Monday, June 7, 2010

It's a Small, Small World!

I had an Oh My Gosh moment yesterday. After lunch with the family, and Marmaduke with the kids at Eastwood's Ultra 7, A and I proceeded to church with RL, whose nanny went on her day off. The hubby actually was in church yesterday (he hasn't been to church service since... well, I don't remember when)!

As people spilled out of the theater after the service, I rushed out to the welcome table to surrender my parking pass (haven't had the chance to actually park at Reserved Parking for two sundays now, and I felt it wasn't worth the 60pesos/ sunday na). I was surprised to see a friend from the office. He was standing by the table so I decided to say hi. I asked who he was with, and he leaned towards this lady standing by him. I took one look and saw her talking animatedly with the hubby... yes, MY hubby. She looked vaguely familiar, but I couldn't place it - where, when, how???

Then I saw her daughter.



Press rewind to backtrack to year 2008. It was February, and I had R's camera in my hand. I was walking around Robinson's, nervous at what this small gadget could reveal. R had just arrived from the US two months before, and kept mum about his 5-month escapade there. I was able to get hold of the camera, and needed to be in public, just in case its contents would freak me out. Better to be in front of millions, so I'll be forced to keep my composure. I rushed through photos and photos of R with a girl (who I later learned was JL, a girl he fooled into taking him in for free lodging and food, and well... you know what else...). Towards the end of the set, the photos turned local, meaning the same memory card held photos of his escapades here. Photos of different women with him, some on the same day! Photos of him with his hands draped over this girl's body, around this other girl's waist, cheek to cheek with another... basta, multiple women!

And one of those he saw around January of 2008 was this woman he was talking to in church! Cheek to cheek photos. Photos of them eating at Bacolod Chicken, photos of them at some hotel, motel, etc. Basta maraming photos! They were obviously dating. Well, it looked like it was more than friendship. He even has pics with her daughter!

Get this, when R noticed me talking to this girl's guy friend, he turned to us, points to RL and tells the girl "eto bunso ko!" He sees me give him a quizzical look, and says, "si T, client ko nung nasa ABS-CBN pa ako." She smiles. I nod.

"Yea, right. Client. I don't take cheek to cheek pics with clients." But no one heard that since I said that in my head. :P

And it's funny, because this friend of mine from the office is seeing this woman. In fact, they used to be an item way back when. And this woman reportedly (well, I have my sources!) has marital issues as well.

Waitaminuteeeeeee.... back in 2008, was she having issues back then too? Sigh. Women! Value your families!!!


A few weeks back, I found out that one of our consultants in the office turns out to be part of the circle R actually has been hanging around in. As in, they-are-friends. Eeps. What more, this consultant's officemate, who happens to be reporting daily to our office as well (they're working on a project for us) is actually my ex-phone pal's nephew. Yes, the phone pal from September. Nyar!

My world small enough? :P

Disclaimer: To my friend from the office... I don't mean to burst your bubble, but do take care.

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