Saturday, January 29, 2011

Justice for Hubert Webb Buttons

Get an official JUSTICE FOR HUBERT WEBB button and make a stand for Justice! Minimum donation is P30/ button. GCASH payment only. Shipping within Metro Manila is P50 / 500g and below.

All proceeds go to the Justice for Hubert Webb fund.

To know more about this advocacy, visit the official Justice for Hubert Webb page on Facebook here.


Haven't had time to post in a while. And yes, if you were wondering... that long blog post is still on draft. Got to think about it, and my friend JM is right. Do not risk it. Let me edit it a bit before finally publishing it. I do not wish to step on anyone's toes.

In other news, I found out from a helper that RL's old nanny (the second one, who got the pox Holy Week of last year) once took RL to a nearby mall in the middle of the day to meet up with her boyfriend/ text mate. Needless to say, I am furious. Good thing God is in charge! He made a way for me, when I didn't even know it. At least she left a few weeks after that happened. I am tempted, however, to post a pic and a warning on this blog. You know, something that says "Beware: This Nanny Can't Be Trusted" or something to that effect. I also learned that she spent most of the days at the playground because she was also into something with one of the building's janitors. And to top it off, she'd sleep on my bed with the baby, yes, all curled up under the comforter. O_o

Ok, so let me make mention that the hubby and my mom actually liked this nanny. She seemed ok and responsible enough. Except once, when I was in HK with A, my mom noticed that she loved talking to strangers in the mall and paid little attention to her ward when deep in conversation or uh... chismis. Good riddance, no? I shall post a pic for you curious folks one of these days. This nanny cannot be trusted! LOL!


Met up with good friends today, and had fun catching up. JM, who went to middle school with me, told me that my blog is too wordy for him, so I shall make it a point to post more pics. Next time. Haha.

Hope you guys have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Diaper That Saved My Sanity.

I'm sure most of you know by now that I manage a sideline business called NappyCakes - It's a Diaper Cake! I started out this business back in 2004, with the help of an aunt who lent me what I needed for start-up. And since then, I have been experimenting with different brands of disposable diapers available in the country.

So let's just say I've tried every brand there is in the Philippines. Name it, I've tried it. Well, not on me, but on the cakes. For the longest time, I've been using Drypers because that was what worked with A when she was a baby. Then RL came and changed my whole perspective on what works for little boys.

See, Pampers Comfort used to work fine. Then they "improved" their diaper and had defective tapes. They supposedly pulled out and replaced all stocks, but same story still, after a few months.

Pampers Active Baby used to work just fine, too. We upgraded after the issue with the Comfort line. But as RL grew in size, we noticed his nappies would leak by the time the sun was out, earlier if he had more than two bottles before bedtime. Yes, our bed would be wet with piss. :P

So we switched back to Drypers. And let me tell you what a nightmare that was for me. Sorry to Drypers, but when RL started wearing XL, the diapers would leak in front while he slept. Then it became too much for me when I had to get up 2 or 3x a night just to change his nappies. I thought it could've been a size issue, so since his weight was within the XXL size weight range, I tried that on him, but nooooooo... they were worse.

So when I was at Shopwise over the weekend, I saw that the new pack of Huggies Dry Comfort said "New Improved". Huggies DC used to be too pricey, but they lowered their price! It now comes out to about 11pesos (or less per pad for the XL size), which is about the same if not cheaper than Drypers. And guess what? No leaks. The past 4 nights have been great! No waking up in the middle of an awesome dream!

I was going crazy. But thank you, Huggies Dry Comfort. You saved me from losing my wits.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Roadblock and some.

I've been writing a post for almost a week now. It's still on draft, and I've lost my thoughts. O_o I stayed up 'til 3 last night to write a few paragraphs and then the Nyquil kicked in. Yes, coughs to start off the year. I know, what a bummer.

T'is going to be a busy week. And already up to here with work (points to neck), yes, even on a weekend. Saturdays are supposed to be slow and lazy. Hohum.


The hubby took us to see the in-laws for New Year's and I must say, the visits have been very pleasant. It pays to pray first! Hehe. I guess it's good that we're both friends now. No talks on finalizing anything, so I guess we're good with status quo. That's good, right?


I was reading up on Hubert Webb's release (thanks to the Supreme Court's reversal of the lower courts' decision) and was surprised to learn that Secretary de Lima of the DOJ has started her "re-investigation" on the Vizconde Massacre case. But I must say that I do not understand why she wants to tackle the Hubert Webb et al angle once again. Isn't she looking down the wrong hole? I mean, going after Filart and Ventura?! What-the-heck?? They've been missing (or maybe they never existed at all since Alfaro has been proven to have perjured herself!) the past 15 years!

And all this time I was breathing a sigh of relief thinking the whole circus has finally ended for Hubert. But no, we're back to square one.

(Patsitsirayu, R would say. Well, R, a lot of people would jump at the chance to be tres famous.)

It's just sad that the Webbs would have to relive this media craziness all over again. I am sure God's grace will prevail in their hearts, but I wouldn't want a recurring nightmare, if you know what I mean. Sec. de Lima should open her eyes and listen to reason! I say, check out Hubert's alibi. The documents sent by the US to the prosecution (directly! and not through the defense, as the prosecution wanted all of us to believe all these years) is your key to proving that Hubert wasn't involved in this crime at all. Start with that, so at least you can eliminate that angle. After all, after almost 20 years since the crime, you only have so much time in your hands to get to the bottom of this. Good luck, Ma'am!
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