Friday, July 31, 2015

Back to the Daily Grind.

Hello folks, I am back. I have been away, and I will tell you why. 

I took a vacay. Well, not exactly since it was a working vacay. Flew to Australia for the Hillsong Conference and what a blessing it was to have been given this chance!

Harbour Bridge, Sydney. Taken from the Train Station at Circular Quay.

I wasn't prepared for the cold though. It is Winter in Australia, but the forecast all showed 13-18 degrees, only to find out it went down to even -3 degrees while I was there. Crazy!!! But what an experience it was!

Bondi Beach. Would you believe there were actual surfers and people in two piece bikinis that day?

The company I work for has been the exclusive distributors of the Hillsong brand since the 80s and this is the very first time we've attended their annual conference. Usually, during the June-July period, we fly to the US for a Christian Retailers Convention, but this year, after the Hillsong Worship concert, I had the desire to see and experience Hillsong for myself. Good thing my boss agreed and allowed me this opportunity. I am forever changed.

Hillsong Church has been holding conference for 30 years (it's their 30th next year). And wow. When over 20,000 people (plus a lot more online) come together to worship God in one place, it is more than amazing. I have no words, as words cannot fully grasp what my heart is trying to say. But it was awesome. It is awesome. I still have a hangover.

AllPhones Arena at Sydney's Olympic Park was full!! Amazing experience!!!

Imagine 5 whole days of worshiping with Hillsong? That's like attending 5 worship concerts - all day, everyday. 

Next year, the conference in Sydney is happening from July 5 to 8. If you seriously want to go, we are looking at forming a group. I have yet to confirm this, but do stay tuned.

I came home to a sick little boy. The first weekend I was home, RL didn't seem like his usual self. We even went to catch the Minions Movie, and he wasn't excited at all. Turns out, he had contracted Chicken Pox! Where? When? How? I have no idea. We called his school, his school bus, and no one recently had it. So we kept him home for the next two weeks. He is back in school now, and his blisters have all healed. He hardly has any on his face, thank goodness. He did miss a few vtrs. Boo, but we know God has something better planned for him.

My poor little boy with his babies. Hehe.

While RL was sick, I came down with the flu. Oh what perfect timing to get immunity down right when a highly contagious virus is present at home. But all is well, since I got the pox as an adult in college (I know, late). So I've been in and out of it since that Oz trip. But all is well now, and like I said... I am back to the daily grind.

Going through a ton of homework, tests and activity sheets he had missed! A TON!

Work has been crazy, and that is an understatement. We are planning something big at the office, and I have had to put the blog on standby. But I want to write! And all my blog drafts are in my head. Argh! But I can't quit my dayjob, nor can I sidestep my responsibilities at BentoMommas. Plus my momma duties are crazy! RL's daily homework and weekly tests have taken a big chunk out of my daily me-time. Sniff.

Seriously, someone find me a partner, I am drowning here.

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