Saturday, December 4, 2010

My Christmas Wish List

This year, my sibs and I are starting a new tradition - we're giving each other a list of Christmas wishes, just so we don't give each other things we don't really need (more like... just so Kaye doesn't give us stuff from Divi! LOL!).

So for tradition's sake, here is my Christmas Wish List.


1. an iPAD (I can dream, right?)

2. a new point and shoot digicam. a Canon s95! (my Nikon died, after what? 3 years? tsk.)

3. medium, long-handled Longchamp Plan├Ętes in Ebony or Clay (yup, another dream)

4. Fitflop Pietra in Pewter, US Size 6

5. Fitflop Walkstar 1 in Red, US Size 5 or 6

6. Fitflop Walkstar 3 in Lipstick Red, US Size 5 or 6

7. Fitflop Gummi in Strawberry, US Size 5 or 6 (ok, ok... I LOVE FITFLOP!)

8. a 1TB external hard drive (any trusted brand will do as long as it doesn't crash)

9. a new Oster Blender

10. a long black TV stand to put under our LCD.

11. a new shelving unit for the garage (so I can store our kalat, hehe)

12. a .5 or .6 HP Airconditioning Window Unit with Timer for RL's small room.

Haha, this is my dream-on wish list! I'll get to my real wish list next week. Meanwhile, I can dream big, right? Hehehe. Happy holidays!


  1. That's right! Aim for the moon so that even if you miss, you'll land among the stars!

  2. ahh love the longchamp! I found this blog from the news and the web, plus me and my hubby knew R too we go to the same gym kasi =P


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