Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pampers Comfort (Part 2)

Remember that post early this year on the Pampers Comfort Issue? Well, guess what? Here I go again.

I chanced upon a merchandiser/ promo-diser for Pampers Comfort at Rustan's Fresh - Powerplant Mall on one weekend last month. During that visit, I asked if they had corrected the tape problem they had with the product during the first quarter of this year. She tells me that the product now has stronger "Bear Hug Tapes" and that I should try using Pampers Comfort again. I was there to get a pack of wipes and had just bought two packs of diapers from ExpoMom, so I didn't get a pack.

However, I decided to give Pampers Comfort another try and bought a small pack (XL, 18 diapers + 2), when they didn't have the FREE DVD* available on any of the Extra Large Size packs of Pampers Active Baby at Robinson's Galleria last week. I was excited to see if the new diapers would pass the tape test. However, I'm sad to say that it didn't. :(

I had RL wear one to church Sunday afternoon. But less than an hour into church service, the tape broke off! And all RL was doing was sitting on the theater seat! I noticed a sagging diaper when we walked down the aisle to get water from the theater lobby. :P So off to the restroom we went. We had dinner in Libis that evening, and right after dinner, when I set RL down from the high chair, Voila! Another sagging diaper with the right tape off!

Grrr. So I made a side trip to Shopwise and bought a pack of Pampers Active Baby with a FREE Thomas the Tank Engine DVD. :)

This time, I am making sure I keep the pack, and will be reporting this to Pampers ASAP. In case any of you Procter & Gamble peeps are reading this post, the defective pack (as shown in picture) is an XL, 18 diaper pack that came with 2 pads FREE! The sticker on the pack says "2x Stronger Tapes", but sadly, they aren't stronger at all. :( For your reference, the lot number under the pack is 0099R02313 and the date is 20100409PHI. Sigh.


The good news is... Pampers Active Baby is indeed one of the best baby diapers in town. I don't think that pad ever broke. I even volunteered for a real-time demo at the recent ExpoMom and saw how fast it absorbs liquid, compared to the brand I normally use. Hehe. Of course, Pampers Active Baby is about 2pesos more expensive per pad, but I will never use another diaper for RL at night. Well, ok, maybe until Winalite brings in their Baby Care Diapers. Meanwhile, you should know that Pampers Active Baby has a promotion to make those extra pesos worth your while. A mid- or big-size pack of Pampers Active Baby Diapers comes with a FREE DVD (Barney, Bob the Builder or Thomas the Tank Engine)!!! Check out leading supermarkets for this promo. I saw these available at Shopwise and Robinsons Supermarkets. :)

For reference to the original Pampers Comfort issue, check out these links:

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