today. It is bittersweet. I was talking to her teacher the other day and exclaimed how it all went by so fast. Sometimes I feel like I missed out on most of her toddler years.

It's hard when life hands you circumstances and you have little, if no choice. I've always dreamt of being a housewife. Sadly, it is close to impossible in my case. When A was a baby, R didn't have a job. When he had one, it paid so little, I had no choice but to keep my day job. Today, the case is more like I'm gonna need a supportive hubby first before I go on dreaming to be a housewife. Aya!

I brought home a cake from the baker's last night for A's midnight countdown. It was a choice between Barney and Mario, as these were the only ones available. A loves Mario Kart so I got her Mario.

The little one was most excited about his Ate's birthday cake. He loves the Orange Chiffon cakes at Shoppersville. Truly a classic! Brings back memories of college and the good ol' days.

A absolutely loved her cake! I love how my little lady loves the simple things in life. You give her a pen and she's thrilled. So it took me a lot of convincing to make her go on a "date" with Grandma today. "She's gonna take you on a shopping spree!" I had said excitedly.

A looks down, sad, and says, "But I promised the people in the office I'll bring them cake and ice cream. And Chooks-to-Go!" (she made little invitation cards, inviting everyone to a "party", although I made sure the folks at the office knew we'd set that for another day)

So I told her it would be okay, and that I had told them about her date with my mom. After much reassurance, she looks to me and says, "Please make sure they know because I don't want them to be disappointed. I want to give them a party because they love me and they're family to me."

I looked back and smiled. My daughter is no longer a baby. She's all grown up.

Rumors and Lies

I had dinner with a really good friend from R's former place of work. We haven't seen each other in a long time, so dinner at a famous buffet place was a welcome treat. We actually stayed until they closed the place.

Catch-up included current events, and crazy stories about the kids. And well, of course this friend wanted an update on R. I had very little to give, as I am not privy to his ins and outs (I no longer ask) so I just smiled. So this friend started talking about how it was when R first started working for them.

According to this friend, who incidentally was one of R's best buds at work, R claimed he was trapped into marrying me. Ok, old story... and? Well, they were all surprised when they met me. We weren't actually introduced. I was then a parent at the company school. "Sino bang napipikot? Diba yung mayaman?", my friend asked and slapped my arm.

I shrugged. He's been telling everyone that to justify his womanizing. It's old news. I am not affected.

"But why aren't you pissed? Totoo ba?"

Why should I be affected? I know it isn't true. We actually have a prenuptial agreement and I was practically disowned for the first few years I was married to him. How could I have made him pikot then?

My friend stares at me for a good 10 seconds. "You have a prenup?!"

Yes, friends, girls, readers, stalkers, we have a prenuptial agreement. It has been the wisest thing I ever did. R signed the agreement to convince my folks he was going to take care of me, because my folks never liked him.

So tell me, how do you force a man to marry you when he did all the convincing to get you to marry him? He tells everyone the same story - friends, common friends, far-off relatives, acquaintances, etc. I am not surprised. And I've heard this before. I've confronted him about it, too. He denies it but really, does it matter? All I know is IT ISN'T TRUE. Don't we have freedom of choice? I mean, did my dad stick a gun to his head? Heck, we had to FORCE my folks to come to the wedding!

It is sad when people choose to spread lies and baseless rumors. But the truth remains, if you know the truth, then the lies shouldn't affect you. I left it all to God, and I think I've been vindicated more than I could ever hope for.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Switchfoot Giveaway gets even BIGGER-BIGGER!

Yup, you read that right!

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Net Speed at 2:10am

This is my latest net speed test.

It's even worse today at 2am! Crazy!

I got a call from Globe earlier (yesterday, actually, since it is past midnight), asking about my net connection. Sure 500kbps ain't bad when they committed 1mbps (I'm on the bundle plan lang). But hey, why commit if you cannot deliver?

The girl on the line asked if I wanted their technicians to come check my net connection. And I DECLINED. If your contractors think I will wait all day for them to come during dinner, then no, thank you.

I suggest you fix that problem first before you promise me another onsite visit. We all know how the last one almost didn't happen.

*EDIT: I did a second test and it's even lower now at .30mbps/.11mbps!!! Waaah!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Switchfoot Giveaway!

For those of you who still don't know, Becca Music, Inc. is the country's leading Christian Concert and Event Promoter - known for staging sold-out shows of well-known Christian artists such as Passion, Planetshakers, Citipointe LIVE!, Delirious? and many more.

On April 30, Becca Music will be bringing back Switchfoot for another concert in Manila!

This year's Grammy Award Winner for Best Rock or Rap Gospel Album, Switchfoot, is ready to take Manila's Phil Sports Arena (formerly ULTRA) by storm with their Hello Hurricane Tour! Yes, it is going to be a wild, crazy night!

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Globe Update!

Well, after calling again for the nth time yesterday, the tech guys finally came to fix my line and broadband. But not after me getting pissed (well, not angry pissed, more like frustrated pissed) and calling Globe AGAIN to complain that they made us wait the whole day. The appointment for my Job Order was set for any time in the morning. I even called the Termination Hotline to have them prioritize the onsite visit. Well, guess what? They came at 630pm!

I knew better than to wait AT HOME all day. I left after lunch to go catch Kaos at Resorts World, while the nanny waited for the Globe contractors. Ha! Take that! But at 530pm, the guys were still a no-show. So I called Globe and demanded to know what was going on. At 630pm, the tech guys finally showed up. And you know what? When I asked them what the problem was, this was the answer they gave me: "Tangled po ang cable wires sa box."

Yun lang?

Yep, friends. Tangled cables. Nothing more. And it took them 3 weeks to check. Wait, they didn't even BOTHER to check in those 3 weeks! I had two other Job Orders CANCELLED BY GLOBE, because according to them, it was an area problem. Then it became a Luzon-wide problem. So tell me, how are tangled wires a Luzon-wide problem? Your guess is as good as mine.

If not for my friend J, who managed to shoot the tech guys an email at 6pm yesterday, I still wouldn't have a phone or this uber-slow net connection.

Haha, yea, lucky me.

At least the phone now works. I am really, really grateful for that. Now I have to rethink Plan B and do something about this super slow net speed. Any suggestions?

Friday, April 8, 2011


My cousin H is having another baby. A girl this time! And she has been shopping and shopping for the little princess. Little H is coming out sometime this month, so I'm sure you understand how it is when a new baby is about to rule your lives.

Anyhow, H has been online shopping for baby things. Yes, who isn't addicted to online shopping nowadays? LOL! I guess she realized how frustrating it can be to buy something you really, really want but cannot have because it isn't available here... (yes, like that Special Agent Oso plush I wanted to get for RL for Christmas!). So H took matters into her own hands, she opened her own online shop! She got in touch with suppliers in the US and now has badabadaboo™!

It's fairly new, but she's been getting tons of orders from friends, family and strangers! She carries cool and practical kiddie products, like Manuella bags, SKIP*HOP Zoopacks, and Skidders™, to name a few.

Head on to her online shop to get these oh-so-cute products for your li'l one!

Suri Cruise's little backpack is perfect for your little girl! The bag's lightweight denim/corduroy material is machine-washable, too! Manuella Bags are soft to the touch and pleasing to the eye. Merav Flam’s unique designs recall simpler times and a childhood before digital and electronic toys. Each is carefully handcrafted with great attention to detail, and is designed to spark a child’s imagination. Merav’s lovable and irresistible creations have been featured on ABC’s “Good Morning America” and in numerous magazines.

SkidDERS Hybrid Shoes are designed to protect and support little feet as your little one carefully takes each step. • Engage imagination with SkidDERS fun patterns, while their durable, non-skid outsole and cushioned insole keep your baby or toddler safe and comfortable. You will appreciate the pull-on design for easy on-and-off ability. Keep your little one comfortable, stylish, and colorful without the constraint of shoes. SkidDERS is also perfect for babies as their lightweight outsole provides the stability, flexibility, and traction that new walkers need.

SKIP*HOP Backpacks and Lunchbags can be worn/used by kids 1 year old and up! Moms and Nannies can carry them, too! BPA-Free, Phthalate-Free, and PVC-Free, the backpack has a roomy main compartment (for diapers, clothes, books, crayons, and toys) and an adjustable mesh bottle pocket (fits wide-neck baby bottles!). It is padded, and has adjustable comfy straps to fit 1 year olds and adults! The roomy, insulated Lunchbag keeps food and drinks cold. It's generous main compartment is big enough for a sandwich, an apple, and a juice box… or two wide-neck bottles and a milk dispenser! Includes an interior mesh pocket for utensils, and more! What's more, the Lunchbag's top handle clips onto other bags or onto your matching SKIP*HOP Backpack! Skip*Hop bags are perfect for your baby, toddler, and school-age kids!

badabadaboo™ has more great products coming in soon. So do bookmark the site and don't miss out on fab buys for your fab baby!

Stuff for Kids
Corinthian Gardens
Quezon City, Metro Manila

phone: (02) 964-6263

Visit badabadaboo™ on the web here. Check out the products' Facebook pages by clicking on the images above.


Is my blog ready for another giveaway? Thinking of giving out the following:

- Switchfoot Tickets
- Lullabye CDs
- Food!
- and more stuff (I still have tons to write about, sorry, blah net service at home - dead for 3 weeks now)

What do you think? Please LIKE this post to let me know. Or leave a comment. Or ring me. Or what have you. LOL!


RANT: Globe Telecom/ Innove

Most of you know that my landline and broadband at home has been out of service for almost 3 weeks now (3 weeks tomorrow night!). And today, in spite of more than half a dozen calls to Globe's Customer Service, via 7301000 and 211, they have yet to take action on my numerous requests.

I first noticed that my phone was dead on the evening of March 19. I was online when I left the house, and I actually left my laptop and broadband connection on, as I made a quick trip to a nearby convenience store. When I got home, I noticed that I got disconnected from the web. So I turned off my modem, turned it on again, but still no service. I was going to call the hotline when lo and behold, the phone was dead. No dial tone, no static. Nothing. It was already past 12midnight when I tried calling Customer Service via mobile, and I was told by the recorded message to call again (seriously, I know they're cutting costs, but at least have one or two people available to man your 24-hour hotline. People get frustrated as technical problems/ stolen phones, etc do happen at night).

So I waited 'til the next morning to call. I requested for an onsite visit for Monday. That same day, as I was having Happy Lemon with my good friend JP, Globe calls me on my mobile to let me know that the onsite visit had to be cancelled. Why so? According to the girl on the line, there was an area problem and I shall receive feedback within 24 hours.

The next morning, someone from Globe did try to call me back. But I was in the shower and failed to pick up. So when I got out, I called the hotline, explained the situation and requested for feedback. No one calls back.

The following weekend, on the first week since its death, I call Globe Customer Service again, asking about my problem. No answers from the guy who took my call. They forwarded my request to technical (mind you, I have to call TWICE each time, once for landline and another one for broadband, since these two services at the hotline DO NOT coordinate, and have NO WAY of transferring the call to the next person in-charge). I waited again, no callback.

Monday morning, in the office, I call them again. This time, requesting for another onsite visit for the upcoming Wednesday (I was busy Tuesday and had to be at work early). I filed a leave with the office to accommodate the Globe Tech guys as they hardly ever come on time (I once waited 'til 1pm when I was scheduled for a 10am! And the contractors were a No-Show!). Tuesday afternoon, I got a call from Globe, once again cancelling my onsite schedule!!! What the...????!!! The girl says they are trying to fix it, as it is an area problem. But one week?!

I called again on a Friday, but still no answers on when my service will be restored. So I took the opportunity to call JO, a good friend actually working at Innove. She said she will look into it. I gave her my details and waited.

But I still tried calling Globe Customer Service on the Sunday after that but gave up because my Globe mobile phone couldn't find decent signal and the line was choppy (plus I waited more than 10 minutes na and still no one on the other end).

I called again Tuesday, and spoke with a nice guy named Nathan. Apparently, now it's a Luzon-wide problem and still no answers as to when service will be restored. This is pissing me off now, since I now have a new nanny at home (never mind the past 2 weeks since no one was at home anyway), and no phone line for emergencies and the like. He gives me a new Reference Number (#FW111040000132) and tells me that someone will call for feedback. Yea, right. He also gives me the number to call should I wish to terminate their service (since I was pretty mad on the line. But hey, my brother, who was in the room with me when I was making the call, said I was pretty calm and nice).

Yesterday, a guy from Globe called me. They finally checked the box/facility upon JO's request. He says the wires were all tangled (!) but they fixed it, and my line should be working right. I called A on the Smart Mobile at home for her to check - still dead. The guy said he just got word from the office that there was a problem in the area, but the line should be up and working by nightfall. I got home to a dead line.

Today, I called Globe's Customer Service again and finally got a new Job Order Number (#7303080) for ANOTHER Onsite visit tomorrow. After relaying the story over and over again, it gets kinda old. I've also tried communicating with Globe's Twitter service via @Talk2GLOBE and it has been frustrating, let me tell you. There are probably 20 people manning that account. The last one even commented on how nice my blog was and if my phone application has been submitted. Huh? I've sent them close to 10 DMs and yet, they don't know what they're talking about?!

So yea, today, although I must admit that I didn't want to at first, I am blogging about this, because 3 WEEKS IS WAY TOO LONG! What is going on???! I called your termination service hotline today, and I was offered a month's rebate (by Aura) if I decide to continue using your service! WHAT SERVICE, GLOBE? My phone's been dead! I have to resort to using my mobile to call a Smart line (my other mobile, which thank God I didn't terminate) because I have no way of contacting my kids and their new nanny! I have to resort to surfing the net using my office mobile and pay EXTRA for that, when actually, I should have that service at home!

I am a very patient woman, but you are testing my patience. Do you want my business or what?

Our family corporation subscribes to your service, by the way. In our head office alone, we have 124 postpaid lines and 3 landlines (excluding personal lines subscribed by family members!). Do you want our service, GLOBE? Or should we make the big switch?

*NOTE: Logo courtesy of the Facebook Rant page on Globe Telecom. To see more rants and complaints, check out the "What's Wrong With Globe Telecom?" page here.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Summer Cut!

Our shih tzu, Mickey, has been NEEDING a groom for quite some time now. Last time he had one professionally was in October. Since the other nanny left, I wasn't too keen on giving him his weekly baths. Didn't even have time to brush the little fella, let alone sprinkle Dry Shampoo to make him smelling clean, albeit super dirty.

So today, thanks to the Beeconomic/ Groupon deal I bought online in January, I took him to Pooch Park for a full groom. I've been wanting to send our dogs to Pooch Park ever since the store opened a few years ago, but R takes charge of the dogs, and likes to bring them to his friend's place at Tiendesitas. Pooch Park is a stone's throw away from where we used to live. And I would say, it was more convenient, in terms of location, queues and service.

Now that we live so far from where Pooch Park is, I had to take the morning off to run this errand. But never mind the time off, my pooch badly needed this, plus the deal was great. Imagine a full groom plus toothbrush service for P225! That's 55% off!

I suppose Mickey's tangles were so bad, it took them 2 hours to get him all dolled up and smelling fresh. Oops, my bad. I am so not good with canines. I don't have the patience to groom him everyday, and the Shih Tzu demands daily care. Not my fault (haha, excuses!), my cousin and Achilles Kennel breeder, PC, gave Mickey to A as a post-Christmas gift last year. Don't get me wrong, I love dogs but I cannot personally care for them. I'd rather spend my free time with the little man and the little lady. But hey, not to say I am an irresponsible human! I once hired a nanny for July, R's old poodle, and Dixie, the Yellow Lab who mysteriously disappeared (LOL! R gave him away without letting me know; yep, I come home from the US and my dog is gone!).

So thank goodness for grooming places such as Pooch Park. They give us a better alternative to that crazy dog land over at Tiendesitas. Last I heard, there was a distemper virus floating around the area, and pooch owners are warned to stay away. Sad. Well at least I don't have to wait in line. The last time I had Mickey groomed at Tiendesitas, I waited 4 hours! Yikes!

This is Mickey on the grooming table getting shaved. Kekeke.

This is Mickey Mouse (!) on my office chair, looking all groovy after his day at the groomer's.

What's more, Pooch Park shares some love back to their loyal customers. Every 5 full grooming services entitle you to swag (I love swag!). So yea, I will be back soon!

Pooch Park has stores at the following locations:

#181 Auto Depot Bldg Julia Vargas Ave., Pasig City
Open: Mondays - Sundays 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
Contact nos. : 9105036 or (0922) 9663320

Level 5 Robinsons Metro East Marcos Highway, Pasig City
Open: Mondays - Sundays 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
Contact nos. : 6477025 or (0933) 9348553

Check out Pooch Park's official site here. And add them on Facebook here.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Hahaha, of course that last sentence on the last post was a joke. :)

Separation Anxiety

Today was a first, after more than two months, for RL to stay home. I suppose he got used to going to the office with me. This morning, as I got ready to leave, he kept pointing to himself, saying... "Me! Me!" Then he pointed at his feet... "Shoes! Wear shoes." Then he did the sign for shoes.

Poor baby. It tugged at my heart that I had to leave him with the new nanny. But A stayed home with him, too. I had to reassure him that mommy will be back, and I sure hope everything worked out well. So far, I've received 4 update calls from A - none of the panic-kind, thank goodness.

Yaya B is only 18. She was in 1st year college, and had to quit after the first semester due to financial difficulties. Computer Science, too! She must be smart, and it pains me that she has to stop. Of course my first reaction to this fact was guilt. I so wanna help her, but I also need a nanny. And the last househelp I had helped send to college left me with not one ounce of gratitude. She left pa when I had needed her the most.

My mom says I shouldn't be too nice to my yayas. But I can't help it. I grew up with one. And I remember crying when she left. And it makes me sad that some are young kids with so much potential! My cousin's nanny is a 4th year college drop-out. She stopped because she needed to help her family. She says she made the right decision though, given that she was able to send ALL her siblings to school after working for more than 20 years as a nanny to expat families.

Yesterday, Yaya B played Monopoly with A. And according to A, she was pretty good (this coming from my uber-competitive daughter who thinks she is best at everything!) Then, I was told Yaya B made a call to her mom in the province. And cried. This is daily chismax for my daughter, who was all too eager to tell me all about her and Yaya B's day when I got home.

"She cried! She misses her mom."

I should think so, it is her first time away from home.

I think back to how clingy I was when my own parents left to train in the US in the 80s. This was right after my brother KW was born. We had to endure 3 whole months without them. I remember sobbing each time they'd call.

I've read up on Separation Anxiety because of the case with RL. And experts say reassurance is key to successful separation. Assure and reassure the child that things will be ok, that mommy will come back, etc. My mom says to just sneak out. LOL. I tried the assurance tactic yesterday and that didn't work. So today, I sneaked out.

Early this morning as I tried to psyche myself to get out of bed, my thoughts wandered and brought me to memories of my earlier woes with R. Each time he left my side, I had panicked. When reassurance should have calmed my nerves, I was doubtful. Woman's Instinct told me there was something up his sleeve.

Looking back, I now feel like I wasted so much time worrying. I could have saved myself with God's assurance that He is in control. That, or I could have sneaked out to freedom. O_o Sigh.

Note: After reading this post, make sure you read this one. ^_^

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Quick Update

I have a new helper. (Thank you, Lord!) So she's currently being trained by A! LOL! She feels she has mastered her chores in the past 2 months and has volunteered to stay home to teach Yaya B.

RL has yet to adjust. He insists on going to the office with me still. Weaning is such a heartbreaker! It pains me to see him cry. :( But he has to stay home. I can't get enough work done when the TV in my office is on, blasting Little Einsteins and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Sigh. I'm gonna miss having him around though. I still thank God for giving me this opportunity to bond with my kids.

I haven't been able to update-update the past few days. I keep forgetting to buy a new Smart Bro card. So not used to using a prepaid device. Have to bug Globe to give me my service back! Hassle. I've been DM-ing @Talk2Globe on Twitter for feedback, and they hardly reply. Yesterday, after so many attempts, someone finally gets in touch with me, but still nada! I've also asked the help of my friend J, who works directly with Innove. Sigh. If I weren't tied to this plan, I'd switch.

I attended the party of R's childhood friend T last night. His wife served a mean Kilawin na Bangus, and I'm actually craving for more. I got to take some home and had that for lunch. But I'm still dreaming of it. Argh. I hate it when I crave for something I can't buy or make on my own.

Told R about the party, and he got pissed I went. T and G are my good friends, too. We used to attend the same small group for Church and their youngest is my goddaughter. I don't get it. He calls them "PG" for Patay-Gutom when in fact, they're more well off than he is, more well off than me! Well at least T has real friends who love and support him. And R says he doesn't care.

Sigh. I don't understand how that brain of his works. These people care for him, but he couldn't care less. I suppose he prefers friendships of the fleeting kind.

Have you checked my 2007 Archive? I've re-published some posts already. Taking time, as I'm reading and editing some (make 'em safe), but yea, some are already up.

Monday, April 4, 2011


is Chili's 4th Annual Big Mouth Burger Day!

Read about my experience at the first ever Chili's Big Mouth Burger Day here. Burgers were then P88.00 each. Nom!

Saturday, April 2, 2011


I received a text from the hubby, telling me he was going to send money for the kids. I replied to say thanks, and got this back:

"April Fools Day kaya joke lang un. Haha."

O_o Naisahan ako dun a.

WOW Package!

When my friend A told me she was sending a package for the kids, I didn't think much about it. So when I received a text from her friend Thursday afternoon, telling me the box was ready for pick-up, I thought I'd leave the errand 'til the last minute. I was attending a blog event that evening, and thought I'd swing by for the package before heading to Blog The Beat.

So when we finally got the box from my friend's friend, A was all too excited to check its contents out.

We got the surprise of our lives!

Check out what was inside the box! I couldn't believe it at first. It was like getting a care package from the North Pole! Waaah!!! Thank you, Ate A! You're a star! My kids love you, E and baby C!

Disney Cars V-Tech Kiddie Laptop for RL.

Hello Kitty Sheet Set for A.

Mickey and Minnie swag!

Poohbear and Sesame Street stationery stuff...

Bath and Body Works Sweet Pea swag.

Woot! Thank you for thinking of us, Ate A! It's actually quite embarrassing to be getting this -- because you're in Japan and I'm here, and you're the one who's more affected with the recent earthquake and tsunami, and yet, you still took time to send us stuff. I love you! May you be blessed a hundredfold in return.

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