Wednesday, October 7, 2015

#RLFunnies | Hiding!

I have been so busy at work. Taking a quick break just to update the blog a bit. I will be back with a giveaway! Soon, promise! So do stay tuned. Meanwhile, here's a short and funny story about my little boy.

Still capture from Max and Ruby.
A few weeks ago, RL went to the mall with my mom and KY. While they were at the rest rooms, the little boy decided to play a trick on his a-mah (grandma in Chinese) and went out of the rest room ahead of them. KY caught him hiding behind a wall but pretended not to see. After he was given the chance to catch his a-mah by surprise, this conversation happened.

KY: "RL, you shouldn't go off on your own because there are a lot of bad people. Do you want them to kidnap you? We won't see you anymore if someone decides to get you.

After giving KY's lecture much thought...

RL: "That's why I was hiding so the bad people won't see me!"

Okay, I have a smart-aleck for a son. LOL!

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