Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Life Update

I realized that I haven't been blogging-blogging. I don't know, thinking about life already drains whatever is left of me. I suppose sometimes, instead of a release, writing about life's problems kinda adds to the stress. Because I end up thinking more about it, and not writing anything. O.o

Anyway, life's been pretty hard these days. I find myself living from paycheck to paycheck, paying off debts, even those R left unpaid. That, plus tuition expenses and all other what-nots. I have an upcoming vacay scheduled with the kids, and I am actually having second thoughts about going. :(

R's been difficult with responsibilities. Recently, he has made empty promise after empty promise. I am actually amazed how A has remained hopeful after all those unfulfilled promises he's made to her. Today, A and I came home to an empty house. Turns out, R came over and took the baby and his nanny down to get ice cream and Yakult. As much as I appreciate that he has taken initiative to bring his little boy out, I'd appreciate it more if he'd just pool whatever little money he has to pay for A's tuition.

Yes, we're back to square one. Two or three weeks ago, I had asked for help on tuition payments, only to be met by a flat-out NO (and "wala akong pera!". A week after, he comes-a-calling about buying a second-hand car in the office, telling me he has about 300K set aside for a new voiture. Yea, and I thought he said he didn't have the moolah.

Anyway, today, as he sat with A, she mentions that I need help because I have "tons and tons of bills to pay" (yes, my daughter can exaggerate, ha!), he calls out to me and says "Wala nga akong pera! L*ch*!" And so he gets up and leaves.

So much for short family gatherings.

Grrr. What a selfish man.

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