Monday, May 23, 2016


I hope you don't mind another post about McDonald's, one of RL's happy places. But the little boy has been bugging me to upload his unboxing video already. So here it is.

McDonald's launches its newest Happy Meal - ANGRY BIRDS! RL was all too thrilled, as he loves this game app. My dad loves it, too, so he was as excited as the little boy (and wanted to buy a whole set so they could play).

Excited for his Angry Birds Happy Meal!

McDonald's treated us out to catch a private showing of the new Angry Birds Movie two Saturdays ago. We loved it, and the kids can't wait to get it on video. Thank you, McDonald's!

RL and Red.

RL decided he wanted his friends and neighbors, Carlo and Alex, to join his unboxing video. I wasn't around to supervise the shoot, so A took over. But it started to rain that afternoon so she had to cut the shoot short. The rest of the shoot (part where RL features the different toys and what they do) was done in the office the next day using a different camera. The kids did pretty well, given the circumstances. Please do give them a thumbs up to encourage them!

Catch the Angry Birds Happy Meal toys at McDonald's and bring the Angry Birds game to life!


Sunday, May 22, 2016

#MommaDiaries | RL - AT YOUR SERVICE!

This summer, RL wanted to do a lot of things. As in, he had his whole game plan on what activities to do - drums, swimming, golf, Kiddie Crew, art, etc. Of course, he couldn't do everything at the same time... so while he had drums and golf on most days, we saved a week for McDonald's Kiddie Crew.

Summer is not complete without the annual Kiddie Crew Workshop at McDonald's! We were blessed to get a slot for the ABSCBN Branch, as it is nearest the office - next to EDSA Panay, which is currently under renovation.

RL getting briefed by Kuya Deo from McDonald's ABSCBN.

This isn't RL's first time at McDonald's Kiddie Crew. He missed last year's though, so he was eager to do this again this summer. Over 400 participating McDonald's stores are conducting Kiddie Crew workshops this year. This awesome family program has been running since 1992. McDonald's is a pioneer in getting kids to learn the ropes in running a store. The kids go through a fun-filled 5-day learning workshop that encourages them to develop a sense of discipline, hard work, teamwork, responsibility and sharing.

RL and front counter duties.

Happy, little server!

RL was all too excited for his week at McDonald's. His favorite day was Drive-Thru Day!

Excited to lead the afternoon team at Drive-Thru!

Serving a Drive-Thru customer.

RL was surprised to find his first-grade classmate, Ramon, as one of the passengers in a car that drove-thru that day. So yes, that was extra exciting for him. Our HR Manager, Mikey, also drove-thru this particular branch unplanned. RL was so proud. Haha!

These cuties made the Drive-Thru section fun!

The kids also learned how to make their own McDonald's Cheeseburgers. Having done this several times in the past, and being a regular at KidZania, RL felt like quite the expert - he even asked that they leave out the dill pickle for his set of ingredients.

Let me make you a McDonald's Cheeseburger.

All done!

Aside from actual store duties, the kids also do arts and crafts, singing and dancing.

Dancing to BigBang's Fantastic Baby!

Overall, it was a week well-spent. The workshop culminated with a recognition and awarding ceremony.

RL's batch of Kiddie Crew 2016 Graduates!

Thank you, Deo, for your hard work and dedication. You are very much appreciated!

Thank you, McDonald's for being part of RL's memorable summer. He claims it to be the best summer ever... so far. Hehe.

You can enroll your kids, nieces, nephews, siblings or cousins age 6-12 years old for a fee of PHP650. Kiddie Crew participants will get a workshop t-shirt, cap, bag, I.D., workshop materials, pin/badge for every activity, apron, chef’s hat, meals for five days, and a certificate. Kiddie Crew workshops will culminate in Grand Graduation ceremonies in nine major areas around the country such as Pampanga, North Manila, Cavite, Batangas, Laguna, Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, Davao, and Metro Manila.

McDonald's Kiddie Crew workshops are running every week at several stores Nationwide. But you must hurry because last day for registration is on May 27, 2016! For more information, check out this link or visit a McDonald's store today!


Tuesday, May 10, 2016

#MommaDiaries | RL AND ELECTIONS

We were in the car, on our way to the office last week, when RL noticed the streamers and buntings that lined our street. We live near the barangay and there was an LP campaign stop the day before. Today, another candidate was coming to campaign.

RL: "Mom, are these people enemies?"
K: "What makes you think that?"
RL: "Well, because they are putting the new posters of another man today. It's a different color. So are they friends? Are they going to fight each other? I saw _____ (he mentions a presidential candidate) talking on TV, he was saying bad things about _____ (mentions a rival candidate). Why are they destroying each other? If they are, then they are not friends. Because they are not saying nice things."

So I thought for a minute and I thought hard. How does one explain this to a 7-year-old? I proceeded to explain in the simplest way possible - an explanation I am sure he will understand.

K: "See, it is just like your friends in school. You are friends, but when, say, there is a competition, you have to compete against each other. And sometimes, you say things you don't really mean to say... just because you want to win."
RL: "Things like, 'Nee-ner-nee-ner-nee-ner, who is the loser??!"
K: "Well, yea, I suppose. Or like you know how you guys attend a party, and you are in a game. You guys play to win, and even if you guys try to outsmart each other to win the prize, after the game, you're all still friends."
RL: "But are they really friends? And are they going to remain friends after the elections? Because if they want a nicer Philippines, it is better to work together. Fighting is a waste of time. Just like in a game, it is more fun if everyone wins."

For the Philippines, I hope so. I sure hope so.

Friday, May 6, 2016

#FWCGiveaway | GAME OF THRONES (Part 1)

So my brother and I were having lunch at Choobi Choobi earlier, and he starts telling me how awesome the new Game of Thrones season is.

"Ganda ng Season 6!"

My friends all rave about this series, but because I have been really, really busy juggling life, single parenting, work, rakets, etc., I have not had time to catch up with the GOT craze. Seriously? Seriously! All I know is that it is a book series, and well, that's all I can remember from all the stories I've heard. LOL! My Twitter gals, Ida, Liee, Ailene and Iris, have tried schooling me (well, GOT and football), but something in this Momma has not clicked. Give me time to sit down and watch. My brother says to watch the back stories on YouTube. Soon! Soon!

So anyway, because he was trying to get me to watch Game of Thrones, it made me remember that I had a GOT giveaway to run! Hahaha! Yes, I purchased some merch when I was in Sydney last year. So without any more delay, let us get to the point.

For this particular giveaway, I am raffling off this original Game of Thrones Snap Back. 

#FWCGiveaway Mechanics:
1. SHARE THIS POST ON FACEBOOK. Write a nice caption with the hashtag #FWCGiveaway. Don't leave it blank. Hehe. 
2. REPOST MY INSTAGRAM POST ANNOUNCING THIS GIVEAWAY. Again, write a nice caption with the hashtag #FWCGiveaway. Don't leave it blank. Hehe. 
     a. Full Name
     b. Email Address
     c. URL of Facebook Shared Post (set views to public so I can view)
     d. Instagram User Name (account must be public, at least for the period this giveaway is running)
     e. Reason why you think I should watch Game of Thrones.

Your Facebook Post will earn you one entry. Your Instagram Repost will earn you another entry. Either 1 or 2 is optional, as long as you do one. Number 3 is mandatory. Giveaway will run for two weeks - 6 to 20 May 2016. Winner will be picked via, and will be announced on Monday, 23 May 2016. I shall ship your prize so make sure you provide a legit email address. THIS GIVEAWAY IS OPEN TO PHILIPPINE RESIDENTS ONLY.

That's it! Did I forget anything? I haven't done this in so long. Hehehe.

Bonne Chance!


My little boy RL is no longer a baby. Nope, not at the age of seven. His activities involve more of the outdoors, so he tends to get sweaty a lot. He takes a shower in the morning, right before leaving the house, but less than two hours after, he already smells like sweat. I've been trying to find an ideal replacement for that baby wash he loves to use, but we always switch back to it since most shampoos and soaps in the market are either too harsh on his skin or unscented. He is prone to skin asthma and eczema, so we are careful with what he uses for his body.

Over a month ago, while shopping at Hi-Top, I chanced upon the new baby line from Belo - aptly called BELO BABY. Like I said, I was really on the look-out for new shampoo and soap for RL, so I thought I'd give Belo Baby a try.

New Baby on the block, spotted at the supermarket next door!

The Belo Baby guarantee caught my eye...

Read the label! I love the fact that their bath products contain cocoa and shea butter!
And look, no sulfates, phthalates and all those other harmful chemicals!

Yes, Belo Baby guarantees its products are 100% natural and 0% harmful chemicals. I was excited to let RL try this! I also took a whiff and although it has a mild scent, it also smells fresh!

Belo Baby Hair and Body Wash + Bar Soap = Perfect Bath Time Combo!

Trying out the Hair and Body Wash!
I love how RL's hair smells after using Belo Baby. He still smells like a baby, without trying too hard. And the products are gentle enough for his skin.

RL, happy with his sweet-smelling new soap!

Because I also suffer from Eczema, I thought I'd try out the soap as well. I love how it gently moisturizes and that it isn't unscented like the mild soaps in the market. I like how my skin smells after using it. Plus, I didn't get a flare up, so it is definitely safe for users with skin allergies and the like. The soap doesn't sting broken skin, either (RL didn't notice, he usually does, especially when he cleans out a scratch), so that is plus points for this Momma.

Was surprised to find out that aside from its bath products, Belo Baby also carries a Face and Body Lotion and three Cologne scents.

Trust Belo to come out with a baby lotion that is safe for use on both the face and body! I am in love with this product! I also received a small sample of this in my Mommy Mundo Kiddo Journey Box (more on this soon), and I used it right away to moisturize my elbows (they are prone to eczema). And it didn't itch all day! Yay!

Safe for both the face and body.
And those colognes! Can I just say how these made me reminisce the good ol' days?

1-2-3. Which cologne shall I wear today? 
Especially the blue Cool Drizzle variant! It reminds me of babies and cloth diapers. Back in middle school, I used to bring a cloth diaper with me everyday. I would spray baby cologne on it. Belo Baby Cool Drizzle smells exactly like it, only milder, so there are no strong scents. You can be sure that I will be hoarding this!!!

RL with my fave Belo Baby cologne scent!
These colognes are mild enough not to trigger sneezes and irritate RL, who also suffers from Allergic Rhinitis. So double yay for this Momma! And because of this, RL takes a bottle with him everywhere. He proudly announced so when he asked if he could play outside, "I am armed with cologne!"

Cologne in his pocket while he played ball with the other kids.

My daughter A has also taken a liking to the cologne. She already called dibs on the pink Sweet Snuggle variant. These colognes make me want to snuggle my no-longer babies! They smell so good, and yes, even after two hours under the sun!

Thank you, Belo Baby, for coming out with natural, safe and gentle (affordable, too!) products that leave my children fresh and sweet-smelling all day, everyday.

Belo Baby is love.

Belo Baby products are available at leading supermarkets nationwide!


Monday, May 2, 2016

#MommaDiaries | Celebrating 14 Years @ Miao Cat Cafe!

My not-so-little teddy bear is no longer a baby. She is now 14 - imagine that! To celebrate, she decided she wanted a small get-together at a cat cafe. So she did the planning, and we took her cat-loving friends plus RL to Miao Cat Cafe on Congressional.

We've been wanting to visit Miao since it first opened. This is actually our second visit, since we went to check it out in March. The hard part in inviting a small group is you need to carefully weed out your list. A hopes her other friends would understand that Momma's budget is limited, and she wanted her guests to enjoy the cats (not everyone loves cats. KY hates them so she did not go).

I had BentoMomma Moneigh call up the owner (they used to be officemates) so at least they knew the kids were coming. Miao Cat Cafe is a cozy little cafe hidden on top of Cake 2 Go on Congressional Avenue in Quezon City. They renovated last year, so it is now bigger than when they first opened.

This is my favorite nook at the cafe. So cozy!

The beautiful thing about Miao Cat Cafe is that it is home to a lot of cat breeds. They even have a Sphinx and a beautiful Maine Coon!

Meet Aubrey, the resident Maine Coon cat. 

Aside from all these purebred cats, Miao also fosters rescued Puspins (Pusang Pinoy or Pusang Kalye).

A and her fave puspin, Tiger.

Together they make such a happy place for cat lovers like my A and RL.

Meet Elfiya, the Scottishfold. 

Yes, we love boxes! And crates! And baskets! And all sorts of hiding places. 

We packed a cat-themed pouch with kitty goodies (we forgot the candies!). I had our baker make cat-themed sugar cookies, too!

Meowwwww... everything kitty cat.

The kids spent a good two hours (one shift) at the cafe. The entrance for each child is P150 per shift. I chose to pay the adult fee of P300 so they can order food and drinks as the entrance for adults comes with it.  The child fee only includes a drink.

A said the other kids were thrilled to be with the cats. Meanwhile, my daughter played host so well, she was too busy to take photos even though she had my camera.

RL with Cotton, the alpha male. 

If you're visiting Miao, do wear socks as you will be required to leave your shoes at the foyer and change to disinfected slippers. They also have a number of rules you will need to follow, plus a waiver to sign.

Happy 14th to my teddy bear, my panda, my A! We love you!  

Miao Cat Cafe is located at 2F, #7 Congressional Avenue (on top of Cake2Go), Quezon City. Please take note of their shifts throughout the day.

Shifts at Miao Cat Cafe.

Thank you, Miao Cat Cafe, for allowing my daughter and her friends to celebrate her special day with your cats. She really loves your place. We will be back!


Happy Birthday, A!

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