Saturday, January 8, 2011

Roadblock and some.

I've been writing a post for almost a week now. It's still on draft, and I've lost my thoughts. O_o I stayed up 'til 3 last night to write a few paragraphs and then the Nyquil kicked in. Yes, coughs to start off the year. I know, what a bummer.

T'is going to be a busy week. And already up to here with work (points to neck), yes, even on a weekend. Saturdays are supposed to be slow and lazy. Hohum.


The hubby took us to see the in-laws for New Year's and I must say, the visits have been very pleasant. It pays to pray first! Hehe. I guess it's good that we're both friends now. No talks on finalizing anything, so I guess we're good with status quo. That's good, right?


I was reading up on Hubert Webb's release (thanks to the Supreme Court's reversal of the lower courts' decision) and was surprised to learn that Secretary de Lima of the DOJ has started her "re-investigation" on the Vizconde Massacre case. But I must say that I do not understand why she wants to tackle the Hubert Webb et al angle once again. Isn't she looking down the wrong hole? I mean, going after Filart and Ventura?! What-the-heck?? They've been missing (or maybe they never existed at all since Alfaro has been proven to have perjured herself!) the past 15 years!

And all this time I was breathing a sigh of relief thinking the whole circus has finally ended for Hubert. But no, we're back to square one.

(Patsitsirayu, R would say. Well, R, a lot of people would jump at the chance to be tres famous.)

It's just sad that the Webbs would have to relive this media craziness all over again. I am sure God's grace will prevail in their hearts, but I wouldn't want a recurring nightmare, if you know what I mean. Sec. de Lima should open her eyes and listen to reason! I say, check out Hubert's alibi. The documents sent by the US to the prosecution (directly! and not through the defense, as the prosecution wanted all of us to believe all these years) is your key to proving that Hubert wasn't involved in this crime at all. Start with that, so at least you can eliminate that angle. After all, after almost 20 years since the crime, you only have so much time in your hands to get to the bottom of this. Good luck, Ma'am!

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