Monday, June 28, 2010


Photo taken during the recent PASSION:MANILA 2010 Conference! Not even the murals around Araneta Coliseum showing a sold out show had the Big Dome this full. The wave is growing into an Awakening! Woohoo!

Moving Forward...

Most of you have misconstrued my previous post, but I feel I do not owe you an explanation. This is after all, my blog, my life. Let me just put it this way: I am accountable for my decisions, and I want to run this race the best way I can.

May I ask that you just pray that I made the right decision - whatever that decision may be. And that God holds my hand throughout this journey.


So Kris announced that her marriage to James Yap is over. I noticed on Facebook that a lot of friends rejoiced with this development. What's there to rejoice over when a marriage fails? It's a sad occurrence! Especially since kids are involved! Haay, people.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Starting Over

Today, at church, I felt the Lord disturbing my heart. You know that saying "Things happen for a reason?" Well, what about, "THINGS DON'T HAPPEN FOR A REASON?" Yep, and that reason is because you were too busy dilly-dallying. Why can't we just start on just doing something sometimes?

My friend T used to tell me that someday, she will win the lottery. But guess what, she wouldn't even buy herself a ticket, so how in the world will she ever win anything? It is the same with goals in life. I think about my resolve to stand for my marriage and what do I see? A resolve shelved, that's what! Somehow, somewhere down the line, I decided to throw everything in the bin. Why wait? Why stand? I am tired.

But today, I hear my heart telling me... you are tired, because you don't bother. You are tired, K, because you don't even want to try anymore. You were so close, and yet, you decided it wasn't worth the wait.

I look at my husband (and yes, girls, Richard Catral aka all the many aliases is STILL my husband) and by golly, it is easy to just give up! Yesterday, I felt like I wanted to strangle him. But for what? What would THAT solve? I am still frustrated. He is still at it. I so wanted to say "pssh, let me see you get out of this pothole." And yet, things don't change when I do nothing but complain or laugh at his misery or get frustrated with his decisions.

Things don't happen when I feel it is easier to be angry and protect my heart from getting hurt, than to be upfront and face reality. Things don't happen because people choose to stop praying. Because I stopped praying.

I am not waiting for a miracle. Don't get me wrong.

But here is this man who is lost in his world of sin. Do I look away and chuckle to myself, hoping he'd stumble and fall? Or does he deserve to be prayed for, to be shown compassion, forgiveness and grace? These are the same things God has offered us!

This whole week, I was shown all that I needed to see to finally decide. I will stand, not for myself, but for his sake. May my small story magnify God's greatness when that one day finally comes.

I Spoke Too Soon?

:P Nyar.

So I spoke too soon. Was I wrong? Did I read you all wrong?

The only way you will ever get out of that rut is if you allow God to fix you. You can't do it yourself. You can't escape from your past. The truth will always come out! You can't go changing your name, hoping your past gets erased with the other name. We live in such a small world! And your world gets smaller by the day!

Please, I hope by now you've realized that I am not after you. I am not chasing after anything. I only want what's best for you because I care for you. We're best friends (at least we used to be). It's sad to see you like this. You've degraded your self-worth to that of dirt! Or maybe, like Julianne Potter, you're lower than dirt. Sigh. Sayang ka e. You've wasted your life, for what? Respect yourself naman. Value yourself. Don't feel like you have to live up to reputation. There's always hope in God. He can fix this for you! He can still make something beautiful out of your life. That is, if you allow Him to.

Man, do it for yourself.

Friday, June 25, 2010


So. Have you been reading my blog?

Thank you. I appreciate the help, really! No amount of words can totally express how thankful I am.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Life Update

I realized that I haven't been blogging-blogging. I don't know, thinking about life already drains whatever is left of me. I suppose sometimes, instead of a release, writing about life's problems kinda adds to the stress. Because I end up thinking more about it, and not writing anything. O.o

Anyway, life's been pretty hard these days. I find myself living from paycheck to paycheck, paying off debts, even those R left unpaid. That, plus tuition expenses and all other what-nots. I have an upcoming vacay scheduled with the kids, and I am actually having second thoughts about going. :(

R's been difficult with responsibilities. Recently, he has made empty promise after empty promise. I am actually amazed how A has remained hopeful after all those unfulfilled promises he's made to her. Today, A and I came home to an empty house. Turns out, R came over and took the baby and his nanny down to get ice cream and Yakult. As much as I appreciate that he has taken initiative to bring his little boy out, I'd appreciate it more if he'd just pool whatever little money he has to pay for A's tuition.

Yes, we're back to square one. Two or three weeks ago, I had asked for help on tuition payments, only to be met by a flat-out NO (and "wala akong pera!". A week after, he comes-a-calling about buying a second-hand car in the office, telling me he has about 300K set aside for a new voiture. Yea, and I thought he said he didn't have the moolah.

Anyway, today, as he sat with A, she mentions that I need help because I have "tons and tons of bills to pay" (yes, my daughter can exaggerate, ha!), he calls out to me and says "Wala nga akong pera! L*ch*!" And so he gets up and leaves.

So much for short family gatherings.

Grrr. What a selfish man.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tomorrow is Happy Hamburger Day!

It's here, as promised! Big Brothers celebrates its birthday tomorrow, June 23! And with that, Big Brothers Burgers will be priced at 50% off its original price! Yes, burgers (again!) for P87.50!

See you at Brothers tomorrow! Nom! To keep yourself updated on Big Brothers promos, add them on Facebook here.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


I don't know what's eating me up, but I've been very anxious lately. My daughter has been extra difficult, too, especially on the aspect of... well, on the daddy issue. Suddenly, "HE has to be the one to" buy her bag... and she whines, "I want HIM to sleep here..." etc, etc, etc.

:( *sigh*

I suppose it's because Father's Day is up next?

Lately, she's been calling her dad behind my back. I notice calls on my other mobile, and just yesterday, I caught her on the phone with him. Not that I don't want her talking to him, it's just that... well, it'd be great if he reciprocated her eagerness. It pains me, I tell you. And I can't help it. I feel sad, angry, and worried, all mixed into this big ball of emotions that feels like it's about to burst out of my chest. My throat feels dry.

And Lord, I don't want to cry!

But really, right now, I just want to break down and do just that.

Friday, June 18, 2010


One of the few pics I took during my Hong Kong trip last month. This was taken on the way back to the airport, atop the A21 Bus from Tsim Sha Tsui. Propped my camera on the ledge so I can get a steady shot inside the tunnel (my seatmates probably thought I was some desperate amateur! LOL!). Just love those lines! I love this picture!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pampers Comfort (Part 2) Update!

Guess what? One of my old bosses from Makro noticed my post on Pampers Comfort, and took the initiative to call P&G's attention on the matter. So I got a call from P&G's customer relations rep, Terry, who interviewed me on what had happened. She arranged for someone to pick up the defective diapers and promised a replacement pack.

She called me just this Tuesday, and guess what? Barely two days later, I received a package from P&G with the replacement pack and a letter TODAY! Talk about customer service!

It's great that they consider customer feedback valuable. I am, needless to say, very impressed this time around. :) :) :) Thank you, Procter & Gamble!

Sarap to the Bones! Nomnomnom!

In the mood for Max's Fried Chicken? Well guess what? Max's is offering us Chicken Addicts a CHICKEN-ALL-YOU-CAN promo! That's right! From June 17 until July 17, 6pm - 10pm, avail of all the chicken you can eat for only P165*!!! Add P39 to avail of Bottomless Pepsi softdrinks.

*This promo is available at all Max's Restaurants nationwide! According to their ads, chicken will be served in quarter pieces and parts will be served based on availability. The promo is for dine in only, and cannot be combined with any other promo or discounts. No sharing, no leftovers (much like any buffet promo). And chicken will only be served after each piece is consumed.

Bokbokbok! Sarap to the Bones!!!

To keep yourself updated on promos and great deals from Max's Restaurant, add them on Facebook here.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

PayDay Special at Brother Burger!

Enjoy your favorite BIG BROTHERS BURGER today at HALF OFF THE PRICE!

Only at the following branches: ORTIGAS, PASONG TAMO, TOMAS MORATO, CONVERGYS, MALATE, SM MEGAMALL and BF PARAƑAQUE. Stay informed on promos brought to you by Big Brothers, add them on Facebook here.

*PS. Heard through the grapevine that they will have a Big Brothers Burger Day on the 23rd of June! 2x the fun this June! Are your stomachs ready for a mountain of burgers? :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pampers Comfort (Part 2)

Remember that post early this year on the Pampers Comfort Issue? Well, guess what? Here I go again.

I chanced upon a merchandiser/ promo-diser for Pampers Comfort at Rustan's Fresh - Powerplant Mall on one weekend last month. During that visit, I asked if they had corrected the tape problem they had with the product during the first quarter of this year. She tells me that the product now has stronger "Bear Hug Tapes" and that I should try using Pampers Comfort again. I was there to get a pack of wipes and had just bought two packs of diapers from ExpoMom, so I didn't get a pack.

However, I decided to give Pampers Comfort another try and bought a small pack (XL, 18 diapers + 2), when they didn't have the FREE DVD* available on any of the Extra Large Size packs of Pampers Active Baby at Robinson's Galleria last week. I was excited to see if the new diapers would pass the tape test. However, I'm sad to say that it didn't. :(

I had RL wear one to church Sunday afternoon. But less than an hour into church service, the tape broke off! And all RL was doing was sitting on the theater seat! I noticed a sagging diaper when we walked down the aisle to get water from the theater lobby. :P So off to the restroom we went. We had dinner in Libis that evening, and right after dinner, when I set RL down from the high chair, Voila! Another sagging diaper with the right tape off!

Grrr. So I made a side trip to Shopwise and bought a pack of Pampers Active Baby with a FREE Thomas the Tank Engine DVD. :)

This time, I am making sure I keep the pack, and will be reporting this to Pampers ASAP. In case any of you Procter & Gamble peeps are reading this post, the defective pack (as shown in picture) is an XL, 18 diaper pack that came with 2 pads FREE! The sticker on the pack says "2x Stronger Tapes", but sadly, they aren't stronger at all. :( For your reference, the lot number under the pack is 0099R02313 and the date is 20100409PHI. Sigh.


The good news is... Pampers Active Baby is indeed one of the best baby diapers in town. I don't think that pad ever broke. I even volunteered for a real-time demo at the recent ExpoMom and saw how fast it absorbs liquid, compared to the brand I normally use. Hehe. Of course, Pampers Active Baby is about 2pesos more expensive per pad, but I will never use another diaper for RL at night. Well, ok, maybe until Winalite brings in their Baby Care Diapers. Meanwhile, you should know that Pampers Active Baby has a promotion to make those extra pesos worth your while. A mid- or big-size pack of Pampers Active Baby Diapers comes with a FREE DVD (Barney, Bob the Builder or Thomas the Tank Engine)!!! Check out leading supermarkets for this promo. I saw these available at Shopwise and Robinsons Supermarkets. :)

For reference to the original Pampers Comfort issue, check out these links:

Coke Glass Collector?

Here's another Coke Glass Collection from your favorite soda brand and McDonald's! Get a Fifa World Cup (South Africa) Coke Glass by adding P25 to every Value Meal* at McDonald's.

* Offer does not apply to P50 McSaver Meals. Value Meal must include a Coke product.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Rant on 5J - Cebu Pacific!

Okay, now before I continue with my post, let me make it clear that I love 5J! I've been flying with Cebu Pacific Air since 2006, and so far, so good. I mean, they do give out great deals and you get what you pay for. I only get irked when they contradict themselves. Forget that they made me pay 3000+pesos in excess baggage just so I can transport breastmilk back to the Philippines from Hong Kong. I offered to have them taste it to make sure it wasn't dangerous, but they wouldn't let me carry it because I didn't have a baby with me. I mean, breastfeeding advocates should push for breastmilk baggage allowance on flights! Who wants to pump and throw??!! Gaaah!

Anyway, last year, when traveling with RL, A and their nanny back to Manila from Hong Kong, we were told that RL's stroller counts as part of my baggage allowance of 15kg! Uh, hello.... your website specifically says that a stroller is allowed carriage ON TOP of the baggage allowance, provided that you are travelling with an infant. I had posted the following on the 5J complaint thread over at PEx last year, right after the incident, because I had tried to get a clear explanation from their call center, to no avail.


On top of the free baggage allowance, we allow carriage of:
Baby stroller (only if traveling with an infant)

^^^where does it say that a stroller is counted in an adult's baggage allowance of 15kg? the lady at the counter in chek lap kok ATTEMPTED to charge us excess because of the stroller we had. We were traveling with a 7-month old baby! we were 4 in our party (including infant) so we had a total of 45 kilos baggage allowance. our baggage weighed a total of approx. 36-37 kilos, so we had about 8 kilos to go. i had wanted to transfer some of the stuff from our handcarry so that we won't be lugging things around HK's huge airport, but we were told that if i move more stuff to the baggages, we will be over the limit because according to the lady at the counter (she's cantonese), and i quote "FOR BUDGET AIRLINES, THE STROLLER IS COUNTED IN THE WEIGHT ALLOWANCE OF THE ADULT BECAUSE INFANTS DO NOT HAVE BAGGAGE ALLOWANCE!"

i have been flying with 5J for the past 3 years, and this is the first time i am traveling with an infant. on my previous trip last March 2009, i was charged an arm and a leg for the expressed breast milk i HAD to check in OR "THROW AWAY" (again, i quote 5J's Filipina employee at the check in counter in HKIA). she told me i can only transport such when i am with an infant. but then NOW with an infant, i cannot bring a stroller???!!!

hey 5J!!! i even quoted the website baggage conditions, but your employee refused to listen stating "you travel budget, budget airlines do not allow same allowance with other airlines." wt? was she insulting MY CHOICE OF AIRLINE?!!! YOUR employee just insulted YOUR customer for choosing YOUR airline to travel to and fro HongKong! isn't she familiar with your conditions? your website says ON TOP of the baggage allowance... so did i read your conditions wrong? i will be traveling to Hong Kong again on September 2. with an infant and a child. i expect that your employees will be more familiar with your regulations!

i just called the call center, and according to my BFF call center agent, Jun... that's how it works. they were instructed that a stroller is counted. so if my stroller weighs 15kg, i can no longer bring clothes. grrr. i am pissed. then i asked, do they need a copywriter to write their conditions, because obviously, their website and e-ticket state otherwise? management daw kasi ang naglalagay sa website ng conditions, tapos sila daw, ininstruct lang ng supervisor nila. so lamang sila at supervisor nila sa management na sumulat ng patakaran sa website? susmio. 5J, you are NOT baby friendly.


So today, I decided to give 5J a call because I checked their website on this and it was nowhere in sight! I had wanted to print out the regulation to avoid the hassle when we go on our trip next month. I will be traveling alone with the kids, and I don't want problems. After about 5 minutes of waiting, the call center agent gets back and tells me that it is the same regulation... "on top of your baggage allowance, ma'am". So I went a step further and said, "it is not on your website anymore. Can I get something printed out or sent to my email, so I can print it out and show the check-in officer, just in case. I don't want the hassle kasi." So she puts me on hold to check. 5 minutes later, the line went dead. She hung up on me.

So, Cebu Pacific, I am blogging about this in hope that someone from your end replies. I've tried emailing you, calling you, ranting about you on threads, but no one has ever replied! Please answer my concern. I still appreciate that you've allowed every Juan to fly, and I still love your airline... but please, sometimes, you need better people representing your company. Your frontliners are... well... not knowledgeable. More training perhaps? Sayang ang 50.6% market share kung di niyo inaalagaan ang market niyo.

Monday, June 7, 2010

It's a Small, Small World!

I had an Oh My Gosh moment yesterday. After lunch with the family, and Marmaduke with the kids at Eastwood's Ultra 7, A and I proceeded to church with RL, whose nanny went on her day off. The hubby actually was in church yesterday (he hasn't been to church service since... well, I don't remember when)!

As people spilled out of the theater after the service, I rushed out to the welcome table to surrender my parking pass (haven't had the chance to actually park at Reserved Parking for two sundays now, and I felt it wasn't worth the 60pesos/ sunday na). I was surprised to see a friend from the office. He was standing by the table so I decided to say hi. I asked who he was with, and he leaned towards this lady standing by him. I took one look and saw her talking animatedly with the hubby... yes, MY hubby. She looked vaguely familiar, but I couldn't place it - where, when, how???

Then I saw her daughter.



Press rewind to backtrack to year 2008. It was February, and I had R's camera in my hand. I was walking around Robinson's, nervous at what this small gadget could reveal. R had just arrived from the US two months before, and kept mum about his 5-month escapade there. I was able to get hold of the camera, and needed to be in public, just in case its contents would freak me out. Better to be in front of millions, so I'll be forced to keep my composure. I rushed through photos and photos of R with a girl (who I later learned was JL, a girl he fooled into taking him in for free lodging and food, and well... you know what else...). Towards the end of the set, the photos turned local, meaning the same memory card held photos of his escapades here. Photos of different women with him, some on the same day! Photos of him with his hands draped over this girl's body, around this other girl's waist, cheek to cheek with another... basta, multiple women!

And one of those he saw around January of 2008 was this woman he was talking to in church! Cheek to cheek photos. Photos of them eating at Bacolod Chicken, photos of them at some hotel, motel, etc. Basta maraming photos! They were obviously dating. Well, it looked like it was more than friendship. He even has pics with her daughter!

Get this, when R noticed me talking to this girl's guy friend, he turned to us, points to RL and tells the girl "eto bunso ko!" He sees me give him a quizzical look, and says, "si T, client ko nung nasa ABS-CBN pa ako." She smiles. I nod.

"Yea, right. Client. I don't take cheek to cheek pics with clients." But no one heard that since I said that in my head. :P

And it's funny, because this friend of mine from the office is seeing this woman. In fact, they used to be an item way back when. And this woman reportedly (well, I have my sources!) has marital issues as well.

Waitaminuteeeeeee.... back in 2008, was she having issues back then too? Sigh. Women! Value your families!!!


A few weeks back, I found out that one of our consultants in the office turns out to be part of the circle R actually has been hanging around in. As in, they-are-friends. Eeps. What more, this consultant's officemate, who happens to be reporting daily to our office as well (they're working on a project for us) is actually my ex-phone pal's nephew. Yes, the phone pal from September. Nyar!

My world small enough? :P

Disclaimer: To my friend from the office... I don't mean to burst your bubble, but do take care.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Muziklaban Na!

I've been getting a free rock concert all day. At 6am, some guys with a megaphone started announcing an event happening at Metrowalk today. That woke me up groggy and confused. Was I supposed to be at work early today? Did I have to catch a flight? Nope, just some guys disrupting my sweet Saturday slumber.

Then during lunch, the music started blaring through my balcony. Red Horse Muziklaban Kick-Off Party at Metrowalk's grounds. Yea, just what I need to perk up my lazy Saturday. I was worried that RL's nap would be interrupted, and true enough, less than 20 minutes into the event, my son wakes up all sungit.

I decided to take my kids out to the mall, keeping my fingers crossed that a tired little boy will surely sleep through all that noise tonight. But noooooo... I finally got him to bed at 30 minutes ago. He kept waking up to the sound of whoever was singing and screaming "raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh" on that too-loud microphone.

Gimmeabreak, I love music. I even work for a music company. I handle 3 major foreign labels, all of which have rock music albums in their line up of releases. But please, someone please tell those guys to take their noise elsewhere. Their volume's just too loud. I'd rant and call the association, but Metrowalk is just outside their jurisdiction. :( Oh well, at least the little one's asleep. I, however, am so much of a light sleeper so I'll probably see shut eye at around 4am or so. :P Yea, lucky me.

Free noise, anyone?

*Red Horse Muziklaban's audition and Kick-Off Party is currently happening at Metrowalk NOW. Entrance is P50.00 and that comes with 2 free beers. Woopee. :P

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cold Calls

I've been a victim of numerous cold calls lately, most of which come from banks and credit card companies offering loans and what-nots. A couple of weeks ago, I got a call from a major credit card company, two of which I already have. Anyway, this same person calling me up at the office saw me at one of the events I attended in the past month, and he was so persistent - to the point of ugh. So I gave in, thinking "he probably just needs to meet his quota." And indeed, as I was giving him the information he needed, he goes, "ayan, makakauwi na ako."

So over the weekend, while out of the country and using my card from the same issuing bank, I received a text telling me that my application was for review. I thought hard to recall what application that was, and only remembered that pesky (sorry!) guy from the said bank. What he didn't know was that I gave him a phony credit card (not quite, but a card I've never used, so naturally, no credit history on it) as the proof he needed that I was a Gold Cardholder already. Plus, my current cards are all in my maiden name, so yea, good luck. I mean, c'mon, you forced me into this. I told you I didn't need another card!

So today, as expected, I received a text message telling me that my application has been denied at this time. :) Since college, I've probably cut out too many cards to avoid spending beyond my means. On my last trip to Hong Kong, I tried so hard not to burn plastic because small spend adds up!!! Who needs to be in debt anyway?
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