Sunday, June 6, 2010

Muziklaban Na!

I've been getting a free rock concert all day. At 6am, some guys with a megaphone started announcing an event happening at Metrowalk today. That woke me up groggy and confused. Was I supposed to be at work early today? Did I have to catch a flight? Nope, just some guys disrupting my sweet Saturday slumber.

Then during lunch, the music started blaring through my balcony. Red Horse Muziklaban Kick-Off Party at Metrowalk's grounds. Yea, just what I need to perk up my lazy Saturday. I was worried that RL's nap would be interrupted, and true enough, less than 20 minutes into the event, my son wakes up all sungit.

I decided to take my kids out to the mall, keeping my fingers crossed that a tired little boy will surely sleep through all that noise tonight. But noooooo... I finally got him to bed at 30 minutes ago. He kept waking up to the sound of whoever was singing and screaming "raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh" on that too-loud microphone.

Gimmeabreak, I love music. I even work for a music company. I handle 3 major foreign labels, all of which have rock music albums in their line up of releases. But please, someone please tell those guys to take their noise elsewhere. Their volume's just too loud. I'd rant and call the association, but Metrowalk is just outside their jurisdiction. :( Oh well, at least the little one's asleep. I, however, am so much of a light sleeper so I'll probably see shut eye at around 4am or so. :P Yea, lucky me.

Free noise, anyone?

*Red Horse Muziklaban's audition and Kick-Off Party is currently happening at Metrowalk NOW. Entrance is P50.00 and that comes with 2 free beers. Woopee. :P

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