Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Grrr... Maynilad!

Ok, so remember this?

Well, today I received a disconnection notice (yes, again!) from Maynilad. Surprise! Surprise! So I called their super useless hotline and found out that they were disconnecting my water once again for my unpaid balance of P457.00. This was actually the first time for me to see this amount on my bill, so I asked. What was this for?

"Reconnection fee po, Ma'am."

Waitaminute, reconnection fee for reconnecting my water last October? When I got her affirmation, she couldn't stop me from dishing out a dozen or so expletives (ok, I neither cursed nor shouted, but mind you, I was livid).

May i please remind you, Maynilad, that you made the mistake of disconnecting my water two months ago because YOU FAILED TO COMMIT MY PAYMENT INTO YOUR SYSTEM. A PAYMENT I HAD MADE IN CASH AND IN FULL WAY BACK IN JULY FOR DEBTS UNPAID BY A PREVIOUS TENANT! Yes, YOU made that mistake, and the people in your Maynilad Fairview Branch had nothing else to say but sorry, and pasensya na po. And made a promise to reconnect my water asap (which they did naman in 20 minutes or so). And that I need not pay any reconnecting fees because it was an error on your part to have disconnected it in the first place.

So what now, brown cow?

I called your hotline and spoke to a certain Jovie tonight, and according to her, she already filed a complaint on my behalf. A complaint she isn't sure will receive feedback in the next few days. A complaint I have to follow up on by (wait for it...) GOING TO THE FAIRVIEW BRANCH TO SORT IT OUT!!!

Anakngtokwa, will you reimburse my gas expenses to and fro? Will you reimburse my wage cuts because I have to take time off full-time work to get my butt to your office all the way in Fairview just to sort out a mess you had created in the first place? May I remind you, this was all YOUR fault, YOUR error, YOUR miscom with your disconnection team, YOUR incompetent encoder or whoever does the commitment of payments into YOUR lousy system???!!!

Why should I be the one to suffer, when as far as I know, and as far as YOUR RECORD SHOWS, I have always paid on time, and have even paid for debt balances I did not incur! That makes me a top quality customer! But, sadly, you treat me like shab!

So tell me, shall we bring this to court? Shall I flood forums and community pages so that my voice (and a thousand others) will be heard and action be taken on your part? Wait, suing you will mean spending an extra great deal of moolah (for what? for sh*tty service at that!)... maybe I should call on Tulfo or get on TV programs with my un-service story. Maybe that will catch your eye, and maybe then, you will get my drift. Hmph!

Bah! Humbug! You just ruined my ho-ho-ho-holiday spirit! Bah!

Yoohoo, you forgot another tag line: New Mission. New Direction. New Management. Same Old Sh*t.


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