Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cold Calls

I've been a victim of numerous cold calls lately, most of which come from banks and credit card companies offering loans and what-nots. A couple of weeks ago, I got a call from a major credit card company, two of which I already have. Anyway, this same person calling me up at the office saw me at one of the events I attended in the past month, and he was so persistent - to the point of ugh. So I gave in, thinking "he probably just needs to meet his quota." And indeed, as I was giving him the information he needed, he goes, "ayan, makakauwi na ako."

So over the weekend, while out of the country and using my card from the same issuing bank, I received a text telling me that my application was for review. I thought hard to recall what application that was, and only remembered that pesky (sorry!) guy from the said bank. What he didn't know was that I gave him a phony credit card (not quite, but a card I've never used, so naturally, no credit history on it) as the proof he needed that I was a Gold Cardholder already. Plus, my current cards are all in my maiden name, so yea, good luck. I mean, c'mon, you forced me into this. I told you I didn't need another card!

So today, as expected, I received a text message telling me that my application has been denied at this time. :) Since college, I've probably cut out too many cards to avoid spending beyond my means. On my last trip to Hong Kong, I tried so hard not to burn plastic because small spend adds up!!! Who needs to be in debt anyway?

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  1. Tell me about it. I always get cold calls from gyms but I always manage to turn them down and tell them "I'm busy."

    Credit cards are a big "no - no" for me now and I avoid them at all costs. Still learning how to curb my impulsive shopping tendencies completely. ;)


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