Thursday, December 30, 2010

Holiday Rush

Where did Christmas go? It zoomed past, that's what happened. I was in a mad rush to get everything done before the big day, and guess what? It just passed me by.

I was busy cooking and making my famous 4-Noodle Spaghetti, Russian Salad and Broken Glass Dessert for, not one, but 3 parties! Yep, so busy with Christmas that... (would you believe?!) our tree's still up with about 75% of the presents still under it? Yes. Christmas morning has yet to come to my household!

Ok, ok... I didn't spoil Christmas for the kids. They opened a ton of presents at my folks'. And I mean A TON! They're all still there - in 4 huge bags from Rustan's and a gigantic Thomas the Tank Engine Storage Bag. RL insisted he wanted to take home his loot, and I allowed him to bring home the Thomas Train Set and the Mickey stuff (he will sleep with all his Mickey stuff, he says). A took home the top gift on her wish list - her Littlest Pet Shop Rescue Tails Center. Did I ever mention how big her LPS Collection is? Wait 'til we get her room all tidied up and fixed. I shall take photos!

So there. And we still have stockings full of toys and presents under our tree. I'm tempted to keep them in crates, to bring out again for next Christmas. Hahaha!


My nanny's kids are at our place for the holidays. It is crazy, crazy, CRAZY! A's old nanny (our current nanny's sis) also came to visit with her little girls. So yes, I have a house full of screaming little ones! I bet my neighbors are wondering if I've turned my house into a zoo. Took them to Circle of Fun Sunday evening, and to Star City the day after. Tonight, we're watching RPG Metanoia in 3D - a first for my nanny's kids (actually, their first full screen movie).


With everything happening during and after Christmas, I forgot all about 5J's Piso Fare Sale! Argh! And right when I accepted the fact that I wasn't able to catch any good deals for next year, my brother calls me up Monday night, right when we were in the middle of Star City madness to let me know that my folks are booking a trip to China. And that I should get on the net asap to book our flights. They needed our passport details, but we were over 30 kilometers away from home!

So needless to say, they got their cheap flights and I didn't. :( Guess we're spending Holyweek alone and in town. :(


In other news, the hubby is in Manila. He went Christmas shopping with us and got A a pair of Fitflop Walkstar sandals. We also went out to have dinner and do Timezone with RL. R noticed that his son calls him "Kong". Well, he doesn't quite know you, does he? But he's pretty satisfied that RL runs to him and kisses him. I have a sweet, little boy. Ironically, he is so much like his father. Eeeps.


So, how was Christmas for you? I received 5 things from my wishlist - the rice cooker (thanks, Pot and TutuB!), the Osterizer (thanks, Mom and K!), the knife set (thanks, A!), the external DVD writer (thanks, bro!) and my fave gift, Fitflop Pietra Pewter (super special thanks to my cousin, N, who looked all over for a US Size 6!)! I'd also like to give special mention to my li'l bro, who, in spite of making $$$ at the last bonfire, got me a Wuzzles Mug! LOL! Best laugh I had, you wait 'til next Christmas! I hope you love the Stitch stuffed toy I got for your stocking. I washed it for you! 150pesos and a Disney Store Original, all the way from Marikina Ilog ukay-ukay! LOL! I love you, li'l bro! I'm gonna beat your gift next year!

Oh and thanks, dad, for letting me realize how much I mean to you with that ONE local lollipop you stuffed into my stocking, when everyone else got Chupa Chups in 3s. Hmph!

(RL, in front of my mom's huge Christmas tree!)

Hahaha. Happy Holidays, everyone!


  1. Haha, now I want brothers and sisters and children of my own to give gifts to. My immediate family is so small we spent Christmas day apart, so I spent it with Doraemon's family!

    I miss Alexa and Riley, we should come visit you!

  2. yes, must do dinner soon! have gifts for you and Doraemon! small, but i know you'll love them! ;)

    so were you guys able to catch the 5J deal? your honor got the Beijing P988. i caught a few seats on re-sale yesterday, but missed the final booking by 2 minutes! some lucky duck beat me to it! argh!


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