Friday, December 17, 2010

Maynilad Matters

Ok, so I chanced upon the corporate affairs guy of Maynilad on FB and decided to write to him right when I was composing the previous post. Yep, in desperation. Ha! Turns out we have 4 common friends. And he likes our music. Figured he'd be a good guy. And I was right.

I received a reply the following morning.

(Wow. That was quick.)

And he promised to look into the matter and asked me for more details. The next day, he wrote again to let me know that the reopening/ reconnection charges have been reversed.

(Thank you, God!)

After a couple of hours, I get a call from the top honcho of Maynilad's Fairview branch.


He promised to fix their system. He also apologized and ensured me they are looking at improving how they deal with customer problems. He also gave me his personal number!

...Now, if only they acted as fast when you go through regular channels (read: Customer service hotline).

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