Friday, August 15, 2014

I'm Back!

And hopefully, I can get back on the blog for good. When the year started, one of the things I promised myself was to make sure I blogged regularly.

And yet, once again, life got in the way. Mostly not my choice. RL got hospitalized for dengue, then right when we thought he was fine, he catches another bug - a viral exanthem that gave him a bad, bad rash. Last week, the skin on one of his palms started peeling, and we thought it was something bad. Good thing, he didn't get a fever, or I'll be worried sick again. And broke. Haha!

This was just the onset of the bad rash. Two days later, his earlobes and cheeks were so swollen.

Swollen cheeks. Sigh.

Then BentoMommas. Ohhhhh, BentoMommas. The girls and I see each other at least once a week, every week. Talk to each other every single, freakin' day. Pwede na kami magpalit ng mukha. Just yesterday, while talking to BM A, I asked her, "will there be a day that I don't call you at least once?" LOL. Because I do call her everyday. At least once. Seriously, give me a life!

With BM M, right before a Bento Demo... 

So yes, the past month or two, this has been keeping me extra busy. I work after office hours. I work even on weekends. And if I'm not working, I am in bed, trying to catch some shut-eye.

Tomorrow? Well, tomorrow's pretty light. That is, if the kids and I decide to stay home. So if we do, I am blogging. Have a lot (and I mean a lot - that's such an understatement) of pending posts, and I seriously need to get those published.

Let's keep those fingers crossed.

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