Sunday, March 30, 2014

Super Mario Invades McDonald's!

So late last week, McDonald's announced their new Happy Meal. 

First with this teaser on Thursday...

Then with this one posted on their Facebook page on Friday...

Knowing that this was Super Mario and friends excited the kid in me. My daughter A loves Mario, and this would be something I knew she'd collect. But she is spending the week at my mom's house. So Momma took it upon herself to start the collection. Hahaha! RL was only too excited to get his hands on Mario (the only one he really knows out of the bunch).

Last night, we drove thru for our first two toys. Then again, tonight, for another toy. 

Mario with Pipe. Push Mario inside the pipe, and press down on board (included) and he pops right back up.

Mario with ? Block. Help Mario hit the ? Block and it will ping, just like in the game!

Mario with Goal Pole. The base is a self-inking stamp of Mario's face!

I love it that you can order any Happy Meal with french fries, even McSpaghetti! 

There are eight toys to collect! So head on over to McDonald's and get Super Mario and his friends with every McDonald's Happy Meal you buy!

I can't wait to complete my set! Oh wait, A's! I meant A's set. Hehehe.


S&R Big Deal No. 5

I am sure that you've gone to check out S&R's Big Deals Sale by now. I have been so busy at work that I forgot my Big Deals Sale updates! This morning, while watching out for treasures for Jake's Birthday Bash on Disney Junior (RL and I have been trying to win for three weeks now, but boo, no luck!), I got a text from my friend M asking me about Members' Treat. And so I remembered I had another post on draft! Oops! Thanks, M!

Every time I go to S&R, I always end up buying food packs - even when I don't need them. Haha! I can't help it. S&R is the Philippines' answer to Costco or Sam's Club (or Price Club for you folks who grew up in the US during the late 70s and the 80s). And the food they sell just brings back a lot of good memories of summers in the US, and the year I lived there for senior year.

So when Members' Treat comes along, and they slash prices for food, you can bet I will have these in my cart. Nutella is a sure buy. Combos, too. Along with a lot of other things you can only get at S&R.

For March Big Deals (as well as Members' Treat), S&R has these on sale...

I wouldn't be surprised if they've sold out of Nutella Spread by now. Those always go fast!

Do check out S&R for other great food deals. Usually, if they are on end cap displays (end of the display aisle), they are on sale. Last time I checked, sausages, dressing, mixes, cookies, etc were already on display with big savings for their sale.

Nutella on End Cap Display...

Kirkland Weight Loss Shake, Coffee Mate and Lotte Orange - all on SALE!

Mogu Mogu Strawberry 1L. Look! Only P76.95 BUY ONE, TAKE ONE!

Late July Multigrain Snack Chips and Fridays Cheddar Bacon Potato Skins...

Kirkland Roasted Seasoned Seaweed, 10-count packs, P449.95
Sourdough Pretzel, P429.95

If you want to avoid the lines on Wednesday, I strongly suggest visiting now. You still have three days to shop until the chaos known as Members' Treat begins. Again, everything that's already on sale (that is, if they haven't sold out by now) will have the same discounted price on Wednesday.

March Big Deals ends on Tuesday! Go check it out now while you still have time!


~~~ * ~~~

Members' Treat begins this Wednesday already! Are you ready? Don't miss out on great deals exclusive to S&R Members! Be a member today!

APRIL 2 to 6, 2014; 8AM - 9PM


Saturday, March 29, 2014

RL Funnies: THINGS.

My little boy cannot pronounce TH-. There are some words that begin or end with TH that he says with an F.

For example, the word bath becomes baF: "Mommy, I need to go and take a baF." or "Mommy, ate won't open the door to the baFroom."

Or say, the word throw. He says, Frow or Frowing like "Momma, ate is Frowing her food!"

I've been correcting him lately, and he is mindful of his TH words, but tends to exaggerate that I always end up snickering (bad momma, I know). He says baT for bath now - without emphasis on the word having an H because it almost always ends up as baF. But he tries.

Yesterday, while in the car, on the way to Araneta Coliseum for work, he was asking if we could go to my mom's house (A has been sleeping over since school ended because she is spending time with my mom and KY).

RL: "Can we go to Ama's (Grandma) house tonight?"
K: "Nope. I don't think so. We will finish late."
RL: "But I haven't been to Ama's house for plenty of days already." (he has no concept of weeks)
K: "Why? What will you do there anyway?"
RL: "I want to see if Ama has new Fings." (meaning things)
K: "What are Fings?!"
RL: "I want to see if Ama has new stuff pala! STUFF! Not the other word."

Aba, mautak. He knows his synonyms. LOL!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Yaya Diaries: GATAS PA DIN!

So the other night, after writing the post on Yaya and her "gatas ng bear", I kinda mentioned to her how I blogged about it, and how people found it extremely funny (and ridiculous). She was a tad defensive at first, but later on, laughed because she really did think the milk of that particular brand wasn't really milk-milk.

Later that evening, we had this conversation...

Y: "Kung gatas pa din pala yun ng cow, hindi pala honest ang N" (referring to the company that carries the milk brand).
K: "So teka, di ka na iinom ng Bear Brand?"
Y: "Ay hindi na, kahit yung gatas na choco nila kasi gatas pa din pala ng cow."
K: "Ganon?"
Y: "Alaska nalang iinumin ko next time, kasi yun sure ako, gatas ng tao."

People, this really, really happened.

Ay, ewan talaga.

McDonald's Kiddie Crew 2014!

I've been trying to convince RL to join this summer's McDonald's Kiddie Crew Program. We missed last year's cut-off because the little boy had a lot on his plate (swimming lessons then Trumpets). Then again, he might have been too young anyway.

This year, I wanted to be on time (and first in line at the McDonald's store two minutes away from where we live), so I bugged the peeps at McDonald's for this year's workshop schedule. All year round, I kept mentioning the opportunity to RL (a bad technique, I know, as I was projecting my ideals on the little man, oops - more on this on another post), and he wasn't too keen on it at first... until I mentioned that his big sister, A, joined Kiddie Crew when she was around his age (and we all know how he just idolizes his big sister). So two weeks ago, after reassuring him that he can do basketball clinic after McDonald's week, he gave in. Yes!

(Yes, yes, Momma and her childhood hang-ups. *sheepish grin*)

RL and Ronald McDonald!
And it was a blessing-in-disguise when, exactly two weeks ago, we were invited to the media launch for this year's Kiddie Crew Program. There, RL got to try out being part of McDonald's. We missed the kitchen tour because we were late, but he got to try out other activities similar to those they have lined up for this year's Kiddie Crew. He got to do crafts, paint his very own chef's hat, make his first-ever McDonald's Cheeseburger and hang out with other kids who love, love, love McDonald's.

During National Breakfast Day, I made sure to enroll him right away, and was set to let him start this week. But then of course I forgot about my uber-packed schedule, what with Passion Manila 2014 happening Thursday and Friday. So I asked to resched and got him in for next week instead.

I have no pictures of the orientation that happened Sunday morning, because I was too busy being the proud Momma! RL was called to the front to introduce himself to the other kids, and he did really well! All this time, I thought he was a boy of few words. Apparently, I thought wrong (I am so glad school helped him with developing confidence). He gladly went in front when they called his name out, took the mic and said "Hi, I'm RL. I am five years old, and my favorite food from McDonald's is chicken, rice and gravy." Haha, okay, I know he's very talkative in front of people he's comfortable with (family, friends, my officemates, etc), but put him in front of strangers (or his teacher during PTC) and he clams up. I suppose he's more mature now, and all that training for Musical Theatre has worked. Teehee. Mighty proud Momma here, I tell you.

The kids and their letter M (for McDonald's)

So anyway, yes, he's all set for next week. Can't tell you just how excited I am! I can't wait to visit during his shift! Thank goodness McDonald's decided to open a store near our home!

~~~ * ~~~

McDonald's Kiddie Crew Workshop is now on its 22nd year (imagine that!), and this summer, kids ages 6-12* can enjoy activities the McDonald's way!

For only Php595, kids get to join the special 5-day workshop filled with activities such as burger-making, crafts, singing, dancing and fun restaurant on-floor training! What a great way to instill important work values and skills to your kids! The workshop fee also includes a limited-edition Kiddie Crew Workshop shirt, bag, ID lace, snacks and all materials for their daily activities.

Aside from the 5-day workshop, you and your kid also get to join the grand graduation event. All Kiddie Crew graduates will receive a McCelebrations Gift Certificate worth Php500, plus freebies to enjoy with their Kiddie Crew Club Card.

Painting his chef's hat...

Making his first-ever McDonald's Cheeseburger!

Eating his work of art!

So let your kids have a memorable (and cool!) summer experience - the McDonald's way! Registration is now open at participating McDonald's stores nationwide. Workshops will run until May 30, 2014.

Workshop schedule for 2014.

SIGN YOUR KIDS UP TODAY! Registration ends April 30.

*Kids below 6 years old may participate provided that their parents sign a Parents Approval/ Consent form. Only selected stores will allow this, depending on store traffic and available personnel, so please check with the store before you enroll your kid/s.

For more information, and for a complete list of participating stores, visit


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Passion 2014!

Passion Manila 2014 is happening this week, and this is mainly why I haven't had time for the blog (and other things). Yes, the worldwide student movement of the Passion Conferences (led by Pastor Louie Giglio) will once again be on Philippine soil, and it is two days away!!!

If you were there during Passion Manila 2008 and 2010, you should know how incredible an impact they had on thousands of students - lives were forever transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit on those days. After 3 long years, they are back! I can't wait for Thursday and Friday!

If you're going, don't forget to bring a clean, new towel to donate to Operation Blessing! They are collecting these for the benefit of High School students in the Visayas affected by Typhoon Yolanda.

Now, if you don't have tickets...

Here's good news! Becca Music, in cooperation with House of Praise, is sponsoring this week's giveaway (well last week's, but you already know I'm a week behind my giveaways, so anyway...)!

I am giving away a total of four Passion tickets for Thursday, March 27. Two Patron tickets, and 2 Upper Box A tickets. Two people will win this week, each receiving a pair. Winners will be picked by 11:59PM tonight, right when the giveaway ends. Winners may claim their tickets from me at the Smart Araneta Coliseum anytime after 4PM on Thursday. So simple to join! And well, you know what to do... Remember, the promo ends tonight at 11:59PM, so join right away - right when you read this. Yes, pronto.

Don't forget to give me your mobile number (first entry option) so I can inform you once you win (I will be texting at midnight, so please don't get mad).

And remember, this giveaway will only run for 24hours.

So. Join now!

~~~ * ~~~


I just picked both Patron and Upper A Ticket Winners!

Congratulations to...

DIOSA DE GUZMAN (Winner of 2 Patron Tickets)
and to... 
DEEYAN DIMARUCUT (Winner of 2 Upper A Tickets) 

I sent a text to you both. Please reply to confirm that you can make it. You may also assign a proxy or transfer your prize to your friend. But please let me know. I've given you instructions on how you can claim your tickets. Again, please text back before 3pm or I will give away your tickets to people waiting outside the venue.

And yes, please don't forget to bring a clean towel to donate.


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tabasco Giveaway Winner!

I know! Kaye is late (again!). But Kaye is busy. Extremely busy. Hehe.

Today, I am taking a few hours off work (at 10PM) to catch up with entries for the blog. I actually started writing this entry Saturday afternoon, but apparently, it didn't save. Boo! So I had to start all over again. Anyway, let me go straight to the point and announce the winner...

...who will win all these from Tabasco!


Please wait for my email (which I will probably get to send next week, sorry!)! I shall ship your prize next week. Let me get this week over and done with first. Have events this week, and I will be out of commission until Sunday.

Thank you to everyone who joined this giveaway! And thank you to JA for sponsoring this. I will miss you! May God bless your new season in life!

Yaya Diaries: GATAS NG COW

Our nanny doesn't eat beef. Nor does she drink or eat any beef/cow/cattle/carabao by-product. And that includes milk and selected ice cream. Apparently, this is something associated to a traumatic childhood experience. 

She used to eat this particular ice cream brand, but once, when we were buying a scoop at the mall, she saw a sign that said "made from fresh carabao's milk"... and almost puked.

Two days ago, I saw her drinking milk.

K: "Aba, Ya, nagbagong-buhay ka na?"
Y: "Bakit?"
K: "E gatas yan e. Diba, ayaw mo ng milk kasi gatas ng cow?"
Y: "Hindi naman gatas ng cow 'to! Tingnan niyo, 'Bear Brand'! Gatas ng Bear!"

Bwahahaha! Ay, ewan! 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

S&R Big Deal No. 4

These BUY ONE, TAKE ONE Health and Beauty deals are irresistible! The H calls me a hoarder but look, he benefits from it! All he has to do is "shop" for whatever he needs from our toiletry supplies shelf (or wait, shelves), and voila!

I am loving the Health and Beauty deals from S&R's March Big Deals. Look, two tubes of toothpaste (Colgate at that!) for only P199.95! If you prefer Colgate Liquid Gel, it's also on sale at BUY ONE, TAKE ONE for the same price! And I love, love, love the fact that L'Oreal Color Vive is on sale at BUY ONE, TAKE ONE (thunder hair kasi, LOL)!

Some of my friends didn't appreciate it that S&R didn't put their Safeguard or Ivory Soap Packs on BUY ONE, TAKE ONE. But look, if you know last September's price, you'll realize that the P399.95 price for two packs comes out to just P30.00 more than the last Members' Treat price (P369.95, BOTO). So technically, same lang, only pricier (but P30.00 isn't too bad).

I haven't gone around this area much because we had to rush back to the office when we checked out the sale, but I do remember seeing A LOT of items at discounted prices. Take these vitamins, for instance...

Calcium Gummy Bears, only P499.95! Not seen in pic are bottles of Omega 3 Alaskan Salmon Oil, only P1,149.95!

I must admit I haven't had time to go back, but S&R has announced that they are adding more and more items on sale everyday! How exciting, and it's not even Members' Treat yet. My only fear is spending too much now and not having enough when April 2-6 comes along. Argh!

Have you checked out March Big Deals? Any great finds?


~~~ * ~~~

You also don't want to miss April's Members' Treat! Yes, it's S&R's bi-annual sale, happening next month - ALL BRANCHES, too!

APRIL 2 to 6, 2014; 8AM - 9PM 


Monday, March 17, 2014

Thank you, McDonald's!

So we made it to McDonald's for National Breakfast Day. RL and I left the house at 5:15 am. We wanted to make sure we had a spot in line for FREE McMuffins at the new McDonald's store two minutes away. Whew! I hardly ever get up this early. Well, I do, but it's usually just to wake A up for school, then I go back to bed and snooze. Haha!

But waking up before the sun comes up sure has its perks. We were first in line at McDonald's today!

Thank goodness the McDonald's store near us now operates 24 hours!

Little boy is pleased that he is first in line!

Excited to get his FREE McMuffin! (Excuse the fashion fail!)

Getting his FREE McMuffin coupon!

RL got his FREE McMuffin coupon...

... and I got mine!

Yaya J came 15 minutes later (she had to wait for A to get picked up by the school bus), and then we only had a few minutes to go.

The line at 10 minutes to 6 am!

Pretty soon, it was time to head in for our FREE McMuffins! Hooray!

Our #NationalBreakfastDay coupons right before redemption!

"I want an Egg McMuffin and some Hotcakes, please!"

Yaya J and I got McCafe Premium Roast Coffee (only P25 each!) with our FREE McMuffins!

This, my folks, is a perfect Egg McMuffin! #omnomnom

At 6:46 am, the branch we were at had served 430 FREE McMuffins! 30 minutes later, they had already served 1,000!

Thank you, McDonald's! 

RL happy with his 2-pc hotcake meal (with Hot Choco) and his Egg McMuffin!

#HoorayforToday! We can't wait for next year!


S&R Big Deal No. 3

If there is one thing you can count on when it comes to S&R (and their big bi-annual sale), it is getting household goods at BUY ONE, TAKE ONE! 

Need towels? 
Get them at S&R! 
Need new sheets? 
Get them at S&R! 
Need new rugs? 
Get them at S&R! 
Need new tables?
Get them at S&R!

Haha, you get the point! I love it that you can expect these deals every time March or September comes around. I hope they also have fitted sheets (not sets) on sale, too. And nice pillows. It's time to change my bed pillows, and we want huge down pillows like the ones they have at hotels.

Look! 2-pc pack Hotel Pillow Case! Only P199.95 BUY ONE, TAKE ONE!
That comes out to P50.00 per piece! Nice deal!

Here are more things on sale!

These Sterilite Shoe Boxes are on Sale! Only P119.95 (Green) and P129.95 (Purple) each!

Keter Sigma 18" Shelving, only P3,499.95 BUY ONE, TAKE ONE!

What about you? What's the one thing you look forward to the most when it comes to S&R's Sale? Well, you don't have to wait for Members' Treat because these are already on sale... NOW!


~~~ * ~~~

You also don't want to miss April's Members' Treat! Yes, it's S&R's bi-annual sale, happening next month - ALL BRANCHES, too!

APRIL 2 to 6, 2014; 8AM - 9PM


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