Monday, August 18, 2014

Ouch! Hot Oil Burns!

I know I said I was back, and I do have a couple of blog posts that need a little fine-tuning, and should be out this week. BUT, I am interrupting regular programming with this post, because it is a game changer for many, many things. 

Yesterday, while at the shoot for a brand we are currently endorsing, I got up to help BM A cook something on the stove. While she handed me the tongs, and I proceeded to get whatever was cooking  from the pan, the tongs sprung open and scooped hot, burning oil - splashing me (and a little on BM A) in the process. So yes, I burned my arms, and a bit of my chest. When I say a bit, I mean not-my-whole-body-kinda-bit, but yes, it is bad.

This was taken approximately an hour and a half after the accident.

So when it first happened, my first instinct was to head on over to the sink and wash off the oil. I literally scooped water and wet my neck, blouse et al. I was washing out the oil from my arms when the helper at the studio told me not to wet myself as it would cause the burnt parts to bubble. But I remember reading somewhere that you should wash out the hot oil to stop it from cooking more into your skin.

I was right. But I stopped washing after a few minutes because I was scared she was right.

I normally bring a tube of Neosporin in my bag, since the kids are always with me, and I want first aid handy (Long story, but one time we were at an amusement park, and A fell and scraped her knee. The emergency people at the park had no antibiotic ointment, just some wash that ate up her flesh. What was once a scratch led to an infected wound that had us at the hospital after two weeks). So yeah, Neosporin. But A had gone to Boracay a few weeks ago, and I took it out of my bag to put in her toiletry pouch. So no first aid ointment. :( I did have a tube of Hydro-cortisone for my eczema, and read upon checking first aid burn sites that it was an alternative, I smothered myself with it to keep my skin hydrated and cool. I opted to rush home (about an hour away, thank goodness, no traffic on a Sunday in spite the UPCAT) and applied burn ointment immediately - only an hour or so too late.

So in case this happens to you, here's first-aid treatment for hot oil burns:

1) Rinse out the oil. Get your skin under flowing cool water. This will stop the hot oil from causing further damage. Sites recommend a good 15-30 minute soak, depends on how hot that oil was. Remove clothing, jewelry and other accessories. Do not use ice directly on your burn. You can, however, ice the water a bit to get temperature of the water down, if you are opting to soak your burn in a cold bath.

2) Assess your injury. Check and see if you suffered a minor burn or a serious burn. My burns from yesterday's accident range from first-degree to second-degree burns. Thankfully, on the arms, back of hands and lower neck only, and not on the face nor the eyes. Second-degree burns are the ones that cause the burnt part to swell and bubble, destroying just the first layer and sometimes, exposing the second layer of your dermis.

3) Apply antibacterial cream or ointment on your burns. If your burns are first-degree burns (red, but without blisters), you just have to wait and let your burns heal. I prefer however to err on the side of caution and apply that antibacterial cream anyway. No need to worry about it scarring or getting an infection. I got a tube of Flamazine cream or Silver Sulfadiazine and lathered a thick paste on my burns. Yes, Yaya, forget the toothpaste! Also, I learned from friends that aloe vera gel is ideal in keeping your burns cool. Must buy a plant.

4) Keep burns moist. This one I learned from reading a ton of material online last night. The key to nice healing of burns is to keep it from drying out. I bet you didn't know that, eh? A friend of mine suggested wrapping with cling wrap to keep your antibacterial cream from getting wiped off or drying up, and to protect your wounds from getting scraped. Picture my arms wrapped in cling wrap. Thank you, GladKitchen! LOL!

5) Take that bath. I know that the old folks usually say you shouldn't wet your wounds. But take that bath. Don't scrub your wounds. Best to keep them clean to prevent infection.

6) See a doctor. When you think it's bad, it must be bad. So go see a doctor. And forget about home remedies that could do you more harm. Thankful my neighbor's a doctor, so I'm having him check my wounds tonight.

So yes, see how it is a game changer for my daily list of things-to-do? Although my burns no longer hurt, I cannot imagine being the demo person for the next few workshops. LOL! Already, I am commissioning BM M to do the demo, while I stand on the sideline as workshop commentator. I don't want to ruin the photos with my blistered, ugly hands! Also, I already told BM A that I will be in charge of the bentos for the next shoot and that there is absolutely no way she can get me near that stove. I've never really been afraid of getting a few splashes of oil from cooking. But yesterday? Yesterday was nothing short of traumatic. Here's hoping my wounds heal in a few weeks, and that I'll be good as new when my brother's wedding comes along.

Take care, people. 

Friday, August 15, 2014

I'm Back!

And hopefully, I can get back on the blog for good. When the year started, one of the things I promised myself was to make sure I blogged regularly.

And yet, once again, life got in the way. Mostly not my choice. RL got hospitalized for dengue, then right when we thought he was fine, he catches another bug - a viral exanthem that gave him a bad, bad rash. Last week, the skin on one of his palms started peeling, and we thought it was something bad. Good thing, he didn't get a fever, or I'll be worried sick again. And broke. Haha!

This was just the onset of the bad rash. Two days later, his earlobes and cheeks were so swollen.

Swollen cheeks. Sigh.

Then BentoMommas. Ohhhhh, BentoMommas. The girls and I see each other at least once a week, every week. Talk to each other every single, freakin' day. Pwede na kami magpalit ng mukha. Just yesterday, while talking to BM A, I asked her, "will there be a day that I don't call you at least once?" LOL. Because I do call her everyday. At least once. Seriously, give me a life!

With BM M, right before a Bento Demo... 

So yes, the past month or two, this has been keeping me extra busy. I work after office hours. I work even on weekends. And if I'm not working, I am in bed, trying to catch some shut-eye.

Tomorrow? Well, tomorrow's pretty light. That is, if the kids and I decide to stay home. So if we do, I am blogging. Have a lot (and I mean a lot - that's such an understatement) of pending posts, and I seriously need to get those published.

Let's keep those fingers crossed.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Life Update: FREAKING OUT!

If you follow my social media accounts, then you would know that I have been freaking out lately because of recent happenings in my neighborhood. In the past week alone, four people have been killed in our barangay - separate incidents, and on different days, but yes, possibly by the same culprits. What's scary is, a woman in her 20s was killed on OUR STREET! About four or five doors down the road!

I am beyond freaked out. I am more than paranoid. I do not even want to leave the house. In the mornings, when I have to bring A to school, we rush to the car. At night, I sit in my parked car for a few minutes to check on motorcycles passing by our street. I've been cancelling meetings left and right. I want to be home before dark. Earlier tonight, I rainchecked on a guest appearance on Live, Love, Lolz. As much as I want to meet Karrots in person and fulfill BentoMomma duties, I had to think about my safety, and that of my kids. Really, the situation is out of control. I do not care if the mayor says he is on top of it. Right after his radio interview Saturday night, where he assures residents that he has ordered police to catch the perpetrators, another victim falls prey the very next day - and at 9PM! So early! There I was thinking I'd be safe as long as it's early in the evening; I guess not. Nyar.

Already, my mom has been asking me to assess the situation, and maybe move back in with the family for a few months. Sigh.

So readers, may I ask for your prayers? I know that the Lord is in charge, and that His protection covers me and my little family. But just the same, please cover us with prayers.

God is my refuge and strength! (photo from

Psalm 91 (NCV)

Safe in the Lord
Those who go to God Most High for safety
will be protected by the Almighty.
I will say to the Lord, “You are my place of safety and protection.
You are my God and I trust you.”

God will save you from hidden traps
and from deadly diseases.
He will cover you with his feathers,
and under his wings you can hide.
His truth will be your shield and protection.
You will not fear any danger by night
or an arrow during the day.
You will not be afraid of diseases that come in the dark
or sickness that strikes at noon.
At your side one thousand people may die, 
or even ten thousand right beside you,
but you will not be hurt.
You will only watch 
 and see the wicked punished.

The Lord is your protection;
you have made God Most High your place of safety.
Nothing bad will happen to you;
no disaster will come to your home.
He has put his angels in charge of you
to watch over you wherever you go.
They will catch you in their hands
so that you will not hit your foot on a rock.
You will walk on lions and cobras;
you will step on strong lions and snakes.

The Lord says, “Whoever loves me, I will save.
I will protect those who know me.
They will call to me,
and I will answer them.
I will be with them in trouble;
I will rescue them and honor them.
I will give them a long, full life,
and they will see how I can save.”

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

CinemalayaX: Sundalong Kanin

I haven't watched a movie in weeks! So when my friends started talking about catching this year's Cinemalaya Film Festival, I took it as a sign to take a break. My film of choice was Sundalong Kanin. Was hoping to catch it on my side of town (select Ayala Malls are screening this), so I made sure I caught the special screening at Trinoma yesterday.

[From] The year was 1941. Across the world, seats of power are shifting; alliances are being made between countries to fight off other alliances; and innocent people are being killed; and the Philippines is caught in the middle of it. However, in the small town of San Nicolas, four boys – Nitoy, Benny, Carding and Badong, saw this as an opportunity to prove that they were no longer boys, instead they are men ready to join the war and fight for their country. Armed with their slingshots and arrows, they looked for the guerillas determined to show them that they can be valuable in the fight versus the Japanese Army who marched into their town and took over.

Despite the fact that no one took them seriously, the boys continued with their mission – spying on the Japanese soldiers, who now occupy their school, and passing on this information to the guerillas. Things changed, however, when the people closest to them became victims of the war. Now, they have to face each other, not as friends, but as enemies. Each determined to avenge their families, each determined to fight like a soldier and protect the people that they love.

Initially, the movie reminded me of the popular, coming-of-age 80s movie, Stand By Me. I think that was what drew me in - my love for movies with old settings, hehe. Sundalong Kanin, however, depicts how innocent lives are lost during times of war, not only in death but in experiences. That is what was most painful to watch - seeing how the kids were forced to grow up because of the war. Stories of war are never easy to take in. Sundalong Kanin is no exception - ang dami kong iyak!

The film brought me back to past conversations with my maternal grandfather, who had to witness not only the war when he was young, but also the death of his very own mother, my great grandmom, when they were fleeing from a bomb attack. I remember him telling me how he was forced to take charge of his siblings after that happened.

This film is sure to tug at the heart. So yes, expect a lot of tears.

Sundalong Kanin is directed by Janice O'Hara, and will show at the following theatres all week:

August 6
6:15 PM - CCP MKP Hall 
9:00 PM - Trinoma Cinema 1 

August 7
1:30 AM - Greenbelt 3 Cinema 5 
6:15 PM - CCP Main Theatre (Tanghalang Nicanor Abelardo) 

August 8
12:45 PM - CCP Studio Theater (Tanghalang Huseng Batute) 
9:00 PM - Alabang Town Center Cinema 4 
9:00 PM - Greenbelt 3 Cinema 4 

August 9
1:30 PM - Fairview Terraces Cinema 5 

August 10
4:00 PM - Trinoma Cinema 4


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