Thursday, March 27, 2014

Yaya Diaries: GATAS PA DIN!

So the other night, after writing the post on Yaya and her "gatas ng bear", I kinda mentioned to her how I blogged about it, and how people found it extremely funny (and ridiculous). She was a tad defensive at first, but later on, laughed because she really did think the milk of that particular brand wasn't really milk-milk.

Later that evening, we had this conversation...

Y: "Kung gatas pa din pala yun ng cow, hindi pala honest ang N" (referring to the company that carries the milk brand).
K: "So teka, di ka na iinom ng Bear Brand?"
Y: "Ay hindi na, kahit yung gatas na choco nila kasi gatas pa din pala ng cow."
K: "Ganon?"
Y: "Alaska nalang iinumin ko next time, kasi yun sure ako, gatas ng tao."

People, this really, really happened.

Ay, ewan talaga.


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