Wednesday, October 28, 2015

#HoarderDiaries | S&R October Deals PART 2!

I am on vacay. Writing this in Sydney. Had a little time to blog earlier because the kids and I went around with the folks, and they needed a little more time to prep in the morning. Wrote the first part of this post a little past lunch; it is now 1am here. But yes, blogging!

Before we left Manila over the weekend, RL and I took a last minute trip to S&R. The store was full of shoppers, and we didn't have time to fall in line to purchase anything from the store (we did get a few things from the deli) because we had to be at the airport in a couple of hours. The lines were 5 carts thick per counter. Yes, it's Christmas shopping time!

Anyway, because we couldn't stay long, we decided to take photos instead.

But first, the high resolution photo of this month's mailer!

Click on the photo to see details and prices!

It really IS Christmas at S&R! And everyone was there over the weekend to do their annual Christmas shopping! Seriously, people were pushing carts full of products! RL and I checked out the Christmas decors. I am glad we will be home for Christmas this year, because that means we get to decorate!

RL checking out the Santa in pots!

Lovely, lovely wreaths from Designer Blooms!

A Filipino home is not complete without a Belen.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas at S&R!

Then of course, we went to check out the additional BUY ONE, TAKE ONE toiletry gifts they had on sale. To see more, check out my previous post here.
Bath Set with Bag and Wallet | BUY ONE, TAKE ONE P699.95

2-Pc Bath Set in Paper Box | BUY ONE, TAKE ONE P299.95

Bath Set Beauty and Elegance Collection | BUY ONE, TAKE ONE P499.95

These Body Wash in bottles are always a hit!
Glitter Gel Body Wash 1L | BUY ONE, TAKE ONE P299.95

We also checked out those nostalgic items on special sale! I am crushing on these red small appliances (think I said that already in my last post, but they are beautiful!) and they are even more gorgeous in person! I want!

Ariete Popcorn Maker | SPECIAL PRICE P2,199.95

Ariete Cotton Candy Maker | SPECIAL PRICE P4,299.95

Ariete Donuts and Cookies Maker | SPECIAL PRICE P1,999.95

Nostalgia Ice Maker | SPECIAL PRICE P13,499.95

Now this is something I really, really want!
Nostalgia Popcorn Maker | SPECIAL PRICE P4,499.95

Nostalgia Chocolate Fountain | SPECIAL PRICE P2,399.95

Here are some more items on Club Pricing! SALE is until the 31st, so don't miss out!!!

Down Pillow with Protector | SALE P899.95 (Jumbo) / P1,199.95 (King)

Hollander Loft Pillow 2-pack | SALE P749.95

Antiqua Lacie Rug | SALE P399.95

Resort Pauline Rug | SALE P359.95

Assorted Plush Animals | SPECIAL PRICE P1,299.95

Sunbrella 4-pc Woven Sofa Set | SALE P114,999.95

Buffet Server Oval | SALE P599.95

Buffet Server Rectangle 2-Section | SALE P699.95

Entertainment Set (Top) | SALE P849.95Buffet Server Round 5-section | SALE P899.95

If you are doing last-minute shopping for Halloween Candy, a trip to S&R is always sweet!

Halloween Wonka Assorted | SALE P849.95

Nestle Classic Scream Assorted | SALE P479.95

Halloween Hershey Assorted | SALE P699.95

Halloween Nestle Assorted | BUY ONE, TAKE ONE P899.95

Don't forget, the SALE ends this Saturday, October 31st! Meanwhile, RL was all too excited to see these in store!

A fresh delivery of all things Hostess!

Hello, Bear!

The Peanuts Gang is in town!
All photos were taken at S&R Congressional. I apologize if this post is late. I was in Hong Kong last week. October has been so busy. I am amazed my motor is still up and running.

Shopping is invigorating! Hehehe. Happy hoarding!

9AM - 9PM 
Bonifacio Global City | Congressional | Alabang | Aseana-Baclaran | Cebu | Pampanga | Davao | Shaw | Imus 
PLUS! Soon-to-open in Nuvali! 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Knorr Lutong Nanay Food Fair!

According to the DOST, there are at least 5 million malnourished children in the Philippines - a scary number when you think of the little ones not getting the right kind of food to eat.

Because of this, Knorr Philippines has pioneered the LUTONG NANAY Nutrition Program - promoting the importance of healthy meals prepared by moms for their kids. Mind you, this isn't just your normal food distribution program. It goes beyond that. It is more of empowering moms to actually provide healthy, nutritious and delicious meals at home.

To date, Knorr Philippines has already visited several barangays in Metro Manila, and together with their regional partner Kabisig ng Kalahi, as well as their brand ambassadors, they continue to educate moms and children on the real value of a healthy diet. With the help of this pioneering program, more and more moms are inspired to prepare healthier meals at home!

Take an active role in preparing healthy and nutritious food! Check out the KNORR LUTONG NANAY FOOD FAIR, happening on Saturday, Oct 24 at 4:30pm at Mercato Centrale in BGC! Sale proceeds from the fair will benefit the Knorr Lutong Nanay Nutrition Program and their partners, World Food Program and Kabisig. ‪

October 24, Saturday at 4:30PM
Mercato Centrale, 7th Avenue cor. 25th Street
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

#‎KnorrLutongNanay‬ ‪


Monday, October 19, 2015

#HoarderDiaries | S&R October Deals PART 1

Hi everyone! I apologize for my absence on the blog. Boohoo. I have to be at the airport in about 12+ hours, and I know a lot of you have been waiting on my S&R updates. I promise, promise to blog while I am away (I will have more me-time after each convention day), so please forgive me if this will be short. So without further delay, here it is - S&R's October Mailer!

Forgive the low resolution photo. I am trying to get a new file sent to me.

Check out these Hot Buys when you visit their stores!

Now if only M&M's would add their pretzel and peanut butter variants to this mix, it would be perfect! 

More and more holiday gift ideas are in store! Check out these plush toys on sale!

Okay! Time to hoard shampoo and conditioner for my no-longer-little girl!

And look! Beautiful, shiny and red small appliances that are perfect for your wishlist! Dear Santa, this Momma wants!!! ALL!

And... to those asking, yes, their Christmas items are already out! They also have those much-awaited BUY ONE, TAKE ONE gift items - the ones that usually get hoarded during their September Members' Treat.

Christmas Ball Shower Gel | BUY 1 TAKE 1, P199.95 

Bath Set with Cosmetic Bag (Red or Gold) | BUY 1 TAKE 1, P599.95

Bath Set in Square Basket | SAVE P300! SALE P499.95

So yes, folks, it is time to hoard.

9AM - 9PM 
Bonifacio Global City | Congressional | Alabang | Aseana-Baclaran | Cebu | Pampanga | Davao | Shaw | Imus 
PLUS! Soon-to-open in Nuvali! 
| FB: S&R Membership (Official)

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

#RLFunnies | Hiding!

I have been so busy at work. Taking a quick break just to update the blog a bit. I will be back with a giveaway! Soon, promise! So do stay tuned. Meanwhile, here's a short and funny story about my little boy.

Still capture from Max and Ruby.
A few weeks ago, RL went to the mall with my mom and KY. While they were at the rest rooms, the little boy decided to play a trick on his a-mah (grandma in Chinese) and went out of the rest room ahead of them. KY caught him hiding behind a wall but pretended not to see. After he was given the chance to catch his a-mah by surprise, this conversation happened.

KY: "RL, you shouldn't go off on your own because there are a lot of bad people. Do you want them to kidnap you? We won't see you anymore if someone decides to get you.

After giving KY's lecture much thought...

RL: "That's why I was hiding so the bad people won't see me!"

Okay, I have a smart-aleck for a son. LOL!

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